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mi40's Stepped Songs
Song NamesSong StyleDate
Steel for PappaAcoustic25-08-11
Bodies In The House Next DoorAcoustic15-09-12
Within LifeModern Rock29-10-12
Crow's GhostDarkcore19-02-13
StingerLiquid IDM Breaks07-03-13
Ongyilkos VasarnapDrum'n Bass05-04-13
Resistance 4Asian Gabba20-04-13
My So-Called LifeJungle29-06-13
Chipscape8-bit Breakcore04-08-13
Love Hurts (Lonely Dance Mix)8-bit Techno14-11-13
DishevelDrill'n Bass14-11-13
Epidermis v2Drum'n Bass Extreme28-11-13
Herbie Goes BallisticDrum'n Bass12-12-13
MellannDrill'n Bass09-08-14
Five KarotsEasy Listening16-09-20
Red Vector Acid MinuteIDM21-10-20
Super Spy HunterGame Music18-12-20
The Trees In JuarezEasy Listening/Instrumental Rock24-01-21
Patron Tequila (Remix)EDM14-02-21
Vast UniverseTrancecore14-02-21
Random Thoughts
Posted on: November 19, 2020, at 05:19:54am   [6 comments]
== dow jones ==
resistance 4: love the file, although i feel like the ending burst thingy could've been handled way better
epidermis v2: drum solo is cute, i think this is a very fun file
my so-called life: i wouldn't change a single thing about this file
non-stop: i like the patterns a lot
vast universe: midrange jumpstream fun

== nasdaq ==
herbie goes ballistic: honk honk
crows ghost: splits and gymnastics
stinger: dumpish
love hurts: stock splits
red vector acid minute: what year is it
salieri strikes back: pretty fun but drags at start
harvest dance: dj kentaro DMC 2002 world championships
chipscape: too gimmicky
mellann: not polished
dishevel: choo choo
parkways: kirlian selections is a great album