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Thrash the Plank18-04-11
Papyrus's Adventure13-10-11
13th, Friday13-07-12
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Posted on: June 26, 2011, at 01:15:16am   [5 comments]
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I am! And I'll take on anyone who says otherwise.
I'm lookin' at you Jet.

- Force was here. <3

- I'm kidjwakidjwa and I approve this message.
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kmay writes at 5:14:46pm on 6/13/23
hahahaha I mean so am I.... hence my best AAA only being a 73
kmay writes at 8:54:45pm on 6/12/23
How did you let me beat you last official lol
and yay another gay!
kmay writes at 3:54:29pm on 6/12/23
It's gonna be weird with the new division ratings this official you might make D5 still!
kmay writes at 8:55:08pm on 6/11/23
Yea it is! I wonder if it means you will be D6 in the official??
kmay writes at 12:40:33pm on 6/10/23
congrats on D6 again!
Elite Ninja writes at 5:56:20pm on 2/15/23
aaaaaaaaaa thank you Jeff that means a lot to me <3 ;-;
Elite Ninja writes at 10:21:10pm on 2/12/23
you crazy good
Elite Ninja writes at 10:20:53pm on 2/12/23
Holyyyy, I just saw your Goblin @_@
Elite Ninja writes at 4:08:56pm on 1/13/23
Congrats on Scarhand you sexy beast!!!
Elite Ninja writes at 6:57:43pm on 1/12/23
LOOOOL can't wait to see it :)