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The Hunt Begins Again
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Enjoys playing games. Enough Said. LOL (Too lazy to update profile XD)
Video Games (Of Course), Art, Music, and other things.
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Anything that sounds good.
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Horror, Comedy, Action, Thriller, anything good..
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Posted on: August 8, 2019, at 02:02:55pm   [1 comment]
[x] 100 AAAs
[] 250 AAAs
[] 50% Songs FC
[] Otaku Speedvibe [Heavy] Unlocked
[] 200 Tier Points Collected
[] 4/X Tier Points Obtained
[x] Annoy myself with all these tasks XD

Many many more to come XD
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psychoangel691 writes at 2:38:58pm on 10/22/19
NP, Thanks for the request ^_^
Riotpolice writes at 11:56:43am on 10/16/19
No, thank you!
LOVESTOSPLOOGE452 writes at 10:30:19pm on 8/23/19
Back at ya my friend
123kappa3 writes at 12:31:45am on 8/22/19
Np thanks for yours. :)
Funnygurl555 writes at 6:19:54pm on 8/9/19
you too :D
MI4 REAL writes at 12:20:21pm on 8/4/19
that's what I used to think myself. But I never broke through the ceiling. Otherwise I'd be much higher. You know, eventually you hit that limit, and no matter how much you try, you don't break it.
Used to be higher than one person, they are now a legendary. I still barely hit a L53 AAA which is in reality about a L50.
My replays show my true nature. Back then and now.
MI4 REAL writes at 12:10:16pm on 8/4/19
See you at speedvibe.
MI4 REAL writes at 12:02:39pm on 8/4/19
you're another player with more tier points and lower level.
In other words, you're gonna get better than me in short order.
You'll definitely get Speedvibe [Heavy] in the near future.
MI4 REAL writes at 11:55:10am on 8/4/19
Pylons is a pain in the ass for it's level.
Svaz writes at 2:21:02pm on 7/18/19
thanks for yours too! I love the flames in the bg also