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Joined 11/7/15, 8:45 PM. First started playing FFR as a whole around July 2014, though, since I had lost a previous account due to not remembering the password. :P
Pretty into languages at the moment, currently most experienced with Spanish, trying to learn how to read Arabic, Japanese, Korean, and a few others. Wings of Fire being my favourite book series, hence my avatar. ;) I like Minecraft a fair amount as well, my username being Hopecaster if you may ever want to meet up. If I were able to change usernames, I'd change it to Hopecaster. <3
Fav Music:
My favourite bands are those of like Techno and Chiptune artists. Of these artists being Chaotrope, Goukisan. I do like bands like Celldweller, and Blue Stahli as well though. Basically anything electronic, or metal, or both. :P Guitar Hero customs tend to be my favourites as well.
Fav Movies:
Uno: The Movie from Rooster Teeth. I don't really watch movies, YouTube is my TV. :P
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TOP 500!
Posted on: April 30, 2018, at 06:04:03pm   [0 comments]

Been about a YEAR or so since I got top 1000, I took a break for a bit, came back and did some stuff. I think what helped me the most was playing a buncha Multiplayer with some people to help find some songs I can work on. So thanks to botchi and mrpreg for playin some songs with me over the past few days. :P

My accomplishments that I'm wicked proud of during the time between 1000 and 500 are as follows:

Aim Burst AAA
Noushou Sakuretsu Girl AAA
Breaka Railway AAA
MAX Forever AAA
Being able to go into the 70's in difficulty
Being able to go into the 80's in difficulty
Several hundred other things I can't remember right offhand.

idk what my next goal is cuz I've found myself in a bit of a rut difficulty-wise. Can only do some songs and gotta work on a lot of other aspects of my game before I can really start improving. :P
See ya at 250 I guess whenever that ends up happening. ^-^

Posted on: February 2, 2018, at 04:02:13pm   [1 comment]
I've been back for a bit just not as well as I used to be. HOWEVER, I ended up sneaking that keyboard I've been looking at for a while now and I'm pretty much back to the equipment I had when I first started playing and it's AWESOME!

Gotta get used to typing again but for the most part I can FFR just fine so we are back in business, hopefully to be eventually back to my old skill level before I got the new keyboard back July.

Where I've Been (And Where I May Be)
Posted on: December 19, 2017, at 08:34:54pm   [0 comments]
So, it's been like, 5 months since I've last done anything on here, might as well fill in stuff.
Since my keyboard is like, WAY WORSE than the keyboard I used to have (Went from Mechanical to Membrane sooooo), I haven't been able to play too well. On top of that is a bit of performance issues in the form of that, I got a new video card for my birthday (October 13th), and upon getting said new video card a few issues happened with other games, so I decided to play some FFR and it's just, the frames DROPPED SO HARD. As well as key delay when I COULD get good frames.
I've been playin some Stepmania to make up for not playin FFR but at the same time, my current keyboard isn't as good for streams as the other one either :P Can do Jacks KINDA good, which is why I wanted a new one to begin with cuz the old one couldn't do jacks for the life of it.

But, since Christmas is comin up, I'll see if I can get a new keyboard either the same brand or similar to the other one so we'll hope! ^-^
And now for where I've been these entire 5 months. I've, for the most part, been on Minecraft. Where I usually almost always am when I'm not playing FFR or any other thing similar.
If anyone here also happens to play Minecraft, I'm for the most part on Hypixel and various Prison Servers of the sort. I'm also around on the Discord Server, my thing being Hopecaster (LilSkittlez)#8328, and my username on Minecraft is Hopecaster if you wanna find me.
I may update if and when I get a new keyboard but for the foreseeable future I may not be on a lot other than to check on things or stuff like that.

So, until then, let the Subaru Poptart be with you and FFR while your keyboard still works! :P

Inability to Play
Posted on: July 30, 2017, at 11:38:06am   [0 comments]
K, got a new keyboard, this is an edit, it's COMPLETELY UNABLE to play FFR properly... -_- I'm like, SO MAD! (I had to retype that 5 times so it's barely capable of typing normally either) I think I still have my old keyboard so I might switch that out every now and then, but for now I'm like, actually completely unable to play FFR in the higher difficulties anymore. Keyboard just can't keep up with the responses (I had to switch from Mechanical to Membrane keyboard so that might be why), so that sucks a LOT cuz I can't even play the streamy songs I love that well anymore. Let's hope my school laptop, if I even get one will be better this year.

I BROKE TOP 1000!!!!!
Posted on: June 8, 2017, at 09:07:22pm   [4 comments]
I didn't even know it happened until just now when I finally decided to refresh my global rank. Skill Level 70 too so YES.

It's funny really, a week ago I was stuck at level 63. I end up jumping up to 68 in one day all thanks to a settings tweak, and here I am 6 days later #999. Chances are it's gonna revert back to somewhere 1000 by tomorrow cuz I'll be inactive but... just another reason to just keep workin at it :P

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Andrew WCY writes...
at 6:14:17pm on 11/5/19
ayyy grats on the scarhand unlock!
V-Ormix writes...
at 6:40:12pm on 9/4/19
SEVEN billion jee tee
ULTIMEGA writes...
at 1:28:46pm on 9/2/19
Keep it up! I saw that score you got on FN! Nice one!
kainivy writes...
at 10:48:55am on 8/21/19
Thanks for accepting friend request :)
the sun fan writes...
at 1:13:44pm on 8/7/19
pls add me on discord if u intend to play in the TWG game
Andrew WCY writes...
at 6:01:34am on 1/15/19
Welcome to D6! :)
Antori writes...
at 2:01:51pm on 12/8/18
4 digit FCs :OOO congrats!
Sanjixcon writes...
at 4:17:23pm on 12/7/18
yeah i was just about to ask the same thing
Rapta writes...
at 4:06:54pm on 12/7/18
What is quickdraw and how did you unlock it? :o
Antori writes...
at 7:56:57pm on 12/4/18
thaanks \o/ hopefully I'll be on time for world record veteran get
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