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Drayk writes...
at 12:31:47am on 6/1/19
How you been dude it's been a while :)
Thehidden0ne writes...
at 1:58:53am on 5/23/19
Dante will return July.
MI4 REAL writes...
at 8:24:23am on 4/7/19
The Full Combo thing has been that way for years, and I think it's a standard rule. It happens on normal DDR, too.
If you full combo a song, but it's not higher than your highest score, then you do not get credit for the FC. You have to FC AND beat your highest score.
Additionally, if you already got the FC and beat your highest score without a FC, you will lose the FC.
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 10:43:43pm on 3/28/19
Hey hidden, FFR switched over to raw scoring a few years ago, so now to get an "FC" it has to be your best score AND a full combo. This is something we are trying to fix atm!
Thehidden0ne writes...
at 2:33:23pm on 3/16/19
My life on FFR
Andy_M writes...
at 10:49:48am on 3/8/19
Thx for the thumbs up man😎
melonpapes writes...
at 8:49:54pm on 2/25/19
not so hidden anymore
Zexlinn writes...
at 1:32:11pm on 2/12/19
and i think i know rapta just a bit
Zexlinn writes...
at 1:31:29pm on 2/12/19
omg and dew dew i know him!
Zexlinn writes...
at 1:30:57pm on 2/12/19
hey prawn and hey hidden i never knew u were friends with prawn because i met him just yesterday :D
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