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Unknown player that's fairly good i guess. Oh, and i'm Michael.
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sweet2kill210 writes...
at 1:53:41pm on 6/16/14
ohhh okay, yeah everyone told me that song. xD I was just curious to see if anyone got it on some other song. I finally AAAed it on like my 54th play. If you look at today's top 2 songs I made those 2 go to the top. xD
badman7772 writes...
at 6:04:59pm on 2/12/14
Thanks a lot for not being mad at me for making you 4k less than the others. No matter what, you're getting that 4k at some point. I'm not taking no for an answer.
sarahbobarah20 writes...
at 2:14:47pm on 2/1/14
thanks for the vote :)
ExacerbatE writes...
at 3:45:01pm on 1/6/14
Yes, it really is the easiest. lol
ExacerbatE writes...
at 7:19:31pm on 1/5/14
I know!!!! I keep getting disconnected from my internet like half way through every time I play D: Such bad luck!! I WILL GET IT! I've spent too much time on it! lol
bmah writes...
at 9:11:41pm on 1/3/14
Thanks for the reminder. I haven't been readily available on FFR lately, so apologies for that. You now have the Dendrite v2 token. :)
Hakulyte writes...
at 2:47:55pm on 1/1/14
Looks like you're on your way to get Dendrite v2. Keep going! \o
ExacerbatE writes...
at 4:37:50pm on 12/24/13
Thanks! It really isn't hard, I just blackflagged a lot, since i don't have great accuracy half the time :P Now, i need to FC PLANETZ xD Wish me luck!
liamis01177 writes...
at 6:21:32pm on 12/17/13
ye it's not hard i got it on my 2nd go lol
liamis01177 writes...
at 5:43:50pm on 12/17/13
Just unlocked Viennacore tho xD
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