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Road To Oni
Posted on: February 9, 2014, at 03:07:01pm   [0 comments]
May as well put a list of songs i'm going to go for an AAA on to unlock Oni.




Wonder World! v2(66)


Ambient Angels(66)





Fast Asleep(67)

VS Boss Battle(68)

S.E.B. in B.E.D.(69)

Video out E(69)


Wake Up, Gladiator(71)

More to come probably.

Skill Tokens/Normal Tokens Remaining
Posted on: December 11, 2013, at 08:29:48pm   [0 comments]
Zephon [x]
Thoughts: This token is fine, i've had trouble like ending up with 9,0,0,1 or blowing the last good on the FINAL NOTE of the song and ending up with 10,0,0,0. First try today i got it, oh and also the paterns after the 265th note until 650 or something note, those paterns are odd.

{Midnight} [x]
Thoughts: This one took me a while, i've had trouble at the 2 main spots where most of the notes come to play in, i'm glad i got this one over with.

Otaku Speedvibe (Oni) []
Song played:

Viennacore [x]
SWEET JESUS! AFTER FOREVER, THE TORTURE HAS FINALLY LEFT ME! I have finally unlocked this token after a billion tries, Classical Insanity is indeed INSANE, the first quarter of the song is just plain mean especially the Runningmen (or anchors.) I could have NEVER pass the runningmen section without getting more then 2 boos and averages combined. I decided to play on my keyboard with it on my lap which made a HUGE difference, made the runningmen a LOT easier for me and got pasted it after a while getting only 1-2 averages/boo's. Never again i have to unlock this token, this token has haunted me forever. I have finally conquered this foul token.

Kyuin [x]
Thoughts: This token man, first of all, i get 5,0,0,1 around 10 notes before then ending which i was pretty mad afterwards, and then after a couple of tries, i get a BF on the song, am i just glad i finally got this token.

Melonmans OP [x]
Thoughts: AAA, BF, and BF again, this token kinda challenged me due to how i have to BF or AAA 3 times in a row on a difficulty 41 song (for 1-99 difficulty range) Most people might think "oh its just 41, whats the worst that could happen?" Well for me, i'm a horrible AAA'er even when i have to at least BF it, and then i gotta do it 3 times in a row. At least i got it.

The Five [x]
Thoughts: This token was pretty easy, got it on the first try playing Kyuin with a score of 10,1,0,1. Other then that, this token was WAAAAY easier to get then Kyuin.

Sonata Quasi Una Fantasia Mov.3 [x]
Thoughts: For some reason, i had more trouble on RAT v2 instead of RAT v1 even though most people find RAT v1 more difficult due to its off-sync. I always kept getting a bunch of goods near the end on RAT v2 which was pretty annoying, that and the 2 small jacks on RAT v1 which i kept blowing a boo on which automatically makes me have to redo the song.

Disconnected Hardkore []


Token Whore []

**Extra Tokens**

Car Select [x]
Thoughts: This token isnt too bad until you have to get 5 averages without getting over and while keeping 5 goods. I usually ended up with 4,5,5,5 and 6,5,5,5 or so near the end so that kinda sucked, at least im done with the token chain until they add more to it probably.

St. Scarhand [Heavy] [] <-------- Never going to happen lol.
Song played:

party 4u -holy nite mix- [x]
Thoughts: This token is so FRUSTERATING! Party 4u v3 was no problem but v2 is where the whole problem starts. Like the background wasnt bad enough. I had to switch from metal skin (what i usually use) to Orbular to see where the notes were and near around note 290 theres that small part with bunch of notes. I only counted on luck to get me through that part. Other then the background and that one part. This token would have been easy. But that would pretty much take away the whole challenge of this token.

Metro []

S [x]
Thoughts: I have no clue why this took me so long to unlock, i knew it was easy to get because you could get the boos and goods near the end. I guess it was just me that it was "too easy." I actually had quite the trouble, one time i blew another boo (once i had 13 near the end.) after trying to get 1 extra good since i had 7, and then there was another time where i had a lag attack which made me get 2 goods on a jump which afterwards i could have finished the song with the exact requirement (8,0,0,13.) I got it after a couple of tries though.

The earth blew up v2 [x]
Thoughts: This token was pretty easy after a while, when i first started to try getting this token, i thought that this would take a while for me to get, now that i got it, i think that this token was a piece of cake. The paterns are odd once again but it wasnt too much of a problem.

White Walls, Part 2 [x]
Thoughts: Oh hey what do you know, good news and bad news.
Good news is i got the token after my 2nd try today and this was also one of those tokens i knew i could get but took me a while for some odd reason. Guess i'm a horrible masher lol. Bad news is i couldn't fc White Walls, Part 1 because i started to panic and shake near the end which i missed 1 note on such an easy part, i'm glad i got this token and it's also my first ever difficulty 90+ token song i ever got yet. (yay)

Nanairopanda (32-bit Full Color MIX) [x]
Thoughts: What's better then jump jacks? Random boo's of course! Espically when they show up like 5 notes before the ending. Other then the sarcasim. I pretty much hate jacks and when they expect you to get 0 boos and 0 averages when trying to FC, ended up with a 25,0,0,0 which i'm proud of and not only that, i also unlocked this token without the music since my headphones just randomly stopped producing sound/music, i decided to keep going because why not?

St. Scarhand [Standard] [x]
Song played: Nintendon't(59)
Thoughts: Wow i can't believe i actually got this token! I was either going to play Car Select (Got 2,0,0,0 on it) or OMGWTFT0K3n (BF'd sadly)or Nintendon't which was my third option and what people always say, third times the charm. Maybe i am getting better at AAA'ing after all, on the other hand, this song is pretty easy after a while, the problem that got in the way of me AAA'ing this song was the mini jump jacks and the beginning type of patern notes (as in the patern in the beginning of the song.) I wonder if i'll get Oni anytime soon...

Epidermis v2 []

Extratone in a Perfect World [x]
Thoughts: Mash~ That is all.

Grind2 v2 []

Tsumeawase Pt. 3 [x]



Vertex BETA vrofl []

Here We Go []

PianoCore []


The Wises Were Wrong []

Fractured Sunshine []

Unconnected [] <------- Another token i'll never get lol.

Touhou Judgement in the Sixtieth Year []

The Bridgeport Run []

Bedtime Story []


Normal Tokens - 39/49
Skill Tokens - 131/138

Comment wall
sweet2kill210 writes...
at 1:53:41pm on 6/16/14
ohhh okay, yeah everyone told me that song. xD I was just curious to see if anyone got it on some other song. I finally AAAed it on like my 54th play. If you look at today's top 2 songs I made those 2 go to the top. xD
badman7772 writes...
at 6:04:59pm on 2/12/14
Thanks a lot for not being mad at me for making you 4k less than the others. No matter what, you're getting that 4k at some point. I'm not taking no for an answer.
sarahbobarah20 writes...
at 2:14:47pm on 2/1/14
thanks for the vote :)
ExacerbatE writes...
at 3:45:01pm on 1/6/14
Yes, it really is the easiest. lol
ExacerbatE writes...
at 7:19:31pm on 1/5/14
I know!!!! I keep getting disconnected from my internet like half way through every time I play D: Such bad luck!! I WILL GET IT! I've spent too much time on it! lol
bmah writes...
at 9:11:41pm on 1/3/14
Thanks for the reminder. I haven't been readily available on FFR lately, so apologies for that. You now have the Dendrite v2 token. :)
Hakulyte writes...
at 2:47:55pm on 1/1/14
Looks like you're on your way to get Dendrite v2. Keep going! \o
ExacerbatE writes...
at 4:37:50pm on 12/24/13
Thanks! It really isn't hard, I just blackflagged a lot, since i don't have great accuracy half the time :P Now, i need to FC PLANETZ xD Wish me luck!
liamis01177 writes...
at 6:21:32pm on 12/17/13
ye it's not hard i got it on my 2nd go lol
liamis01177 writes...
at 5:43:50pm on 12/17/13
Just unlocked Viennacore tho xD
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