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Hi, i'm Michael. Very shy nature but once you get to know me i'm quite friendly.
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12th Official Tournament Log (D6) + (D7)
Posted on: July 31, 2019, at 04:30:34pm   [1 comment]
Goal: Top 16
Nerves OP
Oh yeah, and best of luck to all my friendz~

AFTER EDIT: Scores outdated, skillboosted since. Keeping for log sakes.

Round 1: Ambient Ooparts
Sightread, can improve on this because i got 5-6 goods at the beginning and pretty much AAA'd the rest.
EDIT: Almost mindblocked the beginning and that would've really sucked, fortunately; Couple runs later after messing up the beginning all the time i AAA'd the beginning this time around (Except for 1 miss.) and ended up with a 5,0,1,0. Pretty confident this'll take me to round 2~
EDIT 2: 6,0,0,3. 3rd times the charm for NERVES huh? Oh well, gained 2 placements and more comfortable to move onto round 2 now.
EDIT 3: Ghosting D7 now! 15,1,1,1 and i'm definitely making some scores! Early to say but am i going to make it to round 2 in D7? That would be sick! Oh yeah and 4,0,0,1 on Ambient because i wanted to play it for the luls, im trying too much for round 1 but its a solid score, see you in round 2!

D7 Round 1: Super Soaker
This file is really a hit or miss with people and on my end i'd say it's a hit. I kept pb'ing but i started off with 22,2,2,3 and ended off with 15,1,1,1 which i was pretty proud of myself for and it got me to round 2 in D7, exciting!

INTERMISSION: Strained my left arm earlier this week and lost alot of motivation to play lately, going to try to motivate myself to give it my all this tournament but wait till my arm is healed.

Round 2: Lamuscore
As pointed above, left arm down hurts and im not into it as much as i used to be, got a 16,0,0,1 or something off the bat, the rolls at the end kinda suck. 2 runs or so later and i 7,0,1,1, probably can improve more but i'd rather not push my limit.
EDIT: 8,0,0,2. I love me some rando goods.
EDIT2: 6g clean, dropped 5 on the ending rip, partial nerves and i'd say rando goods but still a good score, done for a couple of days to take a break. Will come back to maybe improve but other than that, good.

D7 Round 2: October (Dark Autumn Remix)
Fun file except for the slow crossover anchor 1 hand trill stuff half way aka all my weaknesses combined. Sightread 23,0,3,0 and 2 runs later; 20,0,0,2, couldve been an amazing score but i dropped 10+ goods on the slow one hand trills zzz.
EDIT: 15,1,0,1. Lots of rando goods which sucks but still an improvement which i'm fairly happy about. Gained me 2 placements in D7 which might get me to round 3 haha imagine that!

INTERMISSION: So i didn't make it past round 2 for D7 which sucks but it's alright. Making it past round 1 (even if everyone put in a score, i would still make it through!) for D7 is good enough in my book, i will still continue to ghost D7 however. Anyways! The past 2 OTs i've taken place in i was eliminated going into round 4 despite always having some of the best scores from round 1 and or 2, mainly due to me getting sick of some sort. Feeling healthy this time around so we'll see if i can get past my so called curse.

Round 3: Eternal Peace Is Nothing But An Illusion
So the curse of the round 3 is already strong with me. This file sucks to get straight to the point, i can get to the 2nd half with 2 or less goods but drop a million on the 2nd half with the trills and stuff, sightread 19,1,1,1;my average runs after that consisted of 30 raw goods which was disheartening. Fortunately; couple runs later i pb'd with some score that moved me up a little bit and then a couple more runs later, 10,1,4,4,nerves really are strong with this one which sucks that the hard part in my opinion is not till the 2nd half. Don't know if this'll take me to round 4 but i'll try to improve but won't give it much thought.
EDIT: 15,1,1,2,royally messed up in one spot but still an improvement.
EDIT 2: Can't improve anymore, mindblocked and i'm in the yellow. Getting eliminated round 3 again... What a bummer.

D7 Round 3: LOSHAXI
Let's just say.. If i made it to round 3 of D7 then i would be insta eliminated here. Averaging about 50g raw,, on a good run however i could half that raw so i'll keep trying.

INTERMISSION: So i'm eliminated at round 3 4 years later. It's not even that i'm not good enough its the song bias. 2 Songs back to back with the hard part being at the very end of both and trill based, talk about bad luck for me. I GUESS i'll ghost the rest (including D7 still) and see how i'll fair against others but i bet i would make it to Round 5. If i do make it to round 5 somehow oh boy wouldn't i bet upset lol.

Round 4: Sayonara Cosmonaut
To prove my upper statement even more. Sightread 40g raw or so and 2 runs later: 23,0,2,1 and i'm not even warmed up after being busy the last 2 days and not being able to play any FFR at all. Sitting inbetween 12th and 13th at the time of this posting.
D7 Round 4: Verse IV
I'm getting a LOSHAXI vibe about this song. Sightread 44,2,13,5. can improve on this since the purple note stream kinda caught me off guard.

INTERMISSION: Didn't have a lot of time to play the 2 songs longer than i should have but to no surprise to me, i just BARELY made it to round 5 in Division 6, my day 1 3 runs in score lasted throughout the whole week lol. I'm upset to say the least since again my goal was Top 16, and if i didn't get cucked by song bias in round 3, i would've made it to round 5 aka Top 16, argh.
Round 5: Antigravity
So if i haven't fallen from round 3, i probably would've here, the patterns are out of my style with my hand layout. 20,1,3,4,i could pb up till mid teens raw good but cutoff is a SDG.
D7 Round 5: to luv me i *** for u
I won't even mention my score it's pretty bad lol. Reprise is already a little difficult for me (since i'm pretty bad at anchors/runningmen)so this one is too difficult for me. I will say though that hitting the purple streams in the middle of the song and at the end is oh so satisfying!

Token Whore Get!
Posted on: March 19, 2019, at 11:24:20pm   [2 comments]

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Sanjixcon writes...
at 2:25:31pm on 6/2/20
thanks man! oh well couldn't play the last round but ima have a blast camping and i need a break from rhythm game anyway so it's all good.
Sanjixcon writes...
at 12:01:26pm on 6/2/20
dude nice WWE score :O
kainivy writes...
at 10:19:24am on 5/7/20
thanks for friend request :)
V-Ormix writes...
at 3:39:10am on 2/26/20
o dang o:
V-Ormix writes...
at 3:54:23pm on 2/24/20
game till u cant game no mo c:
V-Ormix writes...
at 9:20:35pm on 2/23/20
23000 games
Sanjixcon writes...
at 4:49:19pm on 2/14/20
jeez mike you're playing really well in this tournament
Josemba writes...
at 4:22:12pm on 2/9/20
Airdramon or Seadramon?
Andrew WCY writes...
at 8:08:17am on 11/8/19
Thank you! I'm glad I've made it to D7.
Blackskull305 writes...
at 11:57:19pm on 9/30/19
Thanks for all the <3 man
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