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Hello and welcome to my FFR Page. Josh here, and I just wanted to let everyone know that I am once again trying this out and seeing if I can get back into DDR once again. I have been playing lots of Pokemon GO and Ingress lately so I have not even been playing DDR since around 2016. A lot has changed but I am still here and kicking. I even uploaded an avatar of me today. If you want to leave a msg and ask me questions I will be happy to answer them. ------------------------------- I know a lot of you are asking for the video files to my created simfiles but I do not know where to do that or host them for free. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
Pokemon GO, Ingress, Percussion, HAM Radio, DDR Stepmania, and Meteorology.
Fav Music:
Rock, Rap, Hiphop, classical, symphonic, techno, dubstep, and alternative.
Fav Movies:
MARVEL Franchise, Twister, Inception, Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. PIXAR movies, Dreamworks Movies.
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Mr.Stepmaniac writes...
at 9:42:56pm on 5/5/19
@rapta Hello! Thanks for saying hi.
Rapta writes...
at 9:07:13pm on 5/5/19
Mr.Stepmaniac writes...
at 1:04:37pm on 4/13/19
After being out of action I decided to try to get some more skill tokens and I was able to get 7 more onto my profile. I am having a hard time on those have you miss a certain number or weird ones but someday I'll get those. I just hate hurting my score for those with bad stats.
Mr.Stepmaniac writes...
at 12:34:51pm on 3/19/19
@Daniel_BMS I dont know of a site or place to upload all my old files and the videos to them since bemanistyle was lost. Do anyone have any recommendations where I can submit files and the videos so people can download them again?
Mr.Stepmaniac writes...
at 12:33:11pm on 3/19/19
@Tim Allen, last time I checked they did not. I was a little sadden by this.
Mr.Stepmaniac writes...
at 12:32:14pm on 3/19/19
Hi everyone, its been too long since I have been here and I almost forgot that I used to be a apart of this community. I hope everyone has been well since my last login in years ago.
Daniel_BMS writes...
at 10:34:23pm on 3/17/18
Can you upload the MPGs for your StepMania packages?
CDCan writes...
at 7:47:19pm on 12/30/14
where ya been?
Tim Allen writes...
at 1:31:26am on 11/24/13
how's it going
Tim Allen writes...
at 5:54:46am on 10/26/13
did your file get accepted?
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