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Rob opened my comment wall..
Posted on: May 11, 2012, at 02:49:36am

  1. awww...:3 lucky robert!! ^~^

  2. :')

  3. I wish for the two of you happiness... *hands clap together and bow*

  4. d'awwwwww <333333

  5. WAT

  6. I honestly like the profile, lol. I don't think that I want a new one anyway, I'm fine having that profile, even though some people might think that the other one is better.

  7. she's always been my waifu.

  8. She's just a little misunderstood.

  9. I'll just hug her while wearing my rubber suit.

  10. I think you could learn some quality life lessons from this: (also enjoy the free J&C quotes that by now are probably deeply embedded into your nightmares) http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=2yaSuhmLk40#t=21s

  11. What could you learn from this? Hold on, I can make this work: When Maggie brags about getting pooped on the chest, she learns that Rob poops on ALL the girls. And she feels less important. What about Rob? Does that make him really kinky? Do the boys and girls like him?

  12. your profile looks like oob, and his looks like you <3333 thats so cute <3

  13. rob*

  14. :)
    What's up?
    btw. Bro, how can I make the colors of stats bars like you? :p
    You know what I mean ;dd

  15. :o
    nice trick ^^, thanks ;D
    what's good? :)

  16. o

  17. Thanks for the vote!

  18. *waves* hi

  19. @the ama thing, I just saw it. That made me feel happier. Sorry about being nazi critic about everyone's work a few months ago. It wasn't just you, it was everyone's. I quickly found out how much it hurts to get that sort of criticism back though, So I stopped. c:

  20. -- well not just a few months ago, pretty much all the time.

  21. TEEMO

  22. with what, your deforestation knife?

  23. Hello! At least someone still plays this game.

  24. oh, did I distract you?

  25. ya me too, sorry...I've just been busy with a lot of things :(

  26. I likey zee gif

  27. What'd I do?

  28. what are pearapines?

  29. I'll try to post me bra..It was a legitimate thread though..And my question was still never even answered >.>

  30. Oh =/ I guess they hide in the walls like cockroaches then. Boo

  31. Haha..Hey, do what you gotta do.

  32. Lamb tells the truth :3

  33. Nope.

  34. hi :3

  35. wats up

  36. Hottest avatar ever..

  37. That Chopper gif is so cute!

  38. Thanks:)
    I'm not so good at making profile's frame,so I always get help from cool pictures XD

  39. I think so too.
    But japanese can't use copyrighted pctures because of rule in japan..
    Although there are few people who keep the rule in japan haha.

  40. ~_~ ?

  41. hey

  42. Just wanted to say thanks for the Durarara!! suggestion you gave me a LONG time ago lol. I enjoyed the anime ^^

  43. Amazing profile

  44. Haha thanks (:

  45. dang, mind=blown

  46. Heyyyy :D

  47. How have ya been?

  48. RIP for not doing anything~~

  49. I update it because i'm trying to figure out how to fit such a big background gif into only 512kb and still have it look good and line up. sorry if it bothers you but its just trial and error until i get it juuuuust right, then i'll be able to use what i learn here for my next theme.

  50. Wasn't expecting a profile with the new layout lmfao.

  51. check ur TS PM's please :)

  52. Herro.

  53. This is fucking gay, put your comments section back up jew.

  54. It pisses me off.

  55. :(

  56. square56: r
    Posted at 1:56am on May 1st, 2013

    cats don't need to wear clothes.

  57. cats do need to wear clothes.

  58. Chopperrrrr

  59. ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ WAHEY

  60. Thanks for the vote hon(:

  61. ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ WAHEY

  62. Thank you for the profile vote! :)

  63. pokemmo

  64. ommekop

  65. Is it that bad?

  66. Oh well I just collect Pokemon :)

  67. Pokemmo is an actual mom that uses firered as the storyline. :3 you can catch almost all the Pokemon up to generation 3 I think. They're still implementing scripts and Pokémon though

  68. hi :)

  69. do you how do?

  70. just got back home from ny. pretty nice, kinda bored now. lol might get back into league now that im home.

  71. haha well technically i was staying in Secausuc NJ, but i drove the little while to Manhattan for the weekend lol it was awesome 4th of july

  72. oh? lol yeah it was aight.

  73. A lot of people like the background. :)

  74. w0 wat a gr9 profiel

  75. You would have a swimming guy as your background. :p

  76. dat ass

  77. p00

  78. heyyy i was wondering if you could do a background/profile for me? i'm willing to pay credits for a REALLY good one. thanks for your time.

  79. i like food.

  80. lets get some food with rob

  81. kbbq?

  82. i lazy profile pls.

  83. I see what you did with your AAA/FC bars, that's awesome!

  84. THank you for the vote >:3

  85. hehehe^~^

  86. no~!!!! why did she have to go~!!?

  87. Daddy rabie's laptop might be dead (i'm on my phone)

  88. "It's true kids, we are both your father."

  89. Still one of my favourite profiles actually.

  90. liek ur ass

  91. I just had to :3

  92. Thank you

  93. wow what a great bg wow

  94. aw that's so cute rob has you as his avatar, signature AND profile! ! ! ! ! ! ! please acknowledge how serious i am rite now

  95. hi~

  96. Haru-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan~!

  97. How are you? Dont eat too much mackerel!

  98. your sig omg

  99. imagine what kind of sound it would make when you hug it

  100. I'm afraid I can't do that, I was told that was his name and so therefore is it : )

  101. Haaaaah. Just realized your picture is a butt. Haaah

  102. a comment

  103. an orange (it took me 14 days to come up with a reply)

  104. very slight! I've been out of the loop with the things people have done in the past year or so. sup with you?

  105. That's sort of how I feel right now. I'm in school again at least... but I have yet to get a job or learn how to drive or do anything except eating and exercising. YES, I'm 100% confirmed going to Anime North this year. What about you and Rob?

  106. Grats again! I'm so happy for you!

  107. get more AAAs.

  108. *looks at your fav movies and music*
    jesus christ how horrifying o.o

  109. <3

  110. For you level stats, how did you get it to be gold looking?