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League of Legends: World Class, I also like Pretty Pictures Pretty Pictures Pretty Pictures Pretty Pictures Pretty Pictures .
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Posted on: June 25, 2012, at 04:53:08am   [4 comments]
Here are most of the profiles I've made packed into an album for viewing/nostalgia pleasure. Not all of them I seem to have lost a couple hmm.. anyways!

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prongsie writes at 11:33:21am on 12/7/17
I'll keep goin chef
pedolad writes at 1:55:02pm on 11/1/17
Love you long time <3
Razor writes at 2:27:28pm on 10/14/17
miss you
love you
pedolad writes at 7:08:45am on 9/25/17
Hakulyte writes at 5:30:39am on 9/20/17
ooo, it's been a while since profile changed. Nice!
Sky Kitten writes at 1:41:32pm on 7/14/17
you know what's good
Sky Kitten writes at 4:28:43pm on 7/13/17
Chitoge is best anime waifu
Hakulyte writes at 6:50:21am on 6/16/17
That's still not a thing, but playing on rates does count now !
Hakulyte writes at 6:14:53am on 6/16/17
Renmei writes at 3:24:10pm on 6/9/17
I took a quick look on the forum. Unfortunately, not many of them are doing FFR profiling, either that, or it looks as if they haven't been on for months or possibly years. Anyway, thanks for letting me know about the forum. I'm not new to playing FFR, but still new to the community itself. If you ever feel like making profile again or you know somebody that does, please message me. Much appreciated! ^^