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FFR Rank:4,376
FFR Average Rank:6,703
FFR Grandtotal Rank:3,001
FFR Grandtotal:3,000,000,000
FFR Games Played:2,913
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Gaming Region:Canada
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mrpreggers writes...
at 1:15:55am on 1/25/18
back breakin' b0bbeh
Rapta writes...
at 3:03:27pm on 9/15/17
f f r
ffr212 writes...
at 11:42:38am on 12/24/16
HikamitheSoulReaper writes...
at 1:13:57pm on 9/14/16
i think there was two but yes i have all profiles that i made or that was made for me on my harddrive
HikamitheSoulReaper writes...
at 3:21:28pm on 9/1/16
yessssss~? ^~^
Maya Fey writes...
at 3:34:02am on 7/15/16
Oh wow, that's an amazing grand total score. Congratulations on exactly 3,000,000,000!
AutotelicBrown writes...
at 8:12:54am on 7/10/16
Where is fault - SILENCE THE PEDANT
Dinglesberry writes...
at 3:10:36am on 7/10/16
That feel when you get 3b grand total on the dot. Grats on veteran.
top writes...
at 8:56:33pm on 7/1/16
Wat. Thats wierd
top writes...
at 10:07:40pm on 6/30/16
When i tried making a one character username in the past it wasnt possible. Did u ask for permission?
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