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Posted on: December 5, 2019, at 03:47:36pm   [7 comments]
I'm gonna spare you all the specifics of why I'm doing this since it really does not matter, but on January 1st I'm retiring the name "choof." there's a shit ton of bad memories associated with this name, and now that I've gotten my life back on track with a full time job, a car, a house, etc, it feels like detaching myself from my old online history is a good idea. a new chapter in life, I guess.

at any rate, I'm quitting all sorts of shit on the 1st. if you feel like you need to reach out and keep in touch or whatever, my discord is choof#1024 (which'll change on the 1st as well). hit me up if you want.

yeah this may seem melodramatic but I figured it'd be a better idea to let ppl know ahead of time so I don't have to deal with ppl thinking I'm dead or some dumb shit.