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My Name is Boobs
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Forever stuck in D6.
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flipsta_lombax writes at 11:27:15pm on 5/13/20
I'm glad you both are safe. And thanks! The hiatus from life fixed the hiatus on here. Nature healing lol
flipsta_lombax writes at 9:19:51pm on 5/13/20
woo a local! Stay safe out there
Godnick writes at 1:50:10pm on 12/12/19
thanks a lot for that! It's a really smooth older file, just a bit tricky. Nice AAA on ant idm and 2g rave1 score recently! Keep it up!
Masquerade of Shadow writes at 5:12:17pm on 1/2/19
oh man i know it's been a hot year or so but every time i see your icon i get swarmed by the SHINIEZ feels all over again ;;
samurai7694 writes at 8:30:21pm on 11/6/18
been a long time since i've heard from you, hope all is well!
Hakulyte writes at 5:56:48pm on 5/21/17
choof writes at 10:36:58am on 2/26/17
you seem like a pretty.... karin individual
ha kil me
top writes at 8:19:06pm on 1/4/17
need more pumpkin spice latte first
choof writes at 12:17:17am on 12/7/16
lmao brilliant
choof writes at 6:09:35pm on 12/6/16
oh yeah i added a bunch of people on fb for anime north and a "jess" popped up and i was wondering if it was you
you don't seem like you would have a facebook tho