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Forever stuck in D6.
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Masquerade of Shadow writes at 5:12:17pm on 1/2/19
oh man i know it's been a hot year or so but every time i see your icon i get swarmed by the SHINIEZ feels all over again ;;
samurai7694 writes at 8:30:21pm on 11/6/18
been a long time since i've heard from you, hope all is well!
QueenAshy writes at 12:56:49pm on 10/14/18
My thread got locked… gradient is saying it’s “not an HRI issue” despite the timeline lining up perfectly. It might make sense that it isn’t RSI, just that I’m exerting myself with strength that I don’t have anymore. It’s just as viable of a theory of me having RSI. Tbh, neither are confirmed since I haven’t seen a doctor in months due to a lack of funds.
I’m seriously wondering if these lock happy mods want me to actually succeed, or if they just wanna crush my spirit/force me to shitpost.
I’m not sure if you’ve got any advice, Gradiant’s profile is closed.
Hakulyte writes at 5:56:48pm on 5/21/17
choof writes at 10:36:58am on 2/26/17
you seem like a pretty.... karin individual
ha kil me
top writes at 8:19:06pm on 1/4/17
need more pumpkin spice latte first
choof writes at 12:17:17am on 12/7/16
lmao brilliant
choof writes at 6:09:35pm on 12/6/16
oh yeah i added a bunch of people on fb for anime north and a "jess" popped up and i was wondering if it was you
you don't seem like you would have a facebook tho
choof writes at 5:55:24pm on 12/6/16
need me some sneks
Zeldagurlfan1 writes at 5:10:06pm on 12/3/16
omg im so happy for you, please ttms on fb or wherever lets catch up. my skype is still the same n stuff.