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Just a wannabe developer.
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Hello! I've been hitting arrows since 2014. Stumbled upon this site one day during class when browsing the web for online DDR simulators. The game seemed interesting, which led to me registering at the bannable age of 12 with an ugly username both so that I could enjoy the feeling of being placed on the leaderboards and discourage myself from playing too much. Things seemed to go well when I stopped playing a while afterward. But apparently my tactic didn't work in the end because I picked the game up again when I turned 14. Now I'm stuck with a username I've always wanted to change...
FFR; stuff that engages the mind (puzzles, Project Euler, science, programming and maths); searching ceaselessly for a Linux distro I like; taking on CTF hacking challenges despite being terrible at them; dabbling in art
Fav Music:
Music from games like Touhou, IIDX and SDVX. My favourites mainly come from trance, progressive, renaissance and pop music. I don't have a band preference and am pretty much open to all sorts of music.
Fav Movies:
Not really a moviegoer, but I do like the Harry Potter movies (and books), the Toy Story series and the Star Wars saga. They truly live up to their names as classics: you never get dissatisfied or bored with them in spite of watching them more than a dozen times a month!
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Posted on: September 26, 2020, at 08:07:34am   [2 comments]
For those who don't know, 'FOSS' is an acronym that stands for 'free and open-source software'.

This is the list of FOSS I would recommend to anyone using Windows. Do you have any FOSS you like that's not on this list? Feel free to let me know and comment in this random thought!

FOSS I love:
1. Open Shell: Lightweight and highly customizable replacement for the Windows system menu.
2. Notepad++: Simple text editor mainly centered around programming.
3. Firefox Nightly: The web browser I'm using right now!
4. SumatraPDF: For viewing PDFs. No editing.
5. nomacs: For displaying images.
6. musikcube: Music player.
7. VLC: Music and video player. In the process of looking for software that is purely a video player.
8. 7-Zip: For zipping and unzipping archives quickly.
9. Explorer++ (stable): Lightweight and very configurable alternative to File Explorer.

FOSS I've tried but stopped using:
1. Chromium ('open-source' Chrome): While its rendering engine is open-source, it unfortunately includes binary blobs. Might try ungoogled-chromium someday, but I'd have to build it myself, which is a big pain.
2. Explorer++ (beta): A bit faster than Explorer++ (stable), but it failed to open folders at one point, and eventually it couldn't be run in the end. It also crashed regularly and spewed large crash logs.
3. Atom and Brackets: Too heavyweight and slow; sometimes displays garbled text and lines.
4. ImageGlass: It is a very good image viewer, but I personally want something that doesn't depend on the .NET framework (i.e. an absolutely native program). The newest version of nomacs (as of 26 Sep 2020) replaced ImageGlass for me.

FOSS I'm looking forward to find a replacement for:
1. VLC: It works right out of the box, but it's a bit too bloated for me. I prefer to find a program that just plays videos and does nothing more than that.
2. Visual Studio Code: Extremely handy tool for programming, but it's waaaaay too heavy for me (this is an opinion you're gonna hear from me consistently). There has to be something more lightweight but just as functional as VSC out there...

FOSS suggestions from others:
1. ShareX: Take screenshots and share them with just a few clicks.
2. CPU-X: Gathers information on computer hardware. (Original suggestion: CPU-Z)
3. Open Hardware Monitor: Monitors your hardware and displays information such as fan speed and CPU temperature.
4. Etterna: Rhythm game oriented around 4k keyboard playing.
5. Stepmania: 4k rhythm game.
6. RuneLite: Old-school RuneScape client.
7. AutoEq: Automatic headphone equalizer.
8. OpenRCT2: RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, but it's open-source and includes online multiplayer, fast-forwarding and so much more.
9. qBittorrent: Open-source BitTorrent client.
10. Vim: Code editor with a big emphasis on doing everything with the keyboard. High learning curve, but would be very useful to learn.
Posted on: June 28, 2020, at 09:32:58pm   [3 comments]
Here we go again! This time, I'm going to be participating in D7, and I would be ghosting D8 as well.

Dead at round 6: Eliminated with a score of [6-0-0-0] at rank 7
31 - 26 - 20 - 14 - 8 - 5 - 3 - 1

<<< Round 1 >>>
D7: Inferno of Fomalhaut [2-0-0-0] (Rank 12/37; cutoff = [10-0-1-1])
What an unexpected song to start the tourney! This is very fun. Unfortunately I'm not consistent enough to AAA it yet.

D8: G e n g a o z o [9-0-0-1] (Rank 18/22; cutoff = [5-0-2-0])
i somehow survived lol
Way easier than the D8R1 song last tourney. Those Almost There streams are HARD, and are tests of stamina. I like this file, but I think it could be made even more exciting and challenging by turning more jumps into chordjacks, a thing many people loathe and complain about.

{{{ Round 2 }}}
D7: The Glorious (Final Sketch Remix) [4-0-0-0] (Rank 11/31; cutoff = [9-0-2-0])
Had the same consistency issue with this song. Oh boy, I'm a bit worried about how far I could go if I couldn't manage to get very low SDGs in the upcoming rounds.

D8: Brrrreeed Cicadididi [14-0-3-4] (Rank 18/19; cutoff = [2-0-0-1]) DEAD
There's no way I'm ever getting something as low as 2-0-0-1 on this XD
D8 players are waaaaaaay too competitive for me to handle. I can't imagine beating any of them in my current state.

[[[ Round 3 ]]]
D7: HeadXplit [4-0-0-2] (Rank 3/26; cutoff = [18-1-3-9])
Coloured hands and minijacks are evil. Do not touch.

D8: J-CORE SLi//CER Technique [32-2-3-6]
私はJ-CORE SLi//CERのテクニックをマスターしていません。

--- Round 4 ---
D7: Chronomia [2-0-0-0] (Rank 8/20; cutoff = [4-0-0-1])
Everyone was doing so well this round! This is a bit easier than Heavenly Castle velier and _.Pulse. If so many people could get such a good score on something this hard, what would they get on something harder...?

D8: I'm A F***ing Idiot [idiotic]
Can't hit many notes, am idiot confirmed.

\\\ Round 5 ///
D7: Vantablack [9-0-2-3] (Rank 8/14; cutoff = Me!)
OMG OMG omg... I've survived. I've actually exceeded my expectations in this OT and made it to the top 8! This song isn't easy at all, with drops that give you mindblocks and days of frustration. I've managed to eke out a score that's just 20 points (0.8 raw goods) ahead of 9th place. In the next round, things aren't going to be so lucky.

D8: Track title [bad score]
I'm not even gonna bother at this point. D8 songs are becoming too hard for me to get any accuracy on, and my scores from here onwards are just gonna get more terrible.

""" Round 6 """ DEAD (Final rank: 7/37)
D7: Line-Epsilon [6-0-0-0] (cutoff = [2-0-0-1])
My OT journey has ended. A bit sad that I got eliminated this round, both because I was more occupied this week (hence having less time to play) and I feel that I could get 3g or 4g clean (but my rolling sucks and I keep netting an additional 2g at the end of the song). But hey, I did break my prediction of dying in the previous round! At least I got further than I've expected.

Good luck to everyone else remaining in the OT! Really looking forward to seeing what scores you guys could achieve and wow us all.

Round 7
D7: We Want To Run

Round 8

Posted on: April 9, 2020, at 10:05:32pm   [0 comments]
grind4 [AAA] (Target achieved)

_.Pulse [4-0-1-0] (Target: <= 3 raw goods)
All your base [2-0-0-1] (Target: <= 2 raw goods)
Epidermis v2 [Blackflag] (Target: AAA)
Starbound [8-0-1-1] (Target: <= 5 raw goods)

J'ai Envie X2 [5-0-1-1] (Target: <= 5 raw goods)
La Camp [5-0-2-1] (Target: <= 8 raw goods)
Mario Mushrooms [4-0-1-1] (Target: <= 4 raw goods)
Schmollbluk [AAA] (Target exceeded lol)

/a/ [5-0-0-1] (Target: [4-0-0-1])
Stress Free Style [9-0-1-3] (Target: SDG)
Almost There [6-0-3-2] (Target: SDG)

cold bootleg [14-1-0-1] (Target: SDG)
Epileptic Crisis [8-0-0-0] (Target: <= 5 raw goods)
Rave 7 [7-0-1-0] (Target: <= 8 raw goods)
The Bridgeport Run [16-0-5-3] (Target: SDG)
Winter Wind Etude [14-0-0-1] (Target: <= 7 raw goods)

do i smile? [10-0-1-1] (Target: SDG)
Heterochromia Iridis [9-0-2-0] (Target: SDG)
OWA Bees [12-0-1-5] (Target: <= 11 raw goods)
OWA Skeletor [7-0-3-1] (Target: SDG)
VIS--CRACKED [8-1-0-2] (Target: SDG)

High-Priestess [10-0-1-3] (Target: SDG)
Posted on: July 29, 2019, at 12:24:01am   [5 comments]
It's a bit long, so I've pastebin'd it: https://pastebin.com/AEfdBh3H
Posted on: February 27, 2019, at 08:35:12pm   [7 comments]
Your questions would be answered BOTH on here AND on your profile's comment wall.
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