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terrible nerves
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Hello! I have been hitting arrows since '14. 17 year-old guy. Found this site one day during class when browsing the web for online DDR simulators. The moment I registered at the bannable age of 12, I never looked back...
FFR; stuff that engages the mind (puzzles, Project Euler, science, programming and maths); searching ceaselessly for a Linux distro I like; taking on CTF hacking challenges despite being terrible at them; dabbling in art
Fav Music:
Music from games like Touhou, IIDX and SDVX. My favourites mainly come from trance, progressive, renaissance and pop music. I don't have a band preference and am pretty much open to all sorts of music.
Fav Movies:
Not really a moviegoer, but I do like the Harry Potter movies (and books), the Toy Story series and the Star Wars saga. They truly live up to their names as classics: you never get dissatisfied or bored with them in spite of watching them more than a dozen times a month!
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Posted on: October 31, 2019, at 08:00:44am   [2 comments]
An unofficial map of E.B.O.N.Y. can be found here:
https://i.imgur.com/nbahsXb.png (made by Werseter)

Gardens of V completed!
Secret Q path completed!

Currently stuck at:
The 2nd K44
M53 (completed with the help of a secret, but I still don't understand the answer to this level)
Both O57's
X62 (the rest of the X levels have been completed)
V75 (second temp end)

Temp ends:

9/Nov/2019: Reached V75 (third temp end)

31/Oct/2019: Reached U75 (first temp end)
Posted on: July 29, 2019, at 12:24:01am   [5 comments]
Participating in D6!

<<< Round 1 >>>

D6: Ambient Ooparts [1-0-0-1] (Rank 8/61)
The chromatic streams in the middle have got me mindblocked. Dang.

D7: Super Soaker [12-0-1-1] <Rank 18/37>
Patterns-wise, it's not too difficult, but for now, the notes are quite hard for me to time accurately. Might be SDG-able.

D8: Violent Arcade [67-3-10-7]
Sub 100 raw goods! This is probably the best I could do at the moment. And yup, this song is really hard.

{{{ Round 2 }}}

D6: Lamuscore [1-0-0-0] (Rank 6/51)
Fun! It feels somewhat easier than the previous D6 song.

D7: October (Dark Autumn Remix) [7-0-1-1] <Rank 25/30> (DEAD)
This file's quite nerve-racking and has patterns I'm very weak at. If I were in D7, I would've been eliminated right below the elimination line; serves me right for not playing this song more haha.

D8: Wanderflux [187-32-35-56]

=== Round 3 ===

D6: Eternal Peace Is Nothing But An Illusion [3-0-1-0] (Rank 8/39)
Like Ambient Ooparts, I got stuck on the streams at the end. Otherwise, this file's not too hard.

D7: LOSHAXI [20-1-0-3]
Boy, this file sure is chaotic! Another song that would've eliminated me in D7.

D8: Gamma Stop Sending Me High Quality Rips [123-6-40-16]
Is it just me, or does this song actually feel a tad bit easier than Wanderflux? Maybe I haven't given Wanderflux enough tries?
Anyhow, it would be interesting to see how high up the difficulty scale D8 songs can get in this tournament. The rest of the D8 songs are going to be so torturous for my laptop keyboard lol.

--- Round 4 ---

D6: Sayonara Cosmonaut [3-0-0-1] (Rank 2/27)
It was a lot of fun playing this file. The patterns don't feel that mind-blockable.

D7: Verse IV [6-0-1-2]
Yay, we've got a song from SDVX into FFR!!
The hardest part of this song to me is in the beginning and not in anywhere else. The rather sudden transition from jacks to a wall of arrows is not easy to read at all!

D8: That's Gonna Be [132-10-24-23]
Definitely difficult to get a good PA on. It would have to be a while before I could even read most of the patterns properly.

\\\ Round 5 ///

D6: Antigravity [6-0-0-1] (Rank 4/16)
IIDX song hype!! This file makes me feel nervous playing it lol.

D7: to luv me i *** for u [60-2-3-1]
Note density is really high in two big sections of the chart, and my fingers couldn't keep up at the end of the song. If only I had more stamina...

D8: Extratone Firestorm [402-37-120-41]
I don't get how people could read this! This goes to show just how incredible D8 players are.

~~~ Round 6 ~~~

D6: A small journey that starts from a morning glow [13-0-1-0] (Rank 3/8)
This chart's all about having good control and focus. I feel lucky that I handled most of the jacks well because I'm quite terrible at them.

D7: High-Priestess [18-0-5-2]
The jacks and streams got me. Pretty good!

D8: Bolt Thrower In A Chinese Restaurant [201-14-88-15]
Owww my ears!! Is the soundtrack supposed to scare us??
Basically I just mashed my way through because I can't perceive any sort of pattern in the file. Quite torturous.

[[[ Round 7 ]]]

D6: Heavenly Castle velier (previously known as 'Firmament Castle "velier"') [6-0-0-0] (Rank 2/5)
Noooooo we have a stamina chart! I don't feel very confident about my score at the moment and I'm starting to think that this is where my journey ends. The patterns are okay, but man do they put a ton of strain on my hands!

D7: The Little Devil's Heart Pounding Amusement Park [58-5-12-5]
I think I've heard of this song somewhere before, but I can't recall where I've played it... Very fun file!

D7 tiebreaker: Ra Variationen [122-6-24-17]
This is even more difficult than the D7 song hahaha what
It's slightly unreadable for me. I have a hunch that the D7 song for round 8 would be even more unreadable.

D8: Fireball [339-43-66-35]
If this isn't the hardest chart for D8, then what would that chart look like? Something only slightly easier than Vertex BETA vrofl and Strangeprogram v0?

*** Round 8 ***

(breathes in quickly) Aaaaaaah I've done it! I've made it to the final round!!

D6: C'est What? [9-0-1-0]
It's harder than it looks. The end of the chart is a difficult part to nail which I haven't had success dealing with.

D7: Mishnu [77-2-13-5]
The ultimate file to mark the end of the OT for D7. Feels well-stepped and patterns flow nicely.

D8: Excite Bike v0 Crystal Chamber Combustion (bike) [528-40-70-36]
After riding on the CCC bike for 94 seconds, I got my tastebuds on the other end of D8 and puked straight away.

Finished in 3rd place

Even though I didn't perform as well as I wished I could have in the last round, I'm happy with taking 3rd place as I've tried my best to improve.

Congrats to Deamerai and Godnick for making it this far, and thanks to everyone for participating in this wonderful event! It was fun playing with y'all.
Posted on: February 27, 2019, at 08:35:12pm   [7 comments]
Your questions would be answered BOTH on here AND on your profile's comment wall.
Posted on: February 15, 2019, at 10:14:31am   [0 comments]
I'll keep this column updated.
FFR ranking:

15/Nov/2019: Top 80
do i smile?: 10-0-1-1 [95.85]

7/Nov/2019: Ascension to D7 (achieved in my 4320th game)
All your base are belong to ME: 1-0-1-0 [95.51]

6/Nov/2019: Top 85
La Campanella: 5-0-2-1 [93.72]

30/Sep/2019: Top 85 (overtaken)
C'est What?: 9-0-1-0 [whoops I forgot]; now at [95.26]

30/Sep/2019: Top 90
Heavenly Castle velier: 6-0-0-0 [96.45]; now at [94.38]

16/Sep/2019: Top 95
Playing Super Mario World While Taking Mushrooms: 5-0-1-0 [94.82]

17/Jul/2019: 1 digit less (overtaken)
Winter Wind Etude: 14-0-3-1 [92.39]

8/Jul/2019: Top 110
Schmollbluk: 8-0-0-2 [94.40]

28/May/2019: Top 120
The Bird's Midair Heatstroke: 2-0-0-0 [92.07]

19/May/2019: Top 130
You Time: 14-0-0-0 [89.91]

19/May/2019: Top 140
Japan Style Breakcore!!!: 1-1-3-2 [90.39]

17/May/2019: Top 150
FREEDOM DiVE: 3-0-1-0 [91.55]

3/May/2019: Top 175
Anima: 7-0-1-1 [88.63]

29/Apr/2019: Top 200
Schmollbluk: 14-0-1-0 [91.08]

3/Apr/2019: Top 225 (reclaimed)
My Fxxkin Desire For You: 3-0-1-0 [85.38]

31/Mar/2019: St. Scarhand [Heavy] get
Love & Justice [AAA]

23/Mar/2019: Top 225 (overtaken)
Playing Super Mario World While Taking Mushrooms: 23-0-2-1 [86.44]

12/Mar/2019: Top 250
Schmollbluk: 14-4-1-5 [87.78]

16/Jan/2019: Top 300
Anima: 13-0-1-2 [85.91]

14/Jan/2019: Hong Kong #1 get
Head Banger: 7-0-0-0 [83.58]

2/Jan/2019: Ascension to D6
Welcome to My Kastle: 4-0-0-2 [84.84]

1/Jan/2019: Top 400
Our Journey and Epilogue: 7-0-1-0 [87.67]
Comment wall
Lycostria writes at 11:13:45am on 11/9/19
Yeah, I remember seeing you at times on the multiplayer list in D5 long ago. You've definitely made it far since then to say the least haha.
Godnick writes at 8:46:24pm on 11/8/19
Thank you! You're very nice. Rave 7 feels like everything being thrown at you at once but doesn't have very dense sections. On hetero just gotta get lucky on the bursts and one handed trill stuff. Lost focus and dropped a couple sluggish misses.
Sanjixcon writes at 3:50:38pm on 11/8/19
man that all your base score is so nasty wtf O.O
glad you got d7 :) i won't have to play against you in tourneys anymore XD
Godnick writes at 10:40:16am on 11/8/19
Hoping that'll keep you there too, Keep em' going through!
Skullbac writes at 6:51:38am on 11/8/19
Welcome to the family
Godnick writes at 3:24:03am on 11/8/19
You've made it to d7, gj, wp and hope to see a lot more big ones!!! tough and tricky jack file that got you through!
Lycostria writes at 1:39:09am on 11/8/19
Congrats on D7!
LeftyRighty writes at 11:14:17pm on 11/7/19
grats on d7!!!
Rapta writes at 10:44:01pm on 11/7/19
Knew you could do it!
Ultimate Mike7 writes at 10:20:17pm on 11/7/19
D7 get! Congrats!