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IgroMAN writes at 11:38:32am on 4/7/14
I was tired with FFR a little so i play another games... MMOs and a like. Now i feel that i want to play FFR again, and harder =)) But skill is still worse than before =( And how about you?
IgroMAN writes at 10:52:37am on 4/1/14
/me hits you =)
killionair writes at 12:32:38pm on 2/27/14
wow now velocity doesn't work at all, seriously considering just quitting this shit -.-
CDCan writes at 8:17:30pm on 2/25/14
only 1.7b to catch up !
CDCan writes at 8:17:03pm on 2/25/14
you actually still play this game!?!??!!
Preg Jr writes at 2:45:58pm on 2/23/14
I know man :(
Preg Jr writes at 9:49:40pm on 2/22/14
Bro no one can't, velocity fixing FFR again.
Preg Jr writes at 4:25:23pm on 2/22/14
Bro, we really gotta mp man.
Preg Jr writes at 2:10:40pm on 2/12/14
Lol that is so true man... :'(
Preg Jr writes at 2:33:33pm on 2/11/14
Sorry bro been busy with school man, lol.