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Posted on: May 3, 2013, at 05:41:19pm   [1 comment]
Time to AAA stuff here's some updates. This goes for the public levelranks, tokens excluded. I'll updating this section as I get new AAAs.

FMOs (66-78) AAAs: 19

Fast Asleep (1/22/14)
Determination (9/19/13)
0 (piano version) (9/26/13)
Defection (11/28/13)
Punch You (3/23/15)
Wake Up, Gladiator (4/13/14)
ETERNAL DRAIN [Heavy] (4/19/14)
Heavenly Spores (6/25/14)
Lawn Wake I (6/26/14)
Fried Eggs In My Ear (7/2/14)
Epilogue (8/22/14)
EuroMorric (Clean Edit) (8/22/14)
Toki (11/17/14)
Saffron City (11/24/14)
Black (12/16/14)
Makiba (1/9/15)
Crimson Flood (1/19/15)
Goatstep (1/21/15)
You Goddamn Fish (1/25/15)
Epidermis (2/1/15)
A Crimson Rose and a Gin Tonic (YMCK 8bit Mix) (2/5/15)

Totals updated 8/22/14
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Godnick writes at 2:58:43pm on 2/27/18
Had to do a double take, this is epic AF, awesome job! Good looking booflag in there too. You are the bird master.
Godnick writes at 9:13:22pm on 2/1/18
this today did some hours of research and found this in an area about 20 minutes away on blm land. has some other markings on the other side more of the masonic stuff.
Godnick writes at 9:09:38pm on 2/1/18
Yep, been monitoring this site's developement and it's users, looks like there's been some decent improvements, really nice to see..Hopefully they keep at it.
You know me, Hopefully my death is an actual till the bitter end of avoidance kind and then some pussy footing hop around that natural excuse and into an artificial rig bounce that shit around go go from there. Glad to hear from you. Things are good, just found a ring worth $350 detecting yesterday, it's a cobalt crhome benchmark ring, an interesting masonic tool today from 1960 that will be returned to it's owner hopefully has weird initiation markings. Getting a cheap ass ghetto fuckin rig here shortly. Tomorrow checking out an abondoned ghost town known as Wendling Oregon, should be interesting. Everything's been very uppety for me, Hope all is awesome with you. How have you been doing?
Godnick writes at 3:00:50am on 1/25/18
Badass profile. Hope you're doing great.
Rapta writes at 10:07:08pm on 12/7/17
lmao yes
Rapta writes at 2:18:42pm on 12/7/17
I'm catching up to your Average Rank!
Rapta writes at 5:50:50pm on 12/6/17
Great and great~
Rapta writes at 5:27:29pm on 12/6/17
Yoo, where you been?
CDCan writes at 6:50:24pm on 11/28/17
hi axith !
Rapta writes at 2:37:12pm on 7/11/17
kakke ecko