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Raymond/Zenith, 25 years old. I still play rhythm games from time to time but I'm also actively within the FGC under the team ERA.
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Posted on: December 19, 2016, at 10:46:10am   [25 comments]
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Posted on: December 10, 2016, at 08:10:40am   [2 comments]
For both of the profiles you made me. They are truly amazing and I love them both equally. I love your work and hope to see you keep creating more content for all of our eyes to gaze upon.
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danceflashrevo writes at 11:17:02am on 7/29/20
danredge writes at 12:21:42pm on 7/22/20
Hey really nice profile n_n
ULTIMEGA writes at 1:37:13am on 5/26/20
Finally managed to get it after almost five years of working towards it.
Deadlyx39 writes at 1:19:59pm on 11/15/19
Doing good. I come around every now and again but I lurk more than anything. I know you had your account closed back when I stopped being an active member on here, so it’s cool to see you around here too.
Deadlyx39 writes at 7:08:14pm on 11/14/19
Nice 16 billion
Hey btw
MI4 REAL writes at 3:30:55pm on 10/14/19
You AAAed that shit
well fuck I just barely got speedvibe.
Oh well I've been at the same skill level for 10 years.
TheThong writes at 6:34:47am on 9/27/19
Thank you!! Very exciting times ahead! Finally have time off work now. SO time to chill!
TheThong writes at 8:39:34pm on 9/24/19
AH yes! I'm trying to save up for a house/wedding! Haha. Recently got engaged. That's amazing!! It's gotten a lot harder to get permanent jobs, so congrats! :D
TheThong writes at 1:15:57am on 9/24/19
Yes it has! Work has been a bit exhausting, but otherwise good. What have you been doing?
TheThong writes at 10:27:05pm on 9/23/19
Hey friend!! How's life treating you?