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FFR Rank:9,025
FFR Average Rank:7,064
FFR Grandtotal Rank:88,079
FFR Grandtotal:98,928,435
FFR Games Played:405
Owlbears Rock!
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2 / 2130
29 / 2130
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9 / 1500
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Arntonach writes at 7:58:58pm on 8/21/19
Wait i thought i killed my Facebook
mrpreggers writes at 12:26:07pm on 3/16/19
Rapta writes at 10:43:50am on 12/3/18
You ring a bell
Travis_Flesher writes at 1:42:44am on 4/30/17
love that profraine pack bro
evanescence_death4ever writes at 10:58:11am on 4/3/17
Should probably check out the "gold_stinger" whose birthday it is today...(look at profile)
I think perhaps a 'fuck you' comment chain is at hand.
Svaz writes at 5:37:48pm on 1/4/17
excuse YOU I am Army
choof writes at 1:26:04pm on 5/19/14
yes rofl
you live in bullhead but commute to laughlin?
just gonna try to swing up there
choof writes at 12:17:52am on 5/19/14
wait so are in bullhead or laughlin?
MixMasterLar writes at 10:45:39am on 5/7/14
I did, but my PS3 is broke so yeah....
Hopefully getting another within the month. It's been hectic though.
choof writes at 1:17:07pm on 5/2/14
hey qt want to go on a date