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XelNya's Stepped Songs
Song NamesSong StyleDate
EpiloguePiano Solo16-06-12
My Fxxkin Desire For YouMetalcore26-07-13
N's FarewellPiano Instrumental04-08-13
Alice's GardenMinuet24-08-13
Sleep, Part 2Dubstep10-05-14
EternityPiano Instrumental26-08-14
Nightfall (Original Mix)Glitch Hop02-08-17
Sis Puella MagicaPiano Solo17-03-18
Almost There [Standard]Game Music27-05-19
Kindred, the Eternal HuntersOrchestral03-07-19
Lavender Town [Fairytale Remix]Instrumental01-10-19
RainsparkEthno Dance08-10-19
Before CynthiaPiano Solo15-10-19
Shotgun SenoritaElectronic Rock26-11-19
Comment wall
Hakulyte writes at 1:17:19pm on 11/27/19
AAA'd like 5 times already, the game is just in denial.
mkxc3 writes at 3:10:00pm on 11/6/19
Hey, thanks for the guide! The maximum file size for a non-veteran is 512kb or 200x960 so I need to find a way to have a bigger image size but smaller kb, trying out some ways rn, thanks again!!
Hakulyte writes at 5:27:53pm on 10/27/19
Before Cynthia secretly a 70, but staying at 67 to spite at players.
MarioNintendo writes at 3:21:44pm on 9/29/19
Dude nice! you stepped ultranumb! :D
Funnygurl555 writes at 10:49:53pm on 8/25/19
WolfXhunter writes at 11:37:31pm on 5/24/19