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computer engineering
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numetal, hard rock, smash hit combo, p.o.d., tool, trap,
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Posted on: May 25, 2018, at 10:58:21am   [0 comments]

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Posted on: January 17, 2018, at 01:00:30am   [0 comments]
Well, it's December 23 2019 and I finally got a new computer.
I will resume producing the world's best eternna charts very soon.
Oi i'm excited!

I made the simfile above a couple years ago. It's pretty cute eh?

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DeciBel1231 writes...
at 7:36:43am on 2/25/20
happy belated birthday my broski
Hakulyte writes...
at 2:39:35am on 2/22/20
happy birthday \o
Gravity Kitten writes...
at 7:10:07pm on 2/6/20
it only goes up from here fleshnigga
SpaceGorilla writes...
at 8:45:19am on 1/26/20
last post on travis flesher's comments before ww3 this is a momentous occasion
Gravity Kitten writes...
at 8:44:56pm on 10/12/19
flesh god baby back and attem with another certified fleshlord classic
Dugatee writes...
at 1:26:17pm on 10/12/19
worm fact: worms have the most intelligence of any creature
SpaceGorilla writes...
at 5:26:29pm on 9/16/19
T-Flesh in the flesh!!! seriously a legent of this website
Josemba writes...
at 7:45:44am on 8/23/19
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Fav Music:
I'm like rap music. Really bad, but still technically the hottest flavor out.
Fav Movies:
HP Lovecraft is the number one author. You should read his literature. You should also read Finnegan's Wake, by James Joyce. And if you have the time, go ahead and read Focault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco.
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Strawberry Unlocked for Travis_Flesher Rocking Ass Unlocked for Travis_Flesher Tsugaru 180 New Version Unlocked for Travis_Flesher Xuxa Unlocked for Travis_Flesher CIA Rave v2 Unlocked for Travis_Flesher Slow Motion (Wipeout Pure Xtra) Unlocked for Travis_Flesher Bike Thief (Tubeway Remix) Unlocked for Travis_Flesher Hardcore of the North Unlocked for Travis_Flesher Ride Out Unlocked for Travis_Flesher Silence v2 Unlocked for Travis_Flesher
Orchestral Angels Unlocked for Travis_Flesher Forza Azzuri Unlocked for Travis_Flesher Ice Candy Pop Unlocked for Travis_Flesher {Satori} Unlocked for Travis_Fle
Gravity Kitten writes...
at 5:59:56pm on 6/10/19
oh ok but do u wanna arm wrestle
Gravity Kitten writes...
at 10:46:55am on 6/9/19
google called and they want to do an interview with the smartest man..................alive are you game
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