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I make things, but as of late, it's forum signatures, token graphics, and profile backgrounds, maybe some sketching & image fixing on the side.
Arts and Gaming.
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Posted on: August 23, 2018, at 01:59:34am   [0 comments]
And if any of you guys fuck this up/delete it this time, I will find where Synthlight lives and slap him with a sandal so hard that he will be forced to come online and give you all spankings. Ok? Glad we're on the same page. :D

Posted on: October 30, 2015, at 09:24:00pm   [3 comments]
I'll bash ur fooken 'ead in m8 u think 'dis is a game

mfw I find out who did this

Posted on: August 24, 2014, at 06:25:23pm   [2 comments]
so send me 1,000 credits through FFR Shop with a message, and I'll put it below.
get a life
goldstinger is a loser and is proud of being one
pls goldstinger
why u do dis goldstinger u whore
I'm bad at math so I gave you 10k instead of 1k, sorry, Don't hurt me pls.
get a life goldstinger is a loser and is proud of being one pls goldstinger why u do dis goldstinger u whore
fuccen sellout
I can make better sigs than you with Paint :)
Are you still doing those free siggies for the official? Thanks. ;)
talent show
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Charu writes at 10:55:33pm on 9/5/18
"Serve you a knuckle sandwich I mean!"
Charu writes at 10:55:17pm on 9/5/18
"I'm ready to serve you..."
Charu writes at 4:32:04pm on 9/5/18
Motherly... or just staring at you innocently in guise for its true mischievous nature!?
Skullbac writes at 6:03:22pm on 8/25/18
4 years ago, you and I were playing nekodancer. Back then, i wanted an impossible mode since all the songs on nekodancer were super easy. Then you introduced me to FFR. My first file was Heterochromia Iridis. I told myself that it was spam. Today, i sit on rank 79, after having an epic session starting at rank 98. I have now surpassed all the people who made me play the game. Too bad you got long weeks at your job, cuz we could have been rivalling eachother by now compared to 4 years ago.
m3t4kn1ght writes at 9:11:44am on 3/6/18
mate holy shit you got good, lmao. pretty inspiring to be honest. how are you anyway?
FirstMaple8 writes at 12:26:23pm on 11/12/17
damn nice job on 43B!
Moria writes at 1:30:23pm on 9/17/17
Aww shit look who you just friended. The probably only person who plays your packs. :D :D
xXOpkillerXx writes at 12:54:13pm on 8/20/17
Nice AAA :p that blackflag haha it mustve been painful xd
V-Ormix writes at 3:09:43pm on 8/17/17
FORdy tw0 biLLEON JEETEE dam
_Fluttershy_ writes at 12:59:55pm on 6/24/17
Holy shit! Av rank 9! Dude, it's awesome to see you bossing FFR!! Keep it up, bro! :)