Reminder: Gamewhore Competition – 5 1/2 hours away

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on November 16th, 2012

At 12am servertime the gamewhoring competition will begin. You all were given just short of two weeks to train yourself for this event. Hopefully you have pushed yourself to having hands, wrists, and forearms of steel. If you want to win one of the ten prizes, you will need to put forth an extreme effort. Being one of the top ten daily keysmashers is only one of the amazing feats that you can do in this competition. If you truly want to hold a place in FFR history and make the top ten all-time, you will need to unlock a true level of patience within. That won’t be the only thing you unlock, though:

What does this mean to you? For the first time ever, a guarantee can be made for the gamewhores: getting top 10 on the all-time daily totals guarantees you the desired Vertex Beta Vrofl token. That’s not even including the other prizes you will win! There are many incentives to shoot for this year, and the players that rack up the highest daily scores will reap the benefits.

You don’t have to sign-up for the Gamewhore competition, but you should make a post in the Gamewhore Competition thread to let everyone know that you’re trying this out!

TC_Halogen, psychoangel691 & The FFR Event Helpers

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  1. o

  2. do u have to start right at midnight or can u start when its most convenient for u?

  3. You can start whenever you’d like but starting later is going to put you at a huge disadvantage.

  4. i know but i have to sleep up for the thing but dont worry any time im not doing something else ill be trying super hard gamewhoring even if that means getting carpal tunnel i highly doubt ill win but its worth a try :P

  5. For those of you that might be confused, the reason why you will be guaranteed Vrofl is because you will implicitly unlock it through the one billion point daily requirement.

  6. You know Schweinekaramell got his daily total with Whimper Wall while it was unlocked, right? I think it’s pretty clear from here http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/vbz/showpost.php?p=3751461&postcount=227

  7. ^ are you assuming that all top 10s will be >1bil then?

    also, any chance on daily stats, we could get an expanded list of top GTS, just for the day? i’m sure everyone joining would find that cool

  8. FIRST!

  9. ["^ are you assuming that all top 10s will be >1bil then?"]

    I was stating that if you made top 10 on the all-time daily total (and not the regular daily total) you would implicitly unlock vRofl. Getting top 10 in the competition itself won’t do it.

  10. hipehipehipehipe

  11. why did i do this again

  12. I doubt many people will actually break 1b, only one did on the Aprilfools day SponCon and we had access to Vrofl. Even with the large warning, its a pretty extreme task.

    Putting my money down on top 3 break 1b, lowest in top 10 is ~600m.

  13. I found a song I can consistently SDG that gives 1.2bil, but too bad I’m not insane enough to actually try.

  14. Not sure if I’m going to do this…but good luck if anyone’s going to try to break 2bil.

  15. Schweinekaramell’s score should definetly be taken down from the top 10 all time list since it was clearly cheated. Goodluck to anyone participating! I’ve gone through this twice and don’t plan on doing it a third time x)

  16. Just take on Vs Boss battle. Should get you to 1 billion if you are trying hard enough…

  17. 45 minutes, gl everyone~

  18. TIME TO PUT MA WHORE ONNN!!!! .. uh, i mean, venusaur – with an exclamation point

  19. First person to break 1B and give me graphic proof gets an extra 25k– good luck everyone, and for the record I’m serious.

  20. IM READY

  21. LET’S ROCK!

  22. so I still have the best legit grand total?? (without using VRofl or Whimper Wall)

  23. I’m pretty sure, woker…everyone’s going to be going after Adamaja’s 1.5bil, which I doubt can be bested. But reagardless, good luck to everyone in the competition.

  24. AND ITS ON!!!

  25. Respect to those of you going through with it, Decided an hour in (After starting almost an hour late) that I probably would be better off with my wrists intact for the week and a decent night sleep. I’d kinda feel like a dick to whoever came in 11th if I was in the top ten(Or worse if I couldn’t make it that far). Since I don’t really play the game super seriously, anyways and I’m pretty happy with the tokens I do have.

    Good Luck everyone, Especially those of you who were in the April Fools SponCon aswell :D

  26. To all you people saying that 1.5 bil won’t get beat. Prepare to be Dossar’d.

    Shame on you for doubting the almighty Dossar.

  27. Dos

  28. niec life

  29. lmao ChrisReams was right

  30. **Putting my money down on top 3 break 1b, lowest in top 10 is ~600m.**

    Totally called that :)

  31. “Everyone’s going to be going after Adamaja’s 1.5bil, which I doubt can be bested…”

    Doss and I beg to differ.

  32. JerryDB 1,234,567,890?! How in the world do you get that specific total? :O

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