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drizzleRomanceGirl writes at 8:11:54pm on 11/25/13
Thank you for the profile vote! :)
One Winged Angel writes at 3:28:47am on 12/24/12
I honestly thought I was gonna split the ending quad lmao
Ksl33zy24 writes at 12:05:56am on 12/14/12
obv. the best avatar
Cuppy_Cake writes at 12:43:41am on 12/13/12
Just wanted to say I was on Ksl33zy24's page when I saw your picture moving to the exact beat of the Nyan cat song and I watched in amazement for 4 minutes... that is all c;
Netjet! writes at 10:44:11pm on 11/18/12
Congratulations on getting 500mil! I stopped because I got busy with work haha. :)
masternaruto122 writes at 8:24:14pm on 11/18/12
ik cant wait until kakashi fight his old friend again
masternaruto122 writes at 8:18:11pm on 11/18/12
just watch i hate reading
masternaruto122 writes at 8:14:54pm on 11/18/12
obito and minato
Godnick writes at 2:38:03pm on 11/18/12
Nice profile/avatar :)
LaZboy77 writes at 7:01:54am on 11/14/12
thanks for the vote.