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I'm 18. i guess you can say im alright at this game. But yea. That's about it
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Good Stuff
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Final destination and Saw. Nuff said.
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Posted on: April 5, 2018, at 02:14:40pm   [1 comment]
Im officially an adult :) (meaning im 18 now lol)
Posted on: February 9, 2018, at 04:24:28pm   [1 comment]
am 2 years old today in ffr years, heres to 2 more great ones :D
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Rapta writes at 9:58:08pm on 7/16/19
nice meme
ULTIMEGA writes at 5:35:21pm on 7/15/19
XD Thanks!
CDCan writes at 1:45:57pm on 4/25/19
nice Hajnal aaa, caught that on the homepage by chance, gg
FirstMaple8 writes at 4:11:02pm on 4/14/19
damn i didnt know how many aaa's and fc's u had lol
Drayk writes at 5:40:04pm on 3/30/19
Your meme beast profile picture is like too funny I can't handle it LMAO. Also happy early birthday :D
Blackskull305 writes at 12:06:26am on 3/12/19
Your background is aesthetically pleasing
ormix writes at 6:25:41pm on 3/10/19
1300 aaas
MarcusHawkins writes at 10:12:36pm on 3/7/19
1,200 public AAAs! Soon, I'll be surpassed once again...
Pizza69 writes at 2:56:32pm on 3/6/19
1100 AAAs hype!!
Sanjixcon writes at 6:20:48pm on 2/12/19
scales of strangeness blackflag okay son