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I used to play FFR, but now I don't. Full-time C++ programmer by day.
Spicy memes 👌
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Posted on: November 11, 2014, at 09:38:08am   [3 comments]
I swear it's true
Posted on: May 11, 2014, at 10:42:19pm   [2 comments]
Major thanks to xXOpkillerXx for dragging me into this ride through hell and pushing me along to final victory.

Here is the thread where we announced the project.. Results and stuff can be found in the replies.

In short, we decided to go for the top 10 dailies, and to do so, we both needed to beat Izzy's #9 of 1,111,111,110. I contented myself with 1,111,111,965 1,120,779,430, nabbing vRofl along the way, but OP wanted to beat Dossar's #1 of 1.6billion, and at the time of writing is 1h20mins away from server reset time and is sitting on 1.56billion. Yeah, he'll get it ^^

Shoutouts to PrawnSkunk for being the first to hit the stream and for his continued support with graphs; Hakulyte for jumping along for about 220million points, and then another 100million; Sven for his random bullshit and dragging a whole load of people into the Skype convo; Danceguy because AN HYPE; Kommi because Quebec and also AN HYPE; and then basically everyone else I didn't really pay attention to in the skype call because I was mashing Extratone in a Perfect World while watching anime, sorry for kinda sorta ignoring you? :O
Posted on: March 11, 2013, at 10:23:19am   [0 comments]
hey look. A song I stepped with WC a while ago is in the game!

Posted on: August 29, 2012, at 09:20:17pm   [5 comments]
Posted on: August 5, 2012, at 01:52:31pm   [4 comments]
forgot to say
Last night I was like "I'm facerolling these songs let's play for oni"
so I asked in skype chat "ok guys what song should I play for oni"
someone suggested club, that failed hard lol
then someone suggested rottel, I played that twice and got oni
gg trying mindblocked ehhs
gg derping bt37
gg j&c dropping three goods in the last 50 notes consistently
gg every other oni song ever

... why did nobody tell me rottel was so easy before now???
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Svaz writes at 7:21:09pm on 6/21/19
oh shit bud I'm sorry I'll pop u the disc invite soon
melonpapes writes at 10:57:56am on 6/12/19
i wasn't into the whole squid thing when I made geeksquad :(
Zeldagurlfan1 writes at 4:40:24pm on 5/12/17
omg this avi
my_password_is_butts writes at 12:35:43pm on 10/26/16
try me
Ninty64 writes at 10:46:09am on 7/21/16
Don't give up yet!
TheThong writes at 8:44:42pm on 6/20/16
MarioNintendo writes at 11:24:14pm on 6/5/15
dAnceguy117 writes at 7:49:44am on 6/1/15
working on it! and seriously ;_; at least we ran into each other a few times, but damn. glad the Quebec crew could make it, that was a close call!
T-Force writes at 11:01:20pm on 5/25/15
It isn't the first time I've made the trek, haha. But man, this year was so awesome. Thank you for putting up with me rambling while we walked to the TCC, and thank you for being part of the Team Quebec awesomeness. I'll see you next year for sure!
MarioNintendo writes at 7:45:03am on 5/20/15