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Comment wall
IwasAsquidOnce writes...
at 1:35:26pm on 1/17/19
boulder brotha
FirstMaple8 writes...
at 8:00:05pm on 11/11/17
passed ya in rank! :)
0 writes...
at 5:28:12pm on 5/1/17
dick sponge
choof writes...
at 4:27:52pm on 8/16/16
do you have a discord
kmay writes...
at 12:43:28pm on 7/31/16
great job this year! D5 forever :)
choof writes...
at 6:57:40pm on 7/29/16
yo, you're working on solo rulz 4 or something like it, right? how close to being finished is it? I don't have school in august so I'm gonna make a few charts
kmay writes...
at 8:30:50am on 7/26/16
Should we keep trying?? lol
Azpb Djbread writes...
at 7:35:37pm on 4/17/16
Hey!! Sup dude!, i need some help With Stepping one of my two songs. I'm a music producer, but i am aweful at stepping. I Know how, im just not good at it, and i was wondering if you could help me out with stepping one of my songs. Thanks!
MooMoo_Cowfreak writes...
at 3:10:08pm on 12/12/15
You're really good at capturing grooves through jumpstream in your SM charts
One of my favorite steppers, thanks for you work!
Wineandbread writes...
at 11:38:45am on 6/1/15
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