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new hand moves = dab
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katanaeyegaming writes at 7:38:39am on 3/31/21
This profile has been open longer than I have been alive and is still active.
This just goes to show how dedicated this community is :)
Bynary Fission writes at 8:30:01am on 2/25/21
Hey, just letting you know that I got a Switch and Smash.
Bynary Fission writes at 8:26:48am on 2/21/21
Hey man, how's it going?
SubaruPoptart writes at 10:49:15pm on 1/20/21
no, tu eres madre
the sun fan writes at 11:47:54pm on 12/24/20
your ffr profile is 18.02 years old
Riotpolice writes at 10:01:44pm on 12/11/20
What a silly (and cute) profile picture
scusethetude writes at 9:48:33pm on 10/22/20
Thanks! Glad to be back! :)
scusethetude writes at 8:04:03pm on 10/22/20
Thanks for the nice username compliment! I’m thanking you more than 4 years later :P! Yes, I’ve been on a hiatus haha. Looks like I already upvoted your profile. :)
Ipu Maipants writes at 3:21:52pm on 10/16/20
It is pretty fun ain't it?
ilikexd writes at 5:26:41pm on 10/14/20
Nice hat