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new hand moves = dab
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scusethetude writes at 9:48:33pm on 10/22/20
Thanks! Glad to be back! :)
scusethetude writes at 8:04:03pm on 10/22/20
Thanks for the nice username compliment! I’m thanking you more than 4 years later :P! Yes, I’ve been on a hiatus haha. Looks like I already upvoted your profile. :)
Ipu Maipants writes at 3:21:52pm on 10/16/20
It is pretty fun ain't it?
ilikexd writes at 5:26:41pm on 10/14/20
Nice hat
T-Force writes at 4:03:25pm on 10/8/20
Welp. Not like we didn't already know I was.
T-Force writes at 12:55:09am on 10/8/20
I'd say I am the police, but then that would mean I'm a bastard...
T-Force writes at 6:58:46pm on 10/5/20
You sure about that?
T-Force writes at 1:44:18am on 10/5/20
You could. And I can delete yours too.
And not just on my wall.
T-Force writes at 5:08:24pm on 10/4/20
No one can stop you from posting on your own wall? But what if it was deleted? :dramaticthink:
Dr. Toboggan writes at 1:45:28pm on 7/25/20
lolol I appreciate the effort, king