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_Fluttershy_ writes...
at 2:20:52am on 7/15/13
Lol I know, so cute! XD
_Rainbow Dash_ writes...
at 1:05:44pm on 7/7/13
AngelSassin writes...
at 7:41:51pm on 7/2/13
Oh, heyo!
FazedPhantom writes...
at 7:20:22pm on 7/2/13
lol yeah nice pic you got great profile pic choice skills XD
darkderp1 writes...
at 6:46:43pm on 7/2/13
omg we have the same pic :3
FazedPhantom writes...
at 5:57:35pm on 7/2/13
thanks loved yours to... how did you add more then one pic and extend the bottom???
thaecrasis writes...
at 5:55:27pm on 7/2/13
Thanks for the vote, and I love your background!
FazedPhantom writes...
at 4:25:45pm on 7/2/13
Np and thanks for the acceptance of the request :P
SethColeman writes...
at 4:16:32pm on 7/2/13
Ello. Thanks for the friend request.
FazedPhantom writes...
at 3:37:47pm on 7/2/13
Finally got the right banner picture
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