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Haro, I'm Pookiec: Very few know my real name ^-^ I am 14, soon to be 15. My Birthday is March 20. I like Hello Kitty and Anime c: I love emoticons xD, c:, ;3 I Like HalfStep and am the President of the HalfStep Fan Club! (To Join see thought bubbles) I Have been playing since I was 8 but didn't make a profile until I was 11.
I like to crochet and i like to knit but I'm not old. :P
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Screamo, Heavy Metal, Techno, Dubstep, and Rapc:
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I HATE TWILIGHT but I love True blood!:DD And I also like scary movies and I like Alice in Wonderland.
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Posted on: October 26, 2013, at 06:43:52pm   [16 comments]
Winter Wind Etude
Uber Rave
101 Kittens
Halfstep, you half to also take a screen shot of your score when you get done ^-^
Posted on: October 22, 2013, at 04:40:00am   [7 comments]
Yay! Uhm, I have finally finished my profile and now the Halfstep fan club is up and running ^O^
To join just comment down below and here are the rules
1. You have to know who Halfstep is cx (If you don't whats the point in joining?)
2. Be Nice!C:
3. You don't have to be online everydayc: (I have really slow internet so if you can't be online everyday I understand ^-^ )
4. I will make appointments with Halfstep so everyone can play against him in multiplayer ^-^ (HalfyStep, you kinda half tooc: SEE WHAT I DID THERE ! xD )
5. Group members MUST have everyone in the group on their friends list, or in their top friends list. This is mandatory( Top friends list is optional unless you have 50+ friends on your list )
6. I will also be doing ranks.
Example: President(Meh ^-^) Vice President, Secretary, Vice Secretary.
Job descriptions:

President: In charge of planning everything, meetings, keeping track of people who are in the group. Ranking up people to the HalfStep fan club council. Talking to HalfyStepcx

Vice President: If I am out sick or am not online for one of the scheduled meetings then the vice president will run the show for that meeting. The vice president will also have to skype message or ffr message me(Skype is faster and I don't wanna keep refreshing my page cx )

Secretary: So, it's kinda hard being the president, so the secretary will be taking care of all of the meetings(Ex: Writing down what happened or typing so we can message(Skype or ffr again skype is suggested ^-^ ) the ones who were not there and tell them what happened. The secretary is NOT responsible for planning or putting together the meeting but just for taking notes, messaging the ones who were not there, and messaging everyone in the group our agenda and also send reminders to the group members. I suggest the Secretary take roll call when we are in meetings so we know who was there and who wasn't there.

Vice Secretary: It's everything the Secretary does, the Secretary and Vice Secretary MUST be able to message each other everyday and the Secretary MUST give all of their notes to the Vice Secretary. Again, in case the Secretary is out sick or not online the Vice Secretary will take over for that time being.

NOTE: If The Secretary or Vice Secretary is NOT online then the meeting will be canceled and scheduled another time. Please don't ask to be in the HalfStep Fan Club Council unless you are serious.
If you miss 3 or more meetings without telling me why you are unable to make it, then I will have to de-rank you. Sorry :/
I probably wont have a full council until I reach 10 members. Again, this group is open to ANYONE c:
If I get 100+ members(Highly doubt but then again.) then I will have to close the group and whatever members are here we shall continue. If a member leaves they must message me and tell me why they want to leave. If we get 99 or lower members then I will re-open the group c:
If someone in the council is wanting to leave, you MUST tell me a week before you quit an why you don't want to be in the council anymore.
EVERYONE'S OPINION IS HEARD! If you have a comment or question that didn't get answered during the meeting, please message me personally on ffr or skype (Maybe I should make it mandatory to have skype xD ) My skype is Sapphiex3 and my FlashFlashRevolution name is Pookie99
Ps: ffr=FlashFlashRevolution
Posted on: September 14, 2013, at 09:34:31am   [6 comments]
I like Halfstep
I like cheese
I like Jeff the Killer
I like Halfstep
I like Creepypasta
I like dubstep
I like techno
I like Halfstep
I like my computer
I like fruit
I like Hollywood undead
I like Halfstepc:
I like avacados
I like my stuffed animals
I like sprite
I like Halfstep
I like Hello Kitty
I like Domo
I like Monster energy drinks
I like Halfstep
I like the color cyan(If you can't tell by my profile)
I like music
I like Felicity (Meh best friend c:)
I like old metal
I like Half step
And that's it ^O^
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HalfStep writes at 11:44:50pm on 2/14/17
samurai7694 writes at 11:40:54pm on 7/6/14
*edit: I made a kik, it's samurai7694 :P
samurai7694 writes at 11:37:50pm on 7/6/14
actually, I have plans to go to Japan, so maybe we can arrange something together and go hello kitting shopping together :P I don't have a kik but I can make one! username would be samurai7694. I do also have a skype (dogwhiskersass) and I text often. and likewise! You seem fun to talk to and it'd be a bummer if we don't talk often
samurai7694 writes at 11:26:51pm on 7/6/14
oh wow! hahaha, I want to say I don't believe you but part of me does believe that. Also, I didn't even know Hello Kitty candy existed!
Gabbangelion writes at 11:26:00pm on 7/6/14
Since you're set at 3+ years. Just needed to acquire 3Billion points. Just pace yourself and play for funsies only. You'd get there in no time
samurai7694 writes at 11:20:53pm on 7/6/14
I have a Hello Kitty shirt and a plushie n_n Also 3 million already? Not bad at all. Set a flexible schedule/goal to get vet as soon as possible!
samurai7694 writes at 11:11:50pm on 7/6/14
You're very welcome! Take this Hello Kitty picture with you to guide you on your long journey to obtain veteran status. You will need it!
samurai7694 writes at 10:56:49pm on 7/6/14
I do have suggestions but they're a bit tough. What I used to gain grandtotal was playing Exciting Hyper Highspeed Star. VS Boss Battle I hear is a good choice as well, which gives you about 1 million points if you get a decent FC it (without mashing) in just 59 seconds. Make me proud and get that vet status asap!!!
samurai7694 writes at 10:45:35pm on 7/6/14
Hi there! Nice to meet you :) The minimum requirements of being a veteran is being a member for 3 years and having 3 billion grandtotal. Alternatively, you can check your progress here:
Wunny123 writes at 5:57:16pm on 1/19/14
Totally xD