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quite clever
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SovÄ›tský svaz; The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was a constitutionally socialist state that existed in Eurasia from 1922 to 1991.
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A Scanner Darkly
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_choof writes at 5:33:45pm on 12/10/22
doing okay I think, how have you been svazenator
mrpreggers writes at 9:45:24am on 2/10/20
mrpreggers writes at 10:17:08pm on 1/15/20
Fishing contest
choof writes at 7:20:00pm on 9/10/19
Josemba writes at 2:03:37pm on 9/9/19
Shadow_God_10 writes at 1:21:15am on 7/25/19
I'm the first person to say this: BRING. BACK. THE DUCK.
kainivy writes at 4:06:02pm on 7/18/19
Thanks your bg is trippy :) Man the avi reminds me of the first time i played the labyrinth zone that part confused me so much XD
kainivy writes at 5:15:14pm on 7/15/19
Thanks for the upvote :)
LOVESTOSPLOOGE452 writes at 8:08:34pm on 7/9/19
I splooged just looking closely at that. gif
LOVESTOSPLOOGE452 writes at 7:12:33pm on 7/9/19
All the time my dude or girl