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Temporarily permanent comment wall ~2021 Remix~
Posted on: December 31, 2013, at 09:06:53am

  1. heya jason, that banner looks so good, i just stopped by to say im on vacation but i will be back soon. I hope KFC is having tons of fun ^_^

  2. Happy New Year Kuu-channnnn! I hope this year will be even better than last year! ^.^=

  3. Sorry I'm not keeping in touch :<
    Nothing going on much really. Still trying to get the house to a selling state and been watching speed runs of games on youtube recently.

  4. Only three comments?

  5. Only four comments?

  6. honk honk

  7. Do you know fluent Japanese?

  8. *boop* ^w^ Hi! *waves*

  9. Sorry I haven't been really active in joining the sessions and in general lately x.x
    I'll definitely be in the next session, but hopefully I'll be caught up by then! I was actually going to attend last week also, but I wasn't quite at where everyone was that week either; I'm also sorry I made you comment on my profile specifically only for me to not attend the session T.T

  10. Oh no, you didn't make me feel bad at all! Don't worry about it xD
    Also, thanks for always keeping me updated! You're the best ^.^=

  11. commenting on your ffr profile random thought comment post

  12. Thank you for the Birthday wish! You and Rin-chan are the best!! >< ♡♡

  13. Dude, you're playing inward hellix? Goddamn... everybody is so smart these days... (P.S already stucked on level 2 lolololol)

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASONNN :DDD APRIL BIRTHDAYS BESUTO ! :') ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  15. I'm super late on this b-but ummmm...
    Happy Birthday Jason, hope you had a nice one and that you're doing well in college!
    My apologies,
    Worst friend ever~

  16. >:3

  17. thank you too :)

  18. セラマッパギ

  19. Gotta support Nature Valley...! And Nichijou...!

  20. No problem. Love the profile.

  21. what

  22. was gonna do Selector Infected WIXOSS but this image looks better than anything wixoss has. Too lazy though. Might do that for MAL June and see if I can win a contest there (or at least place top 5 :/)
    Also thanks dude. Consequently yours is pretty good too~

  23. what

  24. only the cutest

  25. one week frens

  26. I hope I don't trip over a tarp during my trek out of the trap.

  27. Who is your profile picture? Not as kawaii as Kotoura, but almost!

  28. I'm gonna miss anime :'( tell the gang I said hi!!!!!

  29. 394296

  30. I should be on Skype by 10:30 central. Thank you for waiting for me ily so much

  31. aaand another has fallen to the booflag

  32. yooo is this where i can post? :P
    just wanted to say hiiiii

  33. You're welcome for the vote, and thanks for giving me one too!

  34. Thanks for adding me on PAD!

  35. only the best

  36. I'll miss you <3

  37. Please take care Jason and make the best of everything ^^/
    I will miss you and look forward to hearing from you and your new life!

  38. hiiiiiiiiii jaaaaaaaason ^^;

  39. Hai Jason <3

  40. She's from Kancolle ^^. Also hi Jason how are you o/

  41. I've been ok I guess. Not very productive but that will change coming this December possibly.

  42. Actually I'll be starting school to prepare for getting a job.

  43. <3

  44. heyo, can you add me to the osu chat again? forzelos on skype, should be getting a contact request from me in a minute.

  45. Hi Jason :3

  46. Yes I do! I'm almost always on it. I'm in the FFR discord server.

  47. 1 month+1 day hype!

  48. lmfao that face never gets old; how have you been man?

  49. damn that's crazy! having the end in sight must feel pretty good :) what do you plan on studying in university?
    I've been fine; I work and sleep and try to figure out my purpose in life when I'm not doing those two things haha

  50. You know your lazy when you use someone else's profile to keep track of anime events

  51. You're*

  52. You did it!

  53. Kjw Karaoke wwwwwwww

  54. watashi hatsune miku

  55. Top 10! (≧◡≦)

  56. :]

  57. Helloooo :D

  58. watashi hatsune miku

  59. Tuna sashimi is very tasty but what's your take on salmon sashimi?

  60. Good day

  61. the lad