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Somewhat active FFR player Osu - ~65k Quaver - ~10k (actually dead account lmao) Youtube - (ded channel xd) 4/2/2023 edit: Know that any ranks mentioned or activeness is very outdated and I don't feel like updating them
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OT 16 Log (D6)
Posted on: June 30, 2023, at 09:09:31am   [2 comments]
Round 1: Necroxus
(AAA) - Took a fair amount of attempts, but eventually got the AAA after 2 blackflags. Pretty fun file with the main difficulty (for me) coming in bursty streams.

Round 2: parallel skydive
(AAA) - I'm gonna be honest, I really dislike the second half of this file. In my opinion, it's disproportionately hard and felt like hell to grind out. I also don't really agree with this being placed at 83, I think it could be bumped up to upwards of 85-87. That being said, no hate to zeta, and congrats on a first file in ffr!

Edit after AAAing: honestly I have no idea why I was so pissy when I woke up lmao, the file's honestly fine, and really consistent (albeit learny). AAA'd after only 1 bf.

Round 3: Dancecore Moldovenesc
While at first I really disliked the intro and paused with 1.7k rg, I came back to it yesterday, and after playing it with rates and Mirror (thanks tosh for pointing it out, genuinely saved my ass), I did start building consistency, and moreso, an appreciation for the file. Actually really fun to grind through, though again, could be bumped up a difficulty or two due to how aggressive and awkward the 24th bursts are. Solid song too. Probably not going to grind it out more, as I was simply going for a sdg.

Round 4: Swamp Thing v2
(previous pb: 2-0-0-1)
That being said, this is honestly a great file from wiosna/april, albeit very far from the norm from them. Honestly a really fun jack/burst(? not even sure how to classify it at this point lmao) file, and I honestly don't understand the negative takes towards it. Became a lot easier with monochromatic colors (I used all white notes to be specific). Probably not gonna be able to improve this further, but regardless, I had a lot of fun playing this!

Edit on Blackflag.

Round 5: innocent revolver
holyfuckingshit that's my first 90 equiv. ok.
that aside, pretty aggressive bmah jack file. the long jack definitely killed some runs but eh. good file

Round 6: Sinfonia Regalis
(I don't remember what i got in tournament, but my pb is 7-0-5-3)
This is where the tournament gets to hard for me lol
got elimmed this round, so time for piss zombi- I mean lemonade swim meet :D

Round 7: Scualee
I'm seeing a lot of jack intensive files in this tournament right now, and honestly I'm doing pretty well on them, so that's nice. Currently #1 in d6 lemonade!

Round 8: We Own The Night [Oni]
And as I say that, the next file is a speed file lmao. I developed some pretty serious mindblock on the first speed section after the first day, being unable to get through it with even an SDG. However, I put in one attempt (i am not kidding, no restarts) with mirror, and got this score out. Very happy with it, ending up second in d6 lemonade, after XJ-9.

Honestly this tournament was a lot of fun, and I am very happy with how I preformed. Coming into the tournament, my goal was to get top 16, with even that being a stretch. However, due to the constant skill boosting during the tournament, I was able to finish a lot higher than I expected, ending up at 8th! In short, this was a really fun tournament, and I can't wait till next year!

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derby and 4000 gamerings
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at 2:35:42pm on 2/27/24
ice dery ulock
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at 10:18:02am on 2/27/24
Grats on Derby!!
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Congrats on the OWA Raged unlock!
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egg oio nreachhheings divisiion 6676765766666
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Thank you. You'll get there soon.
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at 7:52:00am on 4/14/23
500 hours of Quaver does a lot for a person :)
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