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10th OT:

The results of my run in the 10th OT have been lingering on my profile for quite some time now so I am doing this again for the 13th edition to keep things (somewhat) current.

Placement: D7

Round 1: fallen shepherd ft. ricono - Inferno of Fomalhaut
3 Plays | 3-0-1-0
Impressions: Almost every pattern archetype is covered here; great opener to the tournament.
The cutoff for round 1 tends to be fairly forgiving so I was already set with a clean score free of any major errors.

Round 2: Her Bright Skies - The Glorious (Final Sketch Remix)
17 Plays | 5-0-0-3
Impressions: This chart is fairly fast paced, but the difficulty more or less remains constant so it mainly tests consistency.
I have already played a variation of this chart on Etterna, so I am quite familiar with the song as well as the structure and patterning of the chart; incidentally, I am on the precipice of mindblocking some of the roll transitions after a small number of plays. Luckily, I was able to set an adequate score before the mindblocks set in.

Round 3: Rotteen - HeadXplit
13 Plays | 16-1-1-2
Impressions: Interesting colour gimmicks that spice up an already tricky chart to score on.
This chart was pretty annoying to play because of the minijacks strewn about. Glad the cutoff for this was not too tight.

Round 4: Lime - Chronomia
93 Plays | 4-0-0-1
Impressions: Standard BMScore jumpstream music chart with some spicy 24ths.
First round that started to get me sweating. Consistent lag spikes at key sections of the song prevented me from getting a solid score. I employed the band-aid fix of playing at 72 FPS instead of 144; because stutters can't throw me off if the notes are constantly stuttering!

Round 5: ???
??? Plays | ?-?-?-?

Round 6: ???
??? Plays | ?-?-?-?

Round 7: ???
??? Plays | ?-?-?-?

Round 8: ???
??? Plays | ?-?-?-?
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theres alot of great BMS songs that would make sweet files imo, check out "Triumphal Return [TrueEnd]"... would be gud opportunity to make ur triumphal return owo
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oshiii div 7, can we get fullerene shift 2 now? :3