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Tied The Room TogetherPiano Breakcore25-05-13
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Video Out ELiquid Funk11-12-14
WANDERLUSTHappy Speedcore22-12-14
sniper gazing upon the sunInstrumental21-01-15
AquariumTrance Pop11-02-15
Rearranger Re-EditDrum'n Bass25-02-15
s.s.s.s.Speed Pop18-03-15
A Dichroic Glass SnafuEsoteric IDM17-12-16
AmnehilesieRenaissance Core14-12-19
We Want To RunExtreme Chipcore11-08-20
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gold stinger writes at 12:14:54am on 9/25/20
dam son sick unlock u got there bro u lookin' fine
csoup1414 writes at 9:29:45pm on 9/24/20
Grats on Vertex BETA vrofl!
Andrew WCY writes at 8:12:50pm on 9/24/20
Ayyy, grats on the Vertex BETA vrofl unlock!!
Hakulyte writes at 6:24:34pm on 8/25/20
lmao, welcome to GT Rank 6.
xAlphaWolf writes at 1:22:21am on 4/26/20
mkxc3 writes at 5:45:57am on 2/14/20
Gratz on 41 GT!
Skullbac writes at 6:51:51pm on 7/28/18
4 years ago, you were playing nekodancer and I was asking for an impossible mode on that game. That day, you told me there was a game 1000 times harder than nekodancer: that game was FFR. The first file i played was Heterochromia Iridis. I was like «is this spam?». Today, i sit just below you on the leaderboards. Am coming for you boi :P
Magiante writes at 8:35:21pm on 7/23/18
Wow. Thanks for the info! Yeah I'm not into furries but I do like their artwork (That cubone! <3 )
Magiante writes at 8:55:31pm on 7/19/18
Oh cool! Yeah I love Rocket Raccoon - gets no respect though lol I think this will re-light my inspiration for drawing though. Thanks (even though it was by total accident)
Magiante writes at 9:07:30pm on 7/18/18
!! Did you draw your profile picture??