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About me:
HI IM AIR but u can call me sponge if u want :3 and i like this game too much HELP also ik my name is cringy hehehehe i made it 4 years ago when i was obsessed >.> so i pretty much started out 4 years ago on robeats, but idk, i wanted to see if there was other games like arrow keys and this was literally the perfect game for me. i wish i found it yeaaars ago like when i was 8, i used to like guitar hero and stuff but i always prefered something on keyboard so yahh i love this game and i always want to try and get betterr <3
i kind of forget my interests sometimes o-o i like finding old games to play, like wii and gamecube games, ps2 games yee, i also luv sleeping, cats, drawing, thinking about things, music, cooking, skating?? im just too lazy to do anything... thers a lot but i always forget uhh im watching stranger things s4 rn, i like some sitcoms ig? and all those cartoons like spongebob ofc, south park, my little pony, family guy, steven universe, miraculous ladybug, gumball, yaaaa
Fav Music:
i have a lot eee i listen to rock metal ofc and then i really love the electronic stuff like edm and old 2000s trancey music i love that sm,, anything thts catchy really
Fav Movies:
idk disney movies
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