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In progress: to become ultimate keyboard smasher.
Surfing, smashing keyboard, beach, skateboarding, biking.
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Dubstep, artcore, lolicore.
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Iron Man, Lord of the Rings.
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Posted on: July 8, 2020, at 09:50:51pm   [0 comments]
stop by if you want. :D

13th Official Tournament
Posted on: July 5, 2020, at 11:28:53am   [1 comment]
It's my time now boys (and girls).

Round 1: RENDEZVOUS (1-0-0-0)
This song truly bops and gives me some good vibes, although I'm not a big fan of the chart. At the beginning, it took me literally 4 tries to even know what was going on in the beginning of the map. I was caught so off guard with such a intro lol. But at least I will advance to the next round. After a few times the trills are actually very easy, but the jacks part right before it wasn't my favorite section of this map. I actually had a AAA run but I choked the easy part at the end section and started getting boos I was literally shaking. Fun map and fun song overall though. 9.5/10.

Round 2: Sunset Sky Garden (3-0-0-2)
This song is really good, and this map is sooooo much better than the first 1. The jacks are easy, but AAA is very difficult. This is the best I can do. The map is really fun, and I like the easy parts after the hard parts. It has its own little unique style, I'm totally vibing. This map is really really good, and I would give 10/10. I need to work on skill. Let's see if I get a single AAA on the other rounds, although I do have vacation next week idk if I'm able to continue.

you know what im sorry guys i'm not gonna continue this tourney....

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C1O writes...
at 10:35:22pm on 8/15/21
heloe B)
Rapta writes...
at 2:28:35pm on 2/22/21
Is your profile picture from an anime?
CammyGoesRawr writes...
at 11:06:16pm on 8/3/20
cute avi is cute ^^
Pizza69 writes...
at 3:45:12pm on 7/31/20
congrats on D6!!!
Jaquan writes...
at 3:44:04pm on 7/31/20
d sex
CammyGoesRawr writes...
at 3:17:25pm on 7/31/20
welcome to d6 <3
klimtkiller writes...
at 2:59:26pm on 7/31/20
D6 pog
Psychotik writes...
at 10:20:01pm on 7/8/20
Must of missed you. tbh I don't usually spend much time watching other people's streams.
PetrifiedEX writes...
at 8:23:55pm on 6/24/20
Wow, thanks for noticing yours is cute too =w=
AutotelicBrown writes...
at 8:07:32pm on 6/24/20
Hey hey! Your cute avatar was what caught my attention but in any case it's nice to see you are enjoying the game.
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