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Posted on: May 3, 2013, at 05:41:19pm   [1 comment]
Time to AAA stuff here's some updates. This goes for the public levelranks, tokens excluded. I'll updating this section as I get new AAAs.

FMOs (66-78) AAAs: 19

Fast Asleep (1/22/14)
Determination (9/19/13)
0 (piano version) (9/26/13)
Defection (11/28/13)
Punch You (3/23/15)
Wake Up, Gladiator (4/13/14)
ETERNAL DRAIN [Heavy] (4/19/14)
Heavenly Spores (6/25/14)
Lawn Wake I (6/26/14)
Fried Eggs In My Ear (7/2/14)
Epilogue (8/22/14)
EuroMorric (Clean Edit) (8/22/14)
Toki (11/17/14)
Saffron City (11/24/14)
Black (12/16/14)
Makiba (1/9/15)
Crimson Flood (1/19/15)
Goatstep (1/21/15)
You Goddamn Fish (1/25/15)
Epidermis (2/1/15)
A Crimson Rose and a Gin Tonic (YMCK 8bit Mix) (2/5/15)

Totals updated 8/22/14
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Rapta writes at 2:11:35pm on 6/8/21
Thanks! Gonna have more in soon~
Charu writes at 11:19:25pm on 5/14/21
Aww, thanks!
Rapta writes at 4:39:21pm on 4/17/21
I hope you stay well also!
Rapta writes at 4:04:21pm on 4/17/21
I'm not in pain every day now so my mood has been much better lately. Still can't walk, but progress is being made in regaining my muscles back.
Rapta writes at 2:55:46pm on 4/17/21
Things going well for you?
badman7772 writes at 6:23:00pm on 3/21/21
Godnick writes at 11:45:48pm on 3/15/21
No problem! It's really nice to see you still playing so well!
katanaeyegaming writes at 9:10:34pm on 2/6/21
Yea MP has been weird lately with things where it doesn't show you on the list even though you are in a game or something like that.
I'm working on some portable 3rd and iceborne before rise.
As well as you know the standard keysmash.
We need to play monster hunter sometime man :)
badman7772 writes at 3:39:11pm on 1/27/21
Friend's list top 16 :)
Rivaloo writes at 3:10:33pm on 1/27/21
59k games!