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Posted on: May 3, 2013, at 05:41:19pm   [1 comment]
Time to AAA stuff here's some updates. This goes for the public levelranks, tokens excluded. I'll updating this section as I get new AAAs.

FMOs (66-78) AAAs: 19

Fast Asleep (1/22/14)
Determination (9/19/13)
0 (piano version) (9/26/13)
Defection (11/28/13)
Punch You (3/23/15)
Wake Up, Gladiator (4/13/14)
ETERNAL DRAIN [Heavy] (4/19/14)
Heavenly Spores (6/25/14)
Lawn Wake I (6/26/14)
Fried Eggs In My Ear (7/2/14)
Epilogue (8/22/14)
EuroMorric (Clean Edit) (8/22/14)
Toki (11/17/14)
Saffron City (11/24/14)
Black (12/16/14)
Makiba (1/9/15)
Crimson Flood (1/19/15)
Goatstep (1/21/15)
You Goddamn Fish (1/25/15)
Epidermis (2/1/15)
A Crimson Rose and a Gin Tonic (YMCK 8bit Mix) (2/5/15)

Totals updated 8/22/14
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PrawnSkunk writes at 9:43:01pm on 6/8/22
Congrats on your song. it's fun!!!!!!
Skayles writes at 12:32:32pm on 6/8/22
welcome to orange! hope to see more from you!
Rapta writes at 3:09:44pm on 6/4/22
Welcome to the scene, new step artist!
Rapta writes at 8:02:49am on 12/8/21
Axith is such a lad
Zlyice writes at 1:49:20pm on 11/19/21
Thanks, axith! I'd been putting off the last couple of token unlocks (especially nanairopanda...) and finally got around to them today.
revolutionomega writes at 10:50:42am on 10/16/21
I'm literally right behind you though lol. That would require you passing the people ahead of us first.
revolutionomega writes at 10:27:14am on 10/16/21
Stop grinding ranks I'm trying to pass you in av rank >:[ <3
_Fluttershy_ writes at 2:55:58pm on 7/13/21
Thanks, man. And yeah, good luck to you too.
I don't think I've really touched this game properly since the last official so I doubt that I'll be reaching the latter stages but I'll try ha!!
badman7772 writes at 4:02:16pm on 7/7/21
Yeah considering the cut's gonna be something not as strict. I always liked to get the AAA when I can though just because me + green = #FeelsGoodMan
Let's see if I can make it to Round 3. If I do that I'll consider myself a winner. LOL
badman7772 writes at 3:38:22pm on 7/7/21
Way to break the ice with that AAA in D5! :D