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Posted on: July 2, 2021, at 07:59:04am   [1 comment]
Currently dealing with a wrist injury from playing too much, so hopefully it heals in time so I can play in this.

7/5/2021: prospects not looking good :(

Exam Cram (Oni): i pressed a note and missed one
7/13/21: i pressed two notes and didnt miss any !

Somehow I got eliminated in Round 1. I'm not quite sure how this happened as I more than doubled the score of my pb. I guess the competition this year was just too much for me to handle.

Real talk tho my wrist has seen better days I want it to get better soon plz thanks

Update 7/21/2021: Mostly all better now, not 100% but I'm getting there
Posted on: May 20, 2021, at 10:30:14pm   [0 comments]
Youtube killed my channel so I'm reuploading things that I have



Other Stuff:
Posted on: June 28, 2020, at 07:05:39am   [1 comment]
Nevermind I placed D8! Time to go all out I guess lmao

Round 1: G e n g a o z o (2-0-1-0) - Extremely boring file, don't wanna improve this unless I have to.

Bonus R1: Inferno of Fomalhaut (AAA : 1.1x BF) - The current best file on FFR. This file is insanely fun to play, and might honestly be my favorite file of all time!

Round 2: Brrrreeed Cicadididi (2-0-0-1) - File feels very off, a lot of polys are unnecessary and just make no sense other than to be there for difficulty. Improvable score but not motivated to try.

Round 3: J-CORE SLi//CER Technique (9-0-0-0) - Oh wait nevermind the game decided to bullshit me. Context: (10-0-1-0) Honestly not enjoying any of the files we've been getting so far. Doesn't help that I would currently rather play other games which just makes me unused to FFR's engine. As it stands I might just drop out here since I am not gaining any enjoyment from playing in the tournament so far.

Round 4 ELIMINATED: I'm A Fucking Idiot (Not even gonna bother) - This file is legitimately awful lmao, thank god I don't have to grind this


Round 4: Chronomia (AAA) - Guess I'll be competing against D7 in the new event now. This file is pretty tame for a DarkZtar file, at the cost of being rather boring to play, but at least the music is good. Fairly easy to AAA and got it in my first few tries.

Round 5: Vantablack (4-0-1-2) - My sightread, didn't give this file too many attempts but it was actually a fairly fun one to play.

Forgot to submit anything for Round 6 oops

Personally I enjoyed the previous tourney I participated in much more, the files D8 gets just aren't fun to attempt the majority of the time.
Posted on: August 30, 2019, at 01:17:27pm   [0 comments]
My first ever official tournament! Going in as a D7 player I had a lot of fears about being eliminated early, but with the creation of D8, I'm feeling a lot more confident about my chances of nabbing first >:D.

Round 1: Super Soaker (BF) - This file goes extremely well with my skillset so setting a good score on this wasn't too hard. Ended up creating a mindblock in the beginning so I never got the chance to AAA it. As for the file itself, it's meh. Nothing too interesting about it stood out to me.

Round 2: October (Dark Autumn Remix) (BF) - Much easier than the previous round, only took 3 unwarmed tries to blackflag. Didn't go for the AAA cause I was busy at the time. This file was pretty cool and felt very nice to play.

Round 3: LOSHAXI (BF) - Blackflag curse on every tournament file so far. I have troubles with the beginning of this file since it's very jacky and bursty, but can play the end perfectly fine. Ironic that my BF run comes from me AAA'ing the first half and then choking on the final stream which I had always AAA'd up to that point :(. Also my favorite tournament file so far, very fun to play.

Round 4: Verse IV (3-0-0-1) - Probably not going to improve this score. This has got to be one of the worst files I've ever played.

Round 5: to luv me i *** for you (2-0-0-0) - This round is going to be intense. I know for a fact I can AAA this (and might have to to stay alive) but I've already started to create mindblocks near the end of the song. The file is really fun though, and is my current favorite of the tournament.

Round 6: High-Priestess (6-0-2-4) - I'll only improve this score if I have to (probably will). This file sucks almost as much as Verse IV.

Round 7: The Little Devil’s Heart Pounding Amusement Park - Love this file, one of my favorites of all time. Current score isn't great, definitely improvable.

Unfortunately got sick during the middle of the round and had to call it :(. Eliminated in 5th place isn't bad and I had fun for what it was worth. Still disappointed that I couldn't give it my all on this round but it is what it is.
Posted on: March 31, 2018, at 11:39:17am   [2 comments]

achieved 6/30/2020

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my internet was out all day yesterday I'm sorry :c idk if you'll see this but if we can still get it together I can do sometime before 6 today, if not then thu/fri would have to wait until 7 or sunday until at least 3
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good job on d8 now get d9
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Good Job on D8 nerd