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wee woo
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Posted on: June 29, 2020, at 11:55:02am   [4 comments]
It's been a loong time since I've done one of these but.. with what's potentially my last OT for a while, I figured why not do a blog on it for old time's sake? As always, the goal is to get top 8. With the introduction of the 8th division and the players inside, this is easily gonna be a much bigger challenge to achieve than previous OTs, but it's definitely worth a try.

So, without further ado...

Bracket: Godly (Division 8)

Round 1 - G e n g a o z o (2-0-0-0)
The preview made this look way harder than it actually is haha. Attempted the first half cold and it was fairly easy; the only thing that causes a problem are the trills in between the 32nd streams, but otherwise this should be an easy AAA when I wake up and get a bit warmer (currently almost 6am as I type this).
Edit #1: Gave it several attempts before work and managed to squeeze out a 2g run that could've easily been the AAA. Tried it some more afterwards with no luck, but this should keep me safe while I take a quick break for a few days (I've been playing waay too much this past week lol).
Edit #2: Well I stand completely corrected about an "easy AAA". The stream-trill transitions have killed every single one of my runs (which is probably well over 100 by now); the furthest I've gotten with a AAA is about halfway through the final stream (around 2500 notes in?). Might just wait until I'm actually in danger instead of trying to grind.

Round 2 - Brrrreeed Cicadididi (AAA)
Thank god I wasn't forced to AAA R1... taking a quick look at this file right before work, it looks like it's right up my alley. Excited to try it out!
Edit #1: Yep, like I thought it was fairly easy for me to AAA. Took me about 3 attempts... the main difficulty comes from controlling the bursts which is made even more difficult because of OT nerves but I powered through it using the advanced breathing technique Hamon. Onwards to Round 3! (P.S. there'll probably be a lot of AAAs this round by D8...)

Round 3 - J-CORE SLi//CER Technique (1-0-0-0)
Sooo this file is actually fairly easy, I've only played it a few times and got really close to the AAA but I'm gonna leave it with this placeholder in hopes that it's enough to keep me safe. Why? Because the patterns are VERY mindblockable, so if it comes down to it I'd like to keep my strength for later instead of grinding and risking gimping myself. It's very likely I'll be forced to grind for a AAA later because of the caliber of players left in the division (I was wrong about last round having a lot of AAAs but the cutoff went to 2-0-0-1 in the final hour) and how pretty much everyone dials up their scores to 10 in the last day, so that'll be exciting!
Edit #1: Couldn't resist giving it another shot today and just about managed a blackflag! The good I got was super borderline but I'm not too fussed about it since I was about a milisecond away from a good rush in the ending hahaha. I feel pretty safe with this so now it's up to the rest of the competitors as to whether I go for the AAA....

Round 4 - I'm A Fucking Idiot (1-0-2-1)
Now this is quite the step up from last round... this file requires an insane amount of control with bursts, minijacks and one-handed trills to get through. There's also a segment about halfway through the file that repeats a jumptrill -> OHT -> minijack combo that goes on for a good 30 seconds or so (idrk but it feels long as shit). Control is one of my strong suites.. so I ended up getting an absolutely insane 1g run but messed it up at the end due to nerves. Now I'm just gonna hope this keeps me safe for a while so I don't have to touch this again and risk mindblocking.
Edit #1: Yeah.. honestly havent been super enthusatic about playing this file (and FFR in general) but if this score is enough I'm only a round away from top 8, so lets goo!

Round 5 - Track title (25-1-4-5)
Wellll.... I don't know what to even say about this file. There are a LOT of sections that trip me up; very fast split jumptrilling, framers, an extremely dense jumpstream section in the middle and VERY fast bursts littered throughout. Oh, did I forget something? Oh right, I haven't even mentioned the "NERFED"??? (WHY KLIMT) fucking ending! Silly me. I expect this to be 107 at least... a pretty big jump from last round (which I like tbh, fitting for top 8 battle). Anyways, yet again I might get eliminated right before R6 but I hope I can at least go down at my best.
Edit #1: New PB that shaves off a few misses. Doesn't sound like much but this keeps me afloat against the 2 people I'm mainly competing against for an 8th spot: Zoobin4 and beary605. Let's see what happens next...
Edit #2: Zoobin clapped back... gonna grind again tomorrow, fingers crossed
Edit #3: Put a solid 4ish hours of grind across the last few days... absolutely no luck since I've ended up becoming mindblocked (and it also feels like there's a physical barrier). Looks like I'm out this time around.

9th place
Just like the 11th OT in D6, so close yet so far. I'm a little disappointed I was eliminated right before top 8 again... but I'm glad this time I wwas able to give it my best, and placed higher than I did last time in D8. On top of that this seems like the perfect week to close things off on here so I can get used to osu! again for the MWC. I won't be doing a ghost log this time around, so if you actually read this far I hope you enjoyed and stick around for whenever I do my next tourney. Thanks for reading! (also thanks to everyone who believed in me :D)
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Posted on: July 5, 2016, at 12:47:51pm   [4 comments]
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Dude congrats on being the first person to AAA Parousia-LAST JUDGEMENT-!!
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odd 22 AAA...
That's crazy
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looking forward to see the competition this year xD
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jeez dude grats on D8 :o
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d8 u 2 stronk
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hey wanna go on a d8 m8
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dammnnn congratz on D8!!!
justin_ator writes at 2:37:12pm on 9/1/19
I used to have an older Dell keyboard, recently decided to make the switch to a good mechanical. My primary keyboard is a Corsair K95 Plat with Cherry MX Brown switches, but I was hoping to get a more portable, compact keyboard to play FFR on regularly so I don't wear out the K95. I don't have the issue with the K95, but I have it plugged into USB 3.0 ports on my PC whereas the Magicforce was plugged into one of my monitor ports.