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yep, a new block for the newbs
Posted on: April 23, 2008, at 10:34:15pm

Likely all of you have seen the new block on the front page. Good thing is, if you hate it, it can go away with a simple click.

We needed a way of telling new users what FFR is and helping dress things up a bit. Bemaniruler and Mald0n did us good ;)

What are your thoughts?

  1. I like it. It is tasteful.

  2. I love it, it's awesome.
    Way to go Jason ;]]]

  3. Woot, nice to see newbs gettin stuff

  4. I quite like it. Nicely done.

  5. That's really neat. It looks sexy :P Good job :)

  6. Amazing. Keep it coming! =)

  7. Amazing. Keep it coming! =)

  8. fuckin awesome.

  9. i liek much.
    top 10 for the second time :D

  10. i dont know where i would be without it ;~;

  11. very cool

  12. It's an excellent idea. :)

  13. Oh I like it. :D

  14. It's a good addition to FFR, since the people new to FFR will have the least idea to what FFR is all about. This way, they will understand the site more, and hopefully will actively interact with the site, the game and the community.

  15. That's actually a good idea--very helpful to those people who are noobs to FFR (like I was a bit over a year ago)

  16. Quite nifty.

  17. its the best block ive ever seen and ive seen toy story. it taught me so much about ffr thanks guys

  18. I can't tell if some of these comments are sarcastic or not...

  19. How about put more stuff in it? Like directions to certain pages. :D

  20. Yet another visually stunning piece of work here. Nice work! You could add the other FFR games to the game link.

  21. MaIDON, they're not sarcastic. This block is good.

  22. I really like it. It fits the new layout really well, its clean and simple, but isn't striving to look like other sites. Nice, guys. :D

  23. very nice

  24. Very informitive, I think it gives visitors and new users a great impression on what FFR is all about. Its serving its purpose well.

  25. this is pretty much needed - FFR is going down a long road of expansion and it's broadening its horizons. Maldon has pretty much helped FFR make the next big step.
    gg etc

  26. I agree with myself

  27. It seriously is good, and it has a show button after you click close, which is a nice feature. I'm serious about that too because this news thing doesn't have a show button after clicking hide unless it just recently got added.

  28. I agree with what SnS said up top. Other than just the FFR linking to the game, you should try and fit a few other links in there. Maybe a link to the forums? Maybe a link to the Create an Account page?

  29. I agree with Tophius. I think it's an excellent idea to have a link to the Create an Account page in there.

  30. Haha. It should incorporate something that could be more artist friendly, for future artist invitations.

  31. its so cute! i wish i were a newb to the site so i could need it. =D

  32. Neat

  33. I loved it! lol Makes the website look more stylish and pro.

  34. Very nice. I wish I had it when I was starting out.

  35. nice, looks great!

  36. i like it. Its simple and straight to the point. Now hopefully that will stop all the "how do i play ffr" threads =]
    nice jobs guys!

  37. i love it! its short sweet, and to the point. there is ONE thing that i noticed and that is that u put on there that we have ALMOST 1.5 million ppl! i think that wen we DO have 1.5 million ppl, we should CELEBRATE! (w00t)

  38. It is cool but it seems just a little bulky to me. Maybe if it was in place of the radio.

  39. i think it should be like

  40. Good thing is, if you hate it, it can go away with a simple click.
    Can u put it back ??

  41. it looks great, and it's kinda funny!

  42. Oh, and Slayer, yes, you can...

  43. I like it and think its a good idea. When I first came here I was totally lost on where to go or what to do, this is going to help all the noobs coming.

  44. really cool

  45. I love how you guys find ways to really get people interested. That new block sure looks neat!

  46. i think its a really good idea. all thats left is for yall to make training levels

  47. Meh....

  48. N00B0X, sounds like a boss of some sort.

  49. I agree that this was definitely needed. I was starting to get PMs and questions in profile chat along the lines of "What's FFR?"

  50. cool, it's welcoming.

  51. Nice. I looked at it and i was like nice. now if i refer anybody here they wont ask me what it is or dismiss this site as stupid right off the bat.

  52. Vert nice addition for new players. And wow this site looks amazing now!!

  53. I mean very lol typo.

  54. hmm only problem is that the close button is underneath the "block" thing that comes up with adblock running. makes it impossible to close without turning off adblock, which is kinda annoying.

  55. I enjoy it. That will definitely help new people get used to the site

  56. It is definitely a useful addition. I like it.

  57. Like it. Tells the newcomers exactly what ffr is all about w/o any hassle.

  58. Good job! I'm delighted to see more integration with flash/animation, etc. It'd be great if more of this were on site (in sight). Reason why is that it looks so futuristic and not bland.. I'm not really sure if that's a good description for it, but it looks really 1337.

  59. doing what we can! :) Likely more to come still.

  60. Oh, and one more thing, Maybe this flash object should only appear towards the non-registered users. It only makes sense since we're already registered. lol.

  61. AWESOME!

  62. Wow, that's really nice!

  63. P.S. This should be embeddable.

  64. Its straight to the point for the noobs. And I really like it.
    Ser gut.
    Plus it can go away.
    I love you.

  65. I like it! XD

  66. Embeddable.. hmm.. You might be on to something there.

  67. If it werent for this block, I would have never known FFR's middle name.
    I like.

  68. I like it very much. I know I was very confused when I first came to FFR.

  69. ♥ it! I also luvs ♥ piggies =) but yeah I love it its nice jason!

  70. Love the Introduction bar. Very sleek, and right to the point

  71. I like it all except for the "oh my goodness!" line, that's kind of cheesy....

  72. I like it all except for the "oh my goodness!" line, that's kind of cheesy....