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im your grandpa!!!
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im 27, male. and yeah....
games in general
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rock, techno, metal.
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Emperors New Groove, The Breakfast Club, Cruel Intentions, theres really too many.
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Posted on: August 2, 2012, at 11:11:30pm   [1 comment]
Yay me. What the F is This is the lucky victim here. Didnt want the song to be too easy of a score. half way there now. woot
Posted on: May 19, 2012, at 06:23:37pm   [0 comments]
Finally unlocked my 100th skill token today. Some easy, some hard, and depressingly, had someone help with a couple. Oh well, karma will haunt me more for it.
Posted on: October 31, 2011, at 04:24:29pm   [1 comment]
I can't believe I actually won this year. It makes me so happy that I was able to participate in it this year. So many unique photos that Noone else got also. Yall should look up the thread and check em out
Posted on: April 25, 2011, at 12:11:27am   [0 comments]
horray! i finally won the credit jackpot. I was very close too. total arrows were 12,060,100 and i guessed 12,058,987. that was only a difference of 1,113. GO ME!!!

i won again. thats 2 thus far
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MixMasterLar writes at 10:44:54pm on 2/8/17
Don't feel bad I didn't get to make it lol. Actually borrowed a car that was suppose to be in good shape and ..... it wasn't.
Jury's out on if I'll be at Pensacon because of my work schedule, but if I'll be sure to wear the infamous "MixMasterLar" Tshirt. Holla at me.
MixMasterLar writes at 2:18:08pm on 2/8/17
I'm hitting up Dave and Busters tonight! Short notice I know but looks like it can work so it shall
MixMasterLar writes at 6:07:23pm on 11/7/16
Oh I can do that, *and* rip the air!
MixMasterLar writes at 9:44:49pm on 11/6/16
MixMasterLar writes at 5:15:35pm on 11/6/16
Gotta have that 4th Mix Plus, bro XD
MixMasterLar writes at 2:38:30am on 11/6/16
Man that's evil of them lol. DDR is so rare these days I guess I could learn to live with that. Honestly I need to just invest in my own machine though at this point I think it'll be worth it if I found a cheap one. Been playing 11 years and actually have no intention on stopping
MixMasterLar writes at 1:29:44am on 11/6/16
Oh yeah, I followed that story about Leon's machine on FB. I hate that it happened to him he's really just too nice a guy to have that much shit thrown at him, but eh. At least he seems at peace with it now.
I was kind of aware there was an Extreme somewhere around there but word was it wasn't that great. It looked like that PiU was basically PC's jam. Then again, that could be the perspective of the people I talk to lol. I don't really get a chance to go out that way myself.
MixMasterLar writes at 6:44:26pm on 11/5/16
Yeah that'll be the hottness if they did. I do love Pump, and it was nice playing on one again that actually worked.
In Pensacola we basically don't have dance games anymore. Oops Alley in Pace has a really shitty SN2 and I think Sam's Fun City still has the world's shittiest Prex3 but that's as far as that goes.
MixMasterLar writes at 4:48:39am on 11/5/16
Shout Outs to the crew in Panama City, the fact that they have a Dave and Busters, and the fact that the PiU in said Dave and Busters actually works really well.
justin_ator writes at 5:12:08pm on 10/16/14
I'm just messing with you. How's it going