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EAG plays Almost There - FFR
Posted on: April 3, 2009, at 10:06:42pm

This score now sucks in 2020.

  1. o:
    I forget that I am drooling after having my jaw dropped for so long

  2. I sat here the whole time with my eyes open wide and nearly twitching.

  3. that was really good

  4. _o/

  5. This should be in those M-Azing commercials. Then you see the candy wrapper opening by itself and you eat that candy with pride! :D

  6. god damn man you're awesome at this game!

  7. epic win bro. nice vid



  10. dude you're fucking insane. XD
    what were u saying at then end? sounded kinda foreign-ish O.O

  11. Sac-Town lmao

  12. Did......insane.......

  13. odi
    nuff said.

  14. YEAA

  15. YEAAA

  16. YEAAA

  17. YEAAA

  18. YEAAA

  19. YEAAA

  20. YEAAA

  21. hello GOD nice to meet you plaese forgive my sins! YOU are 1337! you roXzoR! @ this Game :P

  22. How'd you get the window so big?????

  23. LOl "ahh, I got a good"
    It just sounds so - IDK, but just the way you say it so casually on such a hard song xD
    You are an awesome guru.
    Peace =)

  24. He said, "Lol, ahh, would have been 5 goods"

  25. chaaaa whatever I could do that too ya know just not in this reality :)

  26. Whaaaaaaaaattttt.
    Clean SDG on this song = 0_0
    How did I fucking miss this video.

  27. dude my jaw is still open.....i'm sitting her wiht my mouth a gape drooling as you massivly own this song...

  28. so fake. weres the combo?

  29. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA disturbed just made my life.
    game over.

  30. wow disturbed is a noob and this is amazing

  31. lol "where's the combo?" XD Disturbed Fails
    Btw that was ridiculous PA at :45 - 1:00

  32. Disturbed = Fail
    Anyway Nice EA.

  33. you sounded depressed when you got the last good towards the end :[

  34. how do you get 0 boos on this song...

  35. sounds like ur playing the drums really fast :p

  36. Man, I wish I could do stuff like this...

  37. that was insane

  38. pff this sucks someone already has 1 good 1 boo on this

  39. LOL awein xD

  40. Umm, wow.........

  41. You fucking kick ass. :D

  42. gaw dayummmmmmmmmmm....

  43. how do you get it to play full screen?

  44. O.o i peed a little. . .

  45. I hate me o.o

  46. I feel like I cant even pass power now.

  47. Ahh, I remember when I first found you and I saw this video. It was painful to watch since I played one-handed and couldn't FC 3's.. good times..

  48. you know it's good when it sounds easy :P

  49. Took me forever to fc this one. Nice job.

  50. 4 years later and I still can't FC it as effortlessly lol..

  51. and I've now tied this
    go for the AAA, then you can peacefully retire :>