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Well Hello there, The names Dan. I'm Currently top player here in the UK and 2nd in Europe, which means I'm pretty good at this game. I've been a member for 5 years now, but only really been active for about half that time. If you want to anything about me, just ask :)
Playing ffr, obviously :P Well I also enjoy listening to music ALOT (helps when you play ffr h0h0) and Im also play quite a bit on my xbox (my gamertag is MoDz CrAzEeZ, see my random thought for more info) My favorite games include the COD series (lol), Tekken, Forza, Halo and of course Crash bandicoot (although too bad most of his modern games suck balls)
Fav Music:
I like most things, but I like lots of music from the 80's (most of the electronic stuff is still good today) as well as some ffr artists such as Blitz Lunar (Chiptunegasms everywhere) and I like lots of video game music, especially most of the music from the professor Layton games.
Fav Movies:
To be honest, I don't watch that many movies, but I do have a few favorites such as Johnny English (original and Reborn, just a great pair of movies) Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva (because it has a great art style and plot) and Star Trek (The 2009 one or whenever it was) I don't really have a favourite movie.
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Posted on: August 12, 2012, at 01:55:25pm   [0 comments]
This is where it gets Serious.

ROUND 6: The Gr8 8
Rock Rock Rock(t+pazolite remix)10-0-0-2

This really isn't too bad for a 84, bar the ending (c'est tres derp) The minijacks are cool and theres more JUMPSTREAM to enjoy/hate. Plus every single roll in the file is jumptrillable, so that's a bonus. Best run PA wise has been 4-0-1-1 (missed cuz bad)

THE OTHER FILES: AAA'd unless otherwise
Need you. Just felt a bit boring to me. Sure it was stepped fine but imo its too easy for d1. 5 people should people to do pretty decently on this song, if not all 8.

NEED YOU: Too easy for this late on. Chart is fine. Not much else to say.

WHO GIVE A ****: Someone, but that person is not me. Anyway chart's alright, can't really comment but it felt alright

CQ BOSS: Pretty cool, felt alot like nebula (also by rushjet1) and since I love that file, im gonna have to be obliged to say I love this file as well.

SPACEMAN: Diff is too high, aside from the first 400 or so notes the file is ez, was not expecting a heavily layered ending mind. Cool file.

EXTRATONE PIRATES (some guy's remix) didnt pass (lol, boo'd out) Funfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfun. Ending is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too difficult for me so I had to boo out. Definitely one of those files whether you'll do well on it or you won't. Ill play through the file again once i can do the ending.

ROUND 7: Final 5
UNTITLED3: This file IS doable for me, but until i get warmed up, im going nowhere with it. There are some pretty awkward parts to it that im gonna try and figure out.


Due to lots of things occurring in real life, i couldnt continue with the 7th round of the tournament. However, I am more than happy with the place i've come, and its been a good challenge against some good players.

As for who I want to win d5? My money's on Raged.

Bob bob's 7th Official Journal of sorts
Posted on: July 9, 2012, at 12:15:30pm   [2 comments]
AAA some files
Fc some Files
Pass some files
Ensure galaxy9 is a tourney song(doubtful)
Place top 8
Get wisest were wrong (at least)
AAA a 76+ (its doable) ACHIEVED? (if since 1983 stays 76)
Maintain my level of swag (tis quite hard)
Get 1000 Public aaa's by tourneys end (Its Definitely achievable, ill have to clean some files outta my level ranks) (Now achievable!)

That is all.
Also whats with all these people copying the journey logs? I STARTED THIS FOOLS!!!!!!!! (jk, but I did do one for both the 5th and 6th official) Also This log is gonna be a bit more rough around the edges so to speak.

ROUND 1: The Beginning
Euromorroc (Clean Edit): AAA
Midsection is bleh, rest of the file is pretty cool mind. Reminds me alot of ambient angels from last year. (reincarnated js!) If you can't aaa this your probably not gonna place top 16 (harsh reality)

VIDEO: Hey I re aaa'd

REST OF THE CHARTS: AAA'D all accept spoils (4-0-0-0, not playing it again)
Spoils has some really lololol parts to it, although because im ~too good~ im dumped my goods on the easy parts. Its a decent chart overall, just not my thing Addict isn't even that bad so I don't know what d4 are complaining about (not that hard either, there are definitely harder 60's) Can't really comment on the easier files but they seemed fine when I played them. Although I didnt see than many aaa's for the d2 files, I guess they cant do the coloured parts (well its mostly 12ths but you get the idea) Didn't really seem there was many complaints for the lower files so gj

TOURNEY TALK: Problems with flash
If i had £5 for everyone who's flash player had problems during this round, i'd have about £100+. If you guys are using vista well there's your problem already, I dunno about windows 7 and XP is the greatest windows software ever so you've probably broken it yourself. (h0h0) problems seem to lie with flash 9 and 11 (, I wont make a joke) I guess the amount of people trying to play the files clogged it up, but as per usual people play the file first day, leave it 5 days, play it last day. it always happens. Same shit, different year (not that im complaining, I did this a fair amount last year, also this statement is making me sound like a huge fucking hypocrite lol) Also if your not using a standalone your an idiot, been using a standalone for past 2 years and its far better than playing in a clunky browser

tl;dr fix your flash problems, you've got a whole week to play your file lol, there's no rush

ROUND 2: The first Challenge
In fairness this chart is actually pretty decent. Trill wasnt that bad and was a good fun challenge. 32nd jumpstream part was probably the hardest part, jacks were fairly easy for me. Props for a good file this round bmah :)

VIDEO: Will make tomorrow

THE REST: I aaa'd them ALL. Didn't think i'd be saying that during this tourney.
Another good thing about this round is that most of the files were fun, bar gun sounds, I just didn't like it EN :(
D6 file was cool, although ill talk more about that below.
Also d2 is getting some hard files right of the bat, could this be an inside scoop that ffr hates D2? ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

TOURNEY TALK: The difficulty of since 1983/effect on D6
As I mentioned earlier, I aaa'd Since 1983 (sightread w00t) but when I checked the difficulty (which was 76) I was both happy and puzzled. GURU AAA HURRRRR I first thought, but then I thought, is this file really that bad? Most of d6 seemed to have less trouble with it than spoils (but then I guess one handed patterns are to lots of peoples weakness, plus it was longer) This will probably be lowered in difficulty (to something in the low 70's) and will cause a d6 AAA or die round (although this happens more often in d6, its still not a common occurrence)

tl;dr If I aaa'd sightread, its probably too high. Also d6= aaa or die

ROUND 3: Trolololo
D5: Press Start (1-0-0-0)
framersframersframersframersframersframersframersframersframersframersframers I didn't even notice them lol
rolls aren't that bad, lets be honest, you can jumptrill them pretty easily, plus you can just hit them early/late like I did, works very well. Rest of the file is pretty cool. Also WHY DID YOU HAVE TO FIX THE FRAMERS DOSSAR THATS NO FUN >:(
long roll annoys me, ill see if i can aaa, it IS doable, just i have derp tendancies
REST OF THE SONGS: AAA'd up to d4 and teens on D6
Shotgun surgery just dragged for me, theres nothing wrong with it technically but it just drags. Plus intro trills, lol. The Replicator is surprisingly tough, one part in paticular is REALLY GAY to hit, but i fixed that now thanks to mirror. Lower division files were pretty cool, although unless im mistaken calling mars is by tracemission, not kyrn (unless they're the same person, in that case w/e)

TOURNEY TALK: Im going away
Yeah only gonna have one day to get used the round 4 chart, the pressure's on (thats why im pretty keen to aaa press start, to make sure I definitely go through to round 3. As for what ill be doing while im away ill be playing some ddrz in the arcades nearby where im staying and ill see if my phone will allow me to come on ffr (probably not because its a blackberry)
I leave saturday, and return Next friday. (yeah short holiday, w/e)

ROUND 4: Clutchin it
D5: Aletheia- 2-0-0-0
YESYESYESYESYESYESYES I needed that, got my skill back (for the most part) and it looks like im gonna scrape through to the next round. Chart is pretty tough, especially the first third.
AAA- D1-D3, Booflag on D4 and Teens on D6
Sleepmix is a really good chart, bar the jumpgluts (blehblehbleh) Good fun. D4's chart felt easier to me than the replicator, so maybe those two should have been the other way around. I quite liked D2's chart as well, its good to see some easier breaks for newer players.

TOURNEY TALK: An Arcade rant
While I was away on my holiday, I went to many arcades in the area. Whether it was some DDR or some Time crisis, most of the time I had fun. However, one of the main problems was with games with guns. Mostly games such as HOTD (any of them, though mainly 1,2 and 4) Time Crisis and other shooter games. Many of the guns are A: broken or B: poorly aligned. This is annoying for people who want to set highscores (such as myself) as I can't do so due to poorly aligned guns. I know this is fixable and I don't understand why Arcade owners/workers don't do so.

D5: Love and Jumpstream I mean Justice (4-0-0-0)
This isn't that bad for me, its just the ending and the ending of the jumpglut are bleh. Otherwise the charts is fun, and isn't a chore to play unlike aletheia.

Looks like I improved a bit, hopefully this should be good enough, im 2 good and developed mindblocks lol

THE REST: AAA'd all bar d6, I haven't even played it the whole ray through yet
D1 is ponies, w/e. D2 was alright, not amazing but not awful just alright. D3 was a surprising challenge, pretty fun too. D4 is way to easy for something this late on in the tournament, Im surprised its not AAA or die, the file is definitely not a 71, its more like a 68.
Tourney Talk: the vROFL round
Last year, I came 9th thanks to higan tour, losing out by only a good or so. I have to ensure this year it does not happen again. Luckily I feel that I have more skill than back then, plus the song is js (although unlike last year, someone's aaa'd it already, unlike higan tour which iirc was not aaa'd by anyone last year) Hopefully I can finally obtain it this year.

The curse of combo scoring
Posted on: July 4, 2012, at 08:01:57am   [0 comments]
why does it exist

The earth blew up
Posted on: June 19, 2012, at 11:07:53am   [0 comments]
100000 Credits says this gets voted worst file of the year

Cos its ~2 Go0d~

7th official
Posted on: May 28, 2012, at 02:55:24am   [7 comments]

After the pain of last year, coming 9th, one spot off vROFL,Its time this i think to make my stand, Im going to have to get back to my original skill and really push myself further then I have ever before.

Also quest for vROFL videos will return, now called Bob bob's revenge !_!

I made the first video, ill upload it later guyz

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