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I did my thesis in art school on rave culture. I am a model and retreating to the internet once again
anime, modeling, kawaii, itg, ddr,
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Happy hardcore, UK hardcore, gabber
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Fluffball Returns
Posted on: October 22, 2015, at 04:17:57pm   [3 comments]
FOUR YEARS LATER.. fermble returns!
I graduated art school and have a Bachelors degree. I still live with my parents. This profile is a treasured nugget of my adolesence that I can't get rid of. I started playing DDR/ITG again and have only managed to get as far as a few 13s on ITG. I haven't taken rhythm games seriously because my classwork was so dedicated.
I started watching anime again (it's been six years lol) and I'm quite enjoying myself

Posted on: July 15, 2011, at 02:35:32am   [1 comment]
brb guys going to Wisconsin! woo hooooo
never been to the midwest!!! Only been from Oregon, to California Washington Utah Colorado Nevada Idaho... but the MIDWEST SOUNDS SO EXCITING I'm going to appreciate all the cheese

I guess I'm going to start playing again
Posted on: June 8, 2011, at 01:11:33pm   [2 comments]
My boyfriend started playing FFR and can pass 10s now. Man! Soon enough he'll be catching up with me so I'd better get cracking on my AAAs again.

Life has been good and I hate preservatives in food

Posted on: October 25, 2010, at 09:48:59pm   [5 comments]
I used to be like a pro on stepmania, reading my arrows on Robot (ITG arrow skin) c900 and Distant. Now I can't even muster c850. Whyy meeeee
unless I get into SM again there's no way I can up my scores on FFR >:/

Vids to do.
Posted on: August 26, 2009, at 02:12:06pm   [11 comments]
I smelled a vid or bs getting thrown at me soon.
Here's a list of songs on ffr/sm/itg that I'm going to do on vid.

#1- K8107
#2- Jeanie and Caroline
#4- Document 13b
#5- October
#6- Reality
#7- Yorukumoryuu Yamikaze
#8- Blooddrunk
#9- Eradication

#1- Yamato Nadeshiko 95%+ run
#2- B.B. Revenge FC
#3- Please Listen With X-Rate Videos Mix FC
#4-Azul FC on heavy.

#1- Max Unlimited- AA (can AA this easily)
#2- PSMO- AA
#3- BLOODRUSH- pass (I can almost pass this now)
#4- Destiny- pass (can pass this, albeit badly)
#5- Epileptic Crisis- pass on 13

Comment wall
Jtehanonymous writes...
at 12:23:33pm on 10/23/15
Welcome back to the real Internet :) I recently came back to FFR too a little less than a year ago.
You still have Yoshi?! :))) yay
We'll need to catch up sometime!
Jtehanonymous writes...
at 7:44:11pm on 10/22/15
supppppppppppppppp!!!! :D
Hakulyte writes...
at 5:06:13pm on 7/15/11
Wait- you're back!! O:
Sidek writes...
at 9:30:01pm on 7/14/11
thanx 4 the vote you have a nice profile lol :)
vro writes...
at 6:53:11pm on 7/11/11
I love your banner haha
Jtehanonymous writes...
at 10:25:29pm on 7/10/11
Bluearrowll writes...
at 11:18:01am on 7/10/11
Well look who's alive :P
leonid writes...
at 2:30:50am on 7/10/11
DJ_Swabber writes...
at 1:49:23pm on 6/26/11
i miss yew, girly! do yew has same phone numba??
Ukrainian4Life writes...
at 1:06:57am on 6/20/11
How are you so good? O______O
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