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owning ffr since 08
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I no longer play, but I get on from time to time.
Writing, video games, and theology/biblical studies.
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Kings kaleidoscope, Dance Gavin Dance
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the rear window, vertigo, don't tell mom the babysitters dead, Adventures in Babysitting, Un Coeure en Hiver, the Truman Show, Howl's Moving Castle.
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Posted on: March 2, 2021, at 11:20:10am   [3 comments]
I've jumped back on, but not for the sake of the game. Playing it competitively, in my honest opinion, seems impossible for me now.

So, aside from that, if anyone wants to start a conversation on here with me, that would be nice. As a side note, if you enjoy theological and Philosophical discussions, then you're in luck. I enjoy that area of thought and may have some interesting replies to your conversation topics and or questions.
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xXOpkillerXx writes at 10:24:24am on 1/22/22
Still cool to see you around haha :)
xXOpkillerXx writes at 8:26:07pm on 1/21/22
Wow I remember looking at your really good scores way back in the days. Cool to know you're still playing for fun.
BIGEZAY writes at 11:34:13pm on 11/14/20
Yeah, i'm feelin that way too atleast it gives me time to play some FFR an other stuff. Not too much just working an sitting inside lol not a whole lot going on.
BIGEZAY writes at 12:11:19am on 11/10/20
yoooo whats up bro! long time no see
BIGEZAY writes at 10:42:37pm on 11/14/19
miss you bro!
liamis01177 writes at 5:30:06pm on 6/10/14
Very nice profile
drizzleRomanceGirl writes at 6:43:25pm on 1/26/14
Thanks for the friend request! :) I appreciate it. ^.^
drizzleRomanceGirl writes at 5:12:07pm on 1/26/14
Thank you. :) I hope you're enjoying yourself as well!
drizzleRomanceGirl writes at 4:49:06pm on 1/26/14
It's a lot of fun! :) There's no pressure to receive a perfect score on any songs, and this is the only (serious) mouse-controlled game I've ever played. ^.^ Furthermore, the atmosphere is a lot more compacted and I feel that it's a lot more fun to be accurate. :D
drizzleRomanceGirl writes at 4:34:48pm on 1/26/14
I love collecting skill tokens, but I'm taking a long hiatus from FFR The Game, so I probably won't be collecting skill tokens for awhile. I'm starting to become interested in playing Spin It Up though. :)