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I am a man of honour. I love my dog Nanook. I also have two CRAZY siblings. I am always busy. I am a dancer, choreographer, and above all an artist. It consumes me! I am nothing without dance. I'm a Traceur, I LOVE Parkour and finding different ways to explore movement through the human body. I'm working on cross-training my Parkour ability into dance. Being musically inclined in my spare time I also play the Drums and love music and rhythm games!
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Ghakimx writes at 2:40:38pm on 6/27/15
took ya 2 months to reply me lolz
Ghakimx writes at 11:30:48am on 4/25/15
FF_rules writes at 4:04:05pm on 12/24/14
It just makes me feel old knowing that movie was over a decade ago :(
LeftyRighty writes at 7:28:54pm on 12/20/14
thanks :)
TheSaxRunner05 writes at 2:02:50pm on 12/20/14
Oh thanks, lol. Yea it's a work of art that's for sure.
Xiz writes at 12:58:04pm on 12/14/14
Haha thanks :) You too
Kawaii025 writes at 4:40:30pm on 12/13/14
Ooooo awesome! My profile changes a lot depending on the anime I'm enjoying at the moment. Right now it's all about SM Crystal~ :)
Kawaii025 writes at 9:20:38pm on 12/12/14
Thanks for the vote! How are you? :)
foxfire667 writes at 1:49:49pm on 12/10/14
Thanks! Oh wow, you do parkour? That sounds awesome!
Starlight562 writes at 4:13:24pm on 11/11/14
It's a pretty impressive cat, isn't it?;)