Oh yea we did.. a new FFR Token Challenge.

Posted in SpinItUp, Tokens on May 1st, 2008

FFR Token 29

Check out my new level! It has all you need.

Remember, sometimes searching for the answer is only half the battle — you need to do a little unpacking to get to the real answer within.

Put your answer into this URL (replace X with your answer):


Tass, Summerschool, MaldOn, JasonKey, Synthlight, Bemaniruler

On a related note: we have a new setup coming. Subbies, you will get the first peek at the new system likely tomorrow. Expect an update shortly ..

Have fun!

460 Responses to “Oh yea we did.. a new FFR Token Challenge.”

  1. Sounds cool!

  2. i’m ready!

  3. FINALLY !!!!!!!!!! LOL XD !!!!!!!

  4. :)

  5. The hunt is on

  6. :O

  7. btw Tass, the MalD0n link doesnt work =/

  8. mald0n doesn’t exist as a profile, maybe it’s a clue

  9. ok this makes it easier but its still hard

  10. 10th

  11. rubix token eh?

  12. cool a new token!!!

  13. Someone spelled my name wrong…

  14. lol

  15. lol so maldon isnt a clue?

  16. I’m not good at this.
    But I’m so going to try.

  17. HOLY CRAP, OSTER Project!

  18. Come on they mis spelled your name on purpose.

  19. I wanna know about this new “system” it has more of my curiosity than this token.

  20. Gimmetoken.

  21. A bit too easy don’t u think? only took me 15 minutes.

  22. Double Post: 5th or 9th to get.

  23. oh no you didn’
    i want token muhahahaha

  24. gj, Midday!
    now MY turn to get it

  25. what the hell am i supose to be looking for rofl!!
    on a profile :S

  26. lol

  27. This doesnt make any sense

  28. HAHAHA OMFG HAHAHAHA! Awesome, it’s so damn obvious to. ROFL!

  29. so easy nautakun, SO EASY…. almost too obvious if you ask me.

  30. Everything seems obvious if you already know…

  31. in before midd-

    oh nvm

  32. It’s actually a really easy riddle, imo. Don’t overthink this one.

  33. Did you ever notice that everything that happens on ffr is to easy to for Mr Rubix

  34. help

  35. woot, that was easier then i thought. I neglected to read the whole post so i missed an important part even after i found what i needed >_>

  36. omg

  37. Got it :D

  38. Same Magic. =D

  39. GAH!
    this is frustrating! :(

  40. gah nothings obvious to me

  41. I’m a dunce ;D

  42. it’s even easier for Rubix in this case… since he wrote the riddle.

  43. wow lol

  44. =( I’m so dumb when it comes to tokens… I always get them eventually.

  45. who usually comes up with these? I want to know who made Token 25 riddle.

  46. This is so funny, it takes a little bit of thinking but once you think about it, it is very obvious on where this token is

  47. omg….its got to be so obvious that im missing it X__X

  48. tis true… mrmagic… actually i think this is the token that took me the least time ever…

  49. I’m way overthinking this… like I always do. I’ve been staring blankly at the page for like 10 minutes, trying different things in for X.

  50. MrMagic i’m still thinking then lol.

  51. I failed

  52. gotta stop thinking @__@

  53. Woohoo, got it.

  54. the left side of my head just collapsed…

  55. Arc Give me some hints please.

  56. grrrr

  57. and there goes the right side… my brain was like this ( ), now its like this _

  58. i think i just died a little

  59. I think i have a hint but I don’t know. Maybe it has to do with the beggining of (MAY)

  60. good news is, I finally found Hardcore of the North! Time to start on Xuxa. hmmm.. flashflashrevolution.com/moc WTF DOES THAT MEAN!!??!?

  61. Dont give hints out

    Thats just dumb to give hints for an easy token

  62. ya, that was a crappy hint anyways, so don’t get too banz0r about it. =P

  63. Well listen i’m just trying out different things. Magic i’m 13 I don’t know much.

  64. It was a crappy hint, it led you right to if you thought outside of the box a little bit

  65. Sry for the double post but that should be wasn’t*

  66. Dear lord, you better not tell me the new update is an SIU update for subby’s…
    ” This entry was posted on Thursday, May 1st, 2008 at 9:17 pm and is filed under SpinItUp, Tokens. “

  67. MrMagic your alot smarter than me so to me. I need help a little.

  68. I fail.

  69. I can’t tell whether you’re overly-joyed or greatly pissed, kekeb.

  70. Go play SIU Irish =(

  71. =(

  72. Cobalt, Im not helping someone who hacked to get otaku heavy, sry

  73. I want help. Hahaha.

  74. How is that rel.. whaaa

  75. Haha your funny, but i havn’t hacked Otaku Heavy.

  76. That made no sense.

    On a side note, I noticed 6 AAAs and 5-0-0-0 was the next best rank.
    Well now it’s 4-0-0-0. Let’s see how long that lasts >.<

  78. your Mp3, which is the funny thing cause tass said about it in the FFR scores, and If I recall MP3 hacked to get otaku heavy hahahaha

  79. I’m not MP3. I’m Cobalt- are you stupid in the head? And yes MP3 hacked it, but i didn’t.

  80. Originally Posted By Tasselfoot: Re: FFR Scores


    cobalt: stop pretending like you’re doing things sightread… you’re mp3 player under a new name. not sightread.

    Pwnt =)

  81. Tass can IP check. You learn that when you’re 14. Back on topic…

  82. I can’t figure this out -.-

  83. Lol you guys amuse me. If only you could read my PM’s.

  84. Someone leak it already.

  85. Ok I geuss Tass and his IP checks are a total lie then when he IP checked you, and posted it in the FFR scores thread after your Monstrous Turtles AAA, then you admitted to it and later Edited it out, do you really think im stupid when Tass has IP checked you? Get with the program noob

  86. lol Cobalt = pwned

  87. I fucking hate riddles.
    ONE HOUR and I’m no further than I started.

  88. Thank you Osuki

  89. What ever man. Look no one cares and i don’t care either just shut the fuuck up.

  90. You know we are right and your getting mad about it, first sign of it being correct is the person gets mad

    Cobalt- has officially been revealed as MP3 Player

    May I say, you just got pwnt?

  91. My friends think I’m cool when I swear on the playground too :)

  92. He’s kinda stupid if he thinks that an admin cant track IP’s …. let alone track usernames on the same IP… its simple coding

    +1 for u

  93. I’m done bashing MP3 now.

  94. I’m cool.

  95. That was fun… >_>

  96. yea

  97. I’ll have to agree with freakysnots.

  98. *facepalm*

  99. ugh this new token is bugging me lol…wonder where it is :/

  100. 100th.OMG SOUNDS COOL

  101. nobody’s gonna give it out, so i’ll just…. die trying to figure it out.

  102. i’d really love to figure this out

  103. Good job, Cobalt.

  104. la de blah. I think I’ll give up for tonight. I know it, I just can’t put it into words.

  105. I’m not smart enough for this kind of stuff. =(

  106. k… im not gonna ask for help, im gonna GET THIS ONE … i got the others before but this just makes my head hurt

  107. OMG I GOT IT!!! And it was so obvious, I cant believe I didn’t see it before, damn, clever clever one.

  108. Haha

  109. to hard to figure out it’s hurting my brain x.x

  110. Token 25 was made by Chardish.

  111. Rofl
    This was unexpectedly easy.

  112. LMAO this clue is amazing. It’s not that hard when you think about it. 22nd to get it. Took me about 5 mins.

    Don’t overthink this one. It really is very straight forward.

    Song’s very cool too.

  113. I wish this made sense to me…

  114. hahaha im so lost…

  115. What.

  116. I have no idea where it could be… AAARRRGGG !!! >:X

  117. I’m stuck too, but I haven’t really put forth much effort to think about it since it’s 6:30 am and my brain doesn’t turn on til 9 ish.

  118. 2k for the answer xD

  119. I just didn’t see the connection between that clue and the necessary thing we needed to get it. Better clue next time please…

  120. yea i dunno if i didn’t get it after reading it a couple times then I probably won’t get it if I read it 30 more times.

  121. I m sure I found the hint ….. but when i try replace X by it, I failed xD
    “Remember, sometimes searching for the answer is only half the battle ”
    I guess there are 2 parts then ^^

  122. The first thing I tried was replacing X with “your answer”, “your-answer”, “your_answer”, and finally “youranswer”.

    I give up.

  123. wow…um..what?

  124. Lol arrek that’s was my first try too :]

  125. i give up. :/

  126. I think I found it…

  127. Arrekusuof93, same for me. I think that’s what it should have been. lol

  128. HUH? :S

  129. wait…i noticed something
    i’m not sure if this is part of the clue or not. not sure if this is a mistake, but Y IS THIS POST FILED UNDER SPIN IT UP AND TOKENS?
    this has nothing to do with SIU! i wonder if that’s part of the clue! :O

  130. DDRfreak15371-i noticed that too, but i still can’t find it. it’s either really obvious or very hard.

  131. striofhyrule, apparently (according to the ppl who alredy HAVE this token) the tokens is VERY obvious!

  132. your answer into this URL

    grr i even tried thisyouranswerURL

    LOL.. well.. :S not very obvious to me right now.

  133. Its hard. I dont think its obvious at all. Maybe to Wharton students and people on that level.

  134. yourrealanswer doesn’t work either… :(

  135. i rly cant figure this thing out! its giving me a headache! X.x
    but i don’t give up
    i think i have it mabye

  136. bah >..<


  138. Well We Have All a different way to think, for some peeeps it ll be obvious and other not (i belong to the second part -.-).
    I hate Synth, tass and others, i got several ideas all failed ;) but stop put wrong hints xD
    Just kidding i love trying to get those tokens (If i finally find it xD)

  139. Sorry but I had it easier with token #25 and yes the troll token was easier, I never finished it, I lost my paper with code on it but this token omg, wth am I missing here?!

  140. Put your answer into this URL (replace X with your answer):


    i tried this lol


    no success

  141. The Spin It Up thing is irrelevant.

    Just do what the riddle says and you’ll get the token.

  142. Put your answer into this URL (replace X with your answer):


    i tried this


    lol no success

  143. I think I’m stuck in that little window where I’m not quite smart enough to stop myself from overcomplicating it, and not stupid enough for the first thing I think of to be the thing I’m supposed to look for.

    First thing I thought was to save the token image as a .rar and literally unpack it, but that got me nowhere, and sort of took the wind out of my sails as far as actively trying to figure it out. I’ll probably go back to it sometime later, but for now I’m bailing. I’m sure I’ll be either facepalming or complaining when I eventually figure out what it is.

  144. >.< This is highly frustrating.
    I’m not a straight-forward thinker, it’s in my blood to read into things.

  145. i right clicked properties and looked at the url and i saw “rubixtoken8″ or sumting and i was like :OMG that must be it!!!!” but it wasnt :/ this is annoying

  146. Hahaha! Got the token.
    The answer is so obvious! xD

  147. I’m am really confuzzled….. Do some unpacking….. That can imply so many things….. *flails* I give!

  148. KaBlammo I know!

    Like nothing has ever been this Obvious as far as a token XD

  149. aha someone PM me and tell me how to get Gaussian blur token, and i’ll tell you how to do this one XD

  150. AHHHHH!11!!1 My brain is melting from this thing….. Maybe in a month I’ll figure this one out…..

  151. I thought I was on to something, but can’t be too sure. Do we need any type of program to solve this?

  152. I can’t find it, and i’m not thinking too much, i’ve tried 10 things and it still doen’t work

  153. Very nice token, it was really simple, i kinda feel stupid thinking on all those answer that i put on the URL…and now that i know the answer, i notice how everyone that get the token were giving hints and at the same time laughing at ours answer!!! Its funny, the answer has been in front of my eyes all the time XD

  154. !!!!!! i got it!!! YAY :D
    wow exactly what shaman said…

  155. I hate you all…

  156. yep got it!

    COME ON DUDES you can do it

  157. Still havent got it. Im geting mad >:(

  158. Don’t you love riddles that just stare you in the face :P

  159. any one give me a clue? D:

  160. Its making my head hurt =\

  161. Easy, took about 2 minutes at most.

  162. o.o You have got to be kidding me… it really was that easy?

  163. loooool have it. ill give u a hint watch in the thread the word was used often here o……mg

  164. got it!

  165. Omfg Thats so obvious LMAO!

  166. HAHA! That is REALLY obvious.

  167. I can’t believe it took me forever to get that. It was actually really obvious wasn’t it?

  168. haha, yes, I got it. That was easy.

  169. Woot fc that song rank 30 =D

  170. ROFL thank you Heaton1492 for that hint.

  171. Yeah..make some more OBVIOUS JOKES HURF DURF

  172. ok np but dont give the answer. with my hint and the following comments every idiot can do it ^^

  173. IT’S ON!

  174. pfft does it start with any letter of the alphabet?

  175. fuck this. its not easy. i have still not found anything leading to the answer

  176. WOW I still cant find it.

  177. Hahahah, oh my God.
    It WAS obvious!

  178. *cries* You say its easy but I cant find it!!!! D:

  179. OMG IT WAS HAHA I just got it!

  180. Stupid token make me stupid. :(

  181. wtf it doesn’t even make sense

  182. read the comments and think of it. the answer was given here 40 times ^.-

  183. this token is gay as hell

  184. yeah, it says it was so obvious…but its not

  185. when you get the token does it bring you to the FFR game?

  186. what 40 times? omg could this be….

  187. no, it brings you to your profile

  188. ok got it hard to miss with all those last comments
    but i have no clue why thats the answer
    like i dont see anything in the riddle suggesting that

  189. Haha, I just got it.

    Serious note, it is obvious.

  190. haha wtf. gay. so fucking obvious

  191. hahaha
    that was amazing.

  192. XD that was epic. Too easy.

  193. someone PM me with the explanation why that word is the answer

  194. have you guys even played the song? its so lame D:!!

  195. =P Aim me at cvcbsaboy2 to harrass me.

  196. uh this token is not being “obvious” as other ppl are saying for me

  197. ROFLMFAO! Finally figured it out. It really was as obvious as people say! *collapses on floor*

  198. hey dont use it so often(hint) it was used about 60 times now (hint) dont look at the beginning just at the comments(hint) 15,2,22,9,15,21,19(hint) u have to be the biggest idiot if u cant find it now^^

  199. That hint was stupid. Seriously… I don’t see why people are saying it’s obvious…

  200. OMG Why didn’t I see that sooner?!?!?!?!?!

  201. fuck this im never gonna find it :(

  202. lol found it

  203. oh whatever, I told you what it was D10 >:(

  204. 201 your comment doesnt even make sense

  205. man I suck I cant get it

  206. D10 is his name.

  207. ROFLMFAO! Finally figured it out. It really was as obvious as people say! *collapses on floor*

    same. i was like aw fuck me D:

  208. *cries* almost all wgo comment here had found this token. I am the only one who CANT FIGURE THIS SHIT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  209. *cries* almost all who comment has this token. I am the only one who dont god it………………

  210. it doesen’T seemed that obvious to me at the beginning but now it is (:

  211. im gonna be the only one who wont find the token
    probably :(

  212. I’m so dumb.
    Got it.

  213. 208 i dont have it either

  214. lol that was humiliatingly easy. such an obvious token

  215. look at my hints ^^ theyre enough

  216. I feel stupid because it took me so long… It’s so obvious.

    I feel like a moron. it took me 20 minutes

  218. Lol 20 minutes

  219. Took me 40. :D

  220. omg i still cant get it =(

  221. I must be f**king retarded but I don’t get the clue….maybe something about camping?

  222. got it!, Heres my hint: This is very obvious

  223. lol it cant be u dont have it convert the numbers in my comment

  224. I cant believe it was that simple…..

  225. stop giving out hints jesus

  226. Ok, so it was obvious, but not obvious at the same time. I mean, what did the answer have to do with the clue itself? I only figured it out by looking around <.< :|

  227. Yay time to search

  228. I over thought this one, you all have no idea how many combination’s I came up with trying to use MalDON’s name.

  229. i know it’s obvious, but it’s too obvious. i tried like 20 or 30 different things (that are obvious) and i still don’t have it.

  230. lol, I must be stupid. I don’t get what the 15,2,22,9,15,21,19 comments mean. its like omglolbbq

    even more hints please :3

  231. By the way.. Heaton.. You’re an idiot. It’s against the rules to discuss/give away the token, and it’s a bannable offense.. Let people get it on their own -.-

  232. still dont get it…….

  233. I pretended I was MrRubix. Got it..

  234. woot. #152 to get it.lol

  235. Wow you guys have totally ruined this riddle lol

    Even if you know how to get the token, you probably don’t know how to get to the answer, lol.

  236. that was um…

  237. It’s ok MrRubix/MrAAAmasterDude
    I got the token, pretty obvious I must say :P

  238. ok i wont give hints out anymore^^


  240. uhm…. yeah that took me 2 seconds. rofl.

  241. Wow. I must have mental problems not to have figured that out sooner. =/

  242. I have to agree with flippy

  243. but as rubix stated, how many users out there know where to go to find the answer???

  244. can someone pm me how to get it? if your nice? lol

  245. I was number 162 to get it.

  246. wow… i got it but i don’t know the real method…

    if there was one…

  247. Paying 5k credits for answer.

  248. I got it, but the clue was pretty stupid IMO.

  249. i just got 10 seconds ago!!! i’m so stupid. the answers right there!

  250. yeah. i got this token last night.
    people need to stop harassing me for it.
    paying me off wont get me to give you the answer.
    figure it out like everyone here.

  251. The clue’s actually quite elegant IMO.

    It’s simple and yet complicated at the same time.

  252. Wow. I got it. That was very obvious! It was right there in front of my eyes

  253. I don’t get the relation to the riddle, but the answer has been said in these comments like a billion times.

  254. OK WTF.

    I didn’t get any help, and I got it… It doesn’t make any sense >.> Although it is VERY obvious… -.-

  255. OMG I got it :D Its so obvious once you get it, its so easy! Nice one Guys!!! hahaha

  256. WOW. EVERYONE has posted the answer in these posts. LOL

  257. LoL, i got it from reading the post. I just dont understand how it relates to the riddle. Pretty “obvious” when you read all the freeken post’s lol.

  258. HEY! :madfaic:

  259. lmao. Wow… are you serious? That was the answer? xD
    It could’ve at least related to the riddle. x]

  260. this is so stupid, it didn’t relate to the riddle at all. It’s not all that straight forward, since you can’t relate the word(s) with the meaning of the riddle without completely redefining the riddle into something it doesn’t even mean clearly. >:( アオエイサオポファォ
    アフク。 random oops

  261. The answer is so obvious. If you guys don’t get that your dumb.

  262. wtf.
    stupid answer. i would never have guessed that.

  263. I agree link, I JUST got it now. It’s the most obvious answer I have ever seen.

  264. 258: Linksbro
    Posted at 6:46pm on May 2nd, 2008
    Up | Down +1
    The answer is so obvious. If you guys don’t get that your dumb.

    youre pretty dumb yourself for saying “your” dumb, as in, oh wow, now its MY dumb?

    lol, anyway, cant get it either. i know people who have it are screaming hints here and there in their posts, but i still cant get it. im thinking too hard.

  265. okay wow seriously, i got it, i was right about people screaming answers too. but seriously…i typed that in earlier and it didnt work…misspell maybe? oh well. i shouldve seen it, though, it was right in front of my eyes, completely obvious to anyone who is actually trying.

  266. If it hadn’t been for the comments I definitely wouldn’t have gotten the token.

    I’d like someone to explain to me how “the answer” relates to ANYTHING in the original post.

  267. Wow. I tried so hard. And I got it from the hints, but I still dont see how its the answer it was.
    God that was so obvious.
    I suck.

  268. Wow, that was retartedally obvious. :P

  269. The irony hits me in the balls like a baseball bat every time I see the word “obvious” in these comments…

  270. 1 + 1 = 2. Isnt that obvious?

  271. My math class today:

    X + 1 = 2. The answer for X is obvious, dont you think?

  272. Wow….just wow….

    I completely agree with arrekusuof…..argh….

  273. obviously obvious….

  274. is what this token is

  275. Got it

  276. damn…i dont get it =(
    i feel all sad now

  277. ugh, I’m stumped

  278. WOW. LOL. Seriously. Stop posting the answers in your posts… LOL. No… But it is really annoying after a while

  279. so am i

  280. Haha yeah, i got it… I am happy :)

  281. sorry for double post but what i meant is not what comment 275 said but what comment 274 said

  282. erg…i read every comment..twice
    and i still dont get it,
    this is lame

  283. this token is stupid it pisses me off youre prolly lucky if u think its so “obvious”

  284. sorry for double post and if u have the token :(

  285. It only took me a few minutes to understand…

  286. BLARG!
    i cant… why?… thats…
    YOUR EVIL >.>

    that gave me a headache lol…

  287. As of this post the answer has been posted approximately 57 times.

    The main post is really only useful for one thing: telling you where to put your answer. It serves no other purpose, in my opinion.

  288. Those of us who, reguardless of our methods of finding it, that actually figured out how to find the answer, deff. got the most out of the whole thing :].

    Want help still? AIM me. Can’t guarantee i’ll “Give” you the answer, but i’ll help.

  289. The answer is so Obvious, you people who don’t get it are obviously stupid.

  290. That was just too obvious.

  291. omg i feel so dumb the answer was so damn obvious .

  292. Blah it’s ruined… :( Everyone has it now… especially after all the other hints.

  293. OH MY GOODNESS! I just got the stupid thing!

  294. omg people you are stupid
    stop PM’ing me saying the answer doesn’t make sense. If you actually figured out how to get to the answer, you’d understand why it makes sense.

  295. wow.
    some of you should get banned for just giving those hints.
    but if you haven’t more power to ya’ :D

    good on ya’

  296. Wow i’m an idiot, it was right in my face and i didn’t see the obvious.

  297. XD gots it…wow i accidently posted a comment on the wrong one :p

  298. took a good 5 mins =P
    pretty funny hints in tonnes of the posts lol

  299. oh my god, i can’t believe how easy this was. gonna go shoot my self for being a dumb ass

  300. Rawr i gots it =)

  301. double post for me…i dont see why the answer makes sense…just saw something many havent yet..tis simple

  302. I thought 42 was the answer to everything. :(

  303. oh wow.. i got it by reading comments, but i have no clue how you would arrive at the answer

  304. lol, I finally got it. I’d say part of the riddle that makes this easy could be thought of for something else (which I thought it was for something else at first) so I don’t think that this may be all that easy. For some people I would understand that they would never get it. I would explain more why some people would never get it, but I’d be giving a major hint.

  305. hitchhikers guide is the bestest movie evar

  306. Hahaha.

    Yeah ok.

  307. You guys don’t understand the answer because it’s just being given away freely lol

  308. This is soo hard it MUST be obvious…

    p.s. Got it.

  309. Haha, the answer is all over in these comments xD lol, I didn’t catch that before.

  310. Only 59 people so far got it the way they’re supposed to , and 210 people have played the token song already lol.

  311. Yeah, how does one arrive at the answer anyway… it makes no sense.

  312. after watchin anime and jus taking another random look at it…i just thought of the hint…and it came to me how i wouldve had the answer…BUT!…good thing i didnt need to think at all while lookin for this token

    I think its SOOO halarious that the answer is in like all of these posts! its all over this comment board! it took me like a whole day to get it, but i got it! nao i feel so retarded the answer waz S0O0O0O OBVIOUS nice one, Rubix! ;D

  314. sd: lol

  315. Yeah the answer wasn’t very good at relating to the riddle but whatever. Obvious-ly it’s not RIGHT THERE for you to see but it has been said about a million times everywhere.

  316. I don’t understand why Tass mentioned his ‘new level’ and said it was all you needed, because it certainly has no relevance whatsoever. Could someone please explain this to me?

  317. After I read all posts, I know the answer and I got this Token and I am Happy about it :D . Just still thinkink why it is mean, during it is easy. C’mon dudes. I think all members of FFR are available to find this Token.

  318. If you guys had actually figured out the steps to the riddle, it would make sense how you got to the answer. If all you did was figure it out from what other people hinted at or were told the answer… then clearly it won’t make sense to you. Stop bitching if you didn’t actually get it step by step. And I’m guessing anyone who is complaining falls under that category.

  319. Put it this way…. as of writing this, approximately 60 people got the token through the proper steps. 328 people have unlocked the token. You do the math.

  320. wow the anwsers obivous, very dumb also very bad riddle cuz it really has nothing to do with the anwser whats so ever… plz a better riddle next time i was kinda disappointed when i couldn’t figure out what unpacking ment which basicly has nothing to do with it whats so ever….*sigh* sorry for my rant…

  321. lmao

  322. lol had to read through here from start to finish but after heatons clue it was obvious

  323. amen Tass. i cant believe how pathetic users are these days, willing to give credits rather than use the brain that they have. I think they should be banned for 3 days each. If you actually find where the token is located, it will make perfect sense. Quit beating around the bush yall. It shows your immaturity

  324. Its so OBVIOUS!!!!!!!

  325. Got it.

  326. waitwat? >______<

    /reads again

  327. If yall don’t give meh the token im going to steal the walrus’s bucket

  328. people should get bans for giving it out, seriously…I’m not being sarcastic, either

  329. cant figure it out done everything possible

  330. Hehe, ultima is obviously thinking too hard. Obviously.

  331. clue not helping and tried to put answers in, i hate riddles

  332. One Winged Angel
    Posted at 10:03am on May 3rd, 2008
    people should get bans for giving it out, seriously…I’m not being sarcastic, either


  333. How is that ban-worthy?

  334. Also, you “ban-mongers” have unwittingly highlighted almost all the posts with the answer in it. Way to go xD

    Oshi–..better not say more. Might be banned. Oh dear…

  335. Omgomgomg Got It !

  336. Now the songs too hard for me..Lawl.

  337. omg i’m so stupid! that was so obvious!

  338. … I got it?
    The hell!? It was so obvious >_<

  339. Lmfao
    it was obvious xD

  340. are you shitting me, that was the answer? god im retarded!

  341. 331: link583
    Posted at 10:49am on May 3rd, 2008
    Also, you “ban-mongers” have unwittingly highlighted almost all the posts with the answer in it

    No we didn’t…you just did, though. GJ

  342. it actually is against our site’s rules to give out token hints/answers. but i really don’t want to ban 100 people for 24 hours each.

    but if something like this happens again, i will.

  343. Haha, rofl. I got it because I read the comments. Now I’m trying to figure out how that would be the answer to the riddle…but I can’t make the connection. >_<

  344. I guess when you’re looking all over the place for something you can’t find, when you leave it alone and think about it, the place where it ends up being tends to be…obvus?

  345. This comment wall makes me sad.

  346. Stop saying that freakin’ answer XD I actually got it after a while of reading the comments.. I freaked out..

  347. FC’d.

    Also to any one who is slow: Look at the COMMENT WALL!

  348. LMAO wow how “obvious” xD

  349. I don’t understand how the FFR staff is supposed to keep something like these tokens under control. When one person finds it out the number of people who have it will only multiply.

  350. i’ve decided now whoever can’t find this is retarded

  351. 338: One Winged Angel
    Posted at 11:47am on May 3rd, 2008
    Up | Down +1

    No we didn’t…you just did, though. GJ

    Apparently you haven’t figured that one out just yet. Sorry I overestimated your intelligence.

  352. lol that was funny muwhahahah i finally got it yay lol i feel like a retard now that i just figured it out

  353. funny stuff. since my last comment… only 2 more people got the token legit. and yet 90 more people got the token.

    but, really, we don’t care so much that the answers get spread. it just bugs me that people think they are being smart in finding the answer when they have no damn clue how to actually get it. which is why they THINK the answer makes no sense. when it actually does, if you did it legit.

  354. I got the token via the comments wall, yesterday, but I just went through the steps to get it legit. Didn’t realise unpacking was essential. xD

  355. everyone lik has it already…i feel so stupid

  356. I finally found how the clue helps you. If you have the token and dont know how it relates to the clue I will tell you on AIM: xxxm4g1cxxx

    But you have to have the token first! I won’t give away the answer to those who dont have it… So nice try…

  357. Tass, i have to agree, I hate how people act smart when they get the token when they didn’t get it legit, I’ll be honest, I didn’t get it all by myself, I needed alot of help ;) cuz I’m to stupid to figure this stuff out

  358. And by the way, this clue does relate to the answer, ( Somebody just showed me how )

  359. I got the token legitly, it’s not hard.

  360. hey i finally got it ;)

  361. It’s So Obvious!! This Was Quite An Easy One!!

  362. omg thats so hard

  363. I dont know if i got it legitly cuz i dont know what you meant by unpacking but i just tried a lot and found it

  364. I found it it’s obvious! (although the clue still has nothing to do with the answer whatsoever)

  365. 361: Because somebody told you the answer. The clue has everything to do with the answer.

  366. omg cool texture

  367. this token took me forever to find!
    probably even harder than #25, if you ask me
    and all you cocky ass jerks saying “haha its sooo obvious!” are just trying to rub it in on those who haven’t found it yet. stop being jerks, lol.

  368. for all ppl who dont have that.i can give u hints. just write me. but remember u havent found it with the clues. i think the clue was easy to understand

  369. Ok…I admit, I got the token through the clues, but i’m still gonna try and find it legit…must…try…

  370. Wait, not to sound like an idiot, but am I going to get banned because I posted that? o_o….

  371. The only thing I dont like about the new token is the bottom of it is cut off

  372. I feel stupid. Took me so long to get something like that.

  373. im laughing pretty hard at all of the pissed people who can’t find the token because they can’t use the ffr token site.

  374. i got the token, but i dont get how the answer relates to the clue at all

  375. ok. i got the token but i don’t know if i did without cheating. i don’t know why i am so retarded.

  376. If you wrote the answer in the URL without knowing how you did it, then you cheated. The legit way you must search something within the site. Its a great riddle Mr Rubix. GoodJob

  377. If you guys already got the token, and want to know how its actually done, Pm me il tell you step by step. YOU MUST HAVE THE TOKEN FIRST!

  378. Legit
    Double digit rank

  379. yay i actually got it! i would really lik 2 help but…

  380. legault u can help by giving ppl your email

  381. XD

  382. death to tokens!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeeearrghhh!!! this token is too hard and i am too stupid!!!

  383. I got it. I have NO CLUE how the riddle applies to the answer in the slightest, but I got it nonetheless.

  384. I cant find it !!!!!

  385. and i just got rank 69 on it =]]]

  386. Never mind my previous comment. I figured out how it works, PM or e-mail me if you’d like hints.

  387. powerramger its obvious

  388. Stop saying the god damn answer, and figure it out legit. Cut the riddle in peices.

  389. i got it!

  390. so easy it’s pathetic, that was sooo obvious

  391. Stop complaining about not getting it. If you actually solved it you would get it. If you have no clue as to how it relates then you didn’t do the puzzle correctly.

  392. I guess I was 572nd to get this token. It was pretty obvious once you get to thinking about it.

  393. LMAO! that’s too funny.

  394. Of course all the people who found it would not say its obvious if they didnot have it but w/e. Its not like the GB token so there’s still hope.

  395. reading these comments almost feels like cheating…oh wait, it is! -_-” i got it..lol

  396. im kinda sad that everyone ruined the riddle… now i need to go find it legitly. Hmm…

  397. yay found it but it took me like 5 freaking hours X_X

  398. now I’ll try it.
    Stupid comment wall.

  399. wow, third try

    thx for all the help

  400. im going insane

  401. its taken me like 3 days, its not fucking obvious

  402. oh well, it’ll be posted on my handy little website for ffr in about a week, u guys can struggle finding it, im not going to waste brain energy^.^

  403. Origionally Posted by Tasselfoot:

    If you guys had actually figured out the steps to the riddle, it would make sense how you got to the answer. If all you did was figure it out from what other people hinted at or were told the answer… then clearly it won’t make sense to you. Stop bitching if you didn’t actually get it step by step. And I’m guessing anyone who is complaining falls under that category.

    Why do it step by step when you can click on a link and get it without searching ^.^

  404. cool


  406. Finally!

    Took me an hour for this one D:

  407. Ok so I got the answer from all of your hints, and then went on a quest for the legit method, and fount it. It’s incredibly clever by the way, and I can see how you’re able to keep a tally on how you were able to keep count of who used that method. ;)

    Bravo, MrRubix. Bravo.

  408. Also:

    Maybe next time, use a different word for the answer. That word was just ASKING for people to vaguely hint at and hide in plain sight, therefore making it very easy to hint at, with those who hint at it thinking they are clever.

  409. The comment ruined it. I wanted to do it the completely correct way.

  410. i fail

  411. Where is it I want it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  412. i found it

  413. I feel kind of cheated when I tried it and it worked, I want to do it the right way now.

  414. Got it… Only took me about 10min D:

  415. hi

  416. lol

  417. wooooooow. that was so “in my face” that it took me like 20 tries until i got it. i overlooked it soo much.

  418. Got it. Kind of obvious after thinking.
    Took like 10 minutes.
    Psh, you clever little men ;p

  419. i got i in 10 seconds lol. first thing i thought was “was that there before?”

  420. darn it i want i t

  421. Miss Napalm.. that helped me alot -__-

    dont read the comments, it’ll only screw u up

  422. it has nothing to do with spinitup or may, and it is “obvious” accutally. i wish i could tell you all where it is but, i kinda just did! (well im trying not to give it up….but, its “obvious”)

  423. i’ll be sure to look for it sounds geinus

  424. ha.
    i bet half the people boasting about how they followed steps to get the token, didnt actually do it.
    nice job guys.

  425. U guys need to visit my profile :D


  427. I belive in Baka05Carl because i’ve read 425 comments and still can’t find it out

  428. I think i’ve lost it. By now i even tried “pigfeet”?
    What’s up with this?

  429. so how do you solve this token “legit”? I don’t even know where to start

  430. Somebody, help! I tried http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/tokens/obvious.php but doesn’t work! oops, I wrote the URL of this token. lol btw, idc If I’m getting -infinity. X)

  431. got it =D

  432. Somebody, help! I tried http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/tokens/obvious.php but doesn’t work! oops, I wrote the URL of this token. lol btw, idc If I’m getting -infinity. X)

  433. yay :D

  434. sweet a new token ill do my bast to get it!!!

  435. oops best* xD

  436. RAWR!!

  437. WOOT! got it! =D

  438. Woot i all ready have it LOL

  439. I would never think i would get it!!!! CAREFULLY THINK OF WHAT IT TELLS YOU TO DO!! the first part is hard to understand and it is “obvious” but why does it have to do with the riddle in any way at all?

  440. I would’ve found it quicker if soooo many comments didn’t give it away

  441. its not over….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7w-K9pdvuI

  442. nice O_o

  443. that took me all of five minutes.
    so obvious.

  444. god knows how long and 443 posts later, chennymountain finally understands how obvious that was

  445. wow,441 actually GAVE the answer. why? It was SO..

    you know, there’s really no point in saying it again -.-

    Listen, kiddies. I’m 444th to post, and by some MIRACLE you haven’t figured it out yet, you need SERIOUS therapy. It’s the most obvious answer EVER.

  446. some help i cant find it

  447. EASY


  449. ready

  450. where is it

  451. how do i find it

  452. woow I feel sooo stupid right now.

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