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Posted on: January 18, 2012, at 10:27:17am   [1 comment]

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Pulling a Mick Foley, coming out of retirement.
Do work.

10/8/11: Much Too Long
Posted on: October 8, 2011, at 10:07:22am   [0 comments]
Hello, UnkownMan here. But, you may call me AnonyWolf. Or whatever tickles your fancy. I prefer being called AnonyWolf.

As of late, I got full internet back at my new apartment, but, my old computer has been acting up on me. I haven't been able to play the game because of either the tremendous lag time between the keyboard and game or because of my slow ass computer. Knowing me, it would be both. So, I've been reading a lot of threads, a lot of topics. It's tempting to start posting again, but I know my place and I respect you guys enough to keep my annoying mouth shut. Anyway, a lot of these threads on here and a lot of these posts I've been reading are just... Ugh, no words to describe how stupid they are. I wont name names or point fingers, but some well respected members of the forums have been posting some really shitty posts. Shittier than mine. My early days, at that.

Ugh. Enough of that. I already have a bad name on this site. I'm only going to ruin it more with slander like that.

My apologies.


As of late, I am starting work on my SIXTH album of 2011.
Yeah, sixth.
In the span of 6 months.
I'm like a little Merzbow, minus the distortion.
I haven't decided on the name of it yet, but I plan on doing two albums worth of material. I don't know if I should continue on with the shifted direction I'm going in or if I should make it a part two of my last album "Off The Air (We Want Snow!)". I'm thinking of calling it [the album] Ultracentrifuge or Rebirth.

And, that's that. I don't really have much more to say, really. Except that I wish you all (well, most of you) a wonderful goddamn day. :3

-UnkownMan, but you can call me AnonyWolf.

Update: New LP In the Works
Posted on: August 6, 2011, at 03:13:48pm   [0 comments]
I've been working on a completely new style of music. So, it is not the dancy, up-beat, whatever that I used to make. Since I've been listening to more and more deep ambient and drone and noise, I've decided to start making things like that.

So far the new LP is pretty good. 16 tracks are planned out, 14 are done. The LP is almost over an hour long, depending on what I want to do with the last two tracks. It's a very mixed album. Three songs are similar to the tracks I made for "Cavalcade: Greatest Hits", so, similar to "Alone Road", but, all the rest is just crazy expirimental ambient and/or noise. Like, there's a 10 minute deep ambient song entitled "frogs.avi" and the full version is around 59 minutes.

I digress...

This is all just an update...

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mRpREggERs writes...
at 2:50:29pm on 3/7/13
how is DOBIS? did you finally make it big?
MrPreggers writes...
at 3:27:28pm on 3/15/12
This is what we do, this is who we are! We're DOBIS P.R... we're DOBIS P.R.!!!
flash dualist writes...
at 9:01:30pm on 1/12/11
Seeing your av makes me not want to eat anymore. lol! Delete the comment I had bellow me since I mistyped *your*.
flash dualist writes...
at 9:27:21pm on 1/10/11
Seeing you av makes me not want to eat anymore. lol!
kawaii_panda! writes...
at 1:27:20am on 1/9/11
bahahah love your avi
Tailstail writes...
at 1:30:49pm on 12/24/10
He's just so focused on nomming that sandwich. And no matter how much he eats he never finishes it. :o
Tailstail writes...
at 1:24:59pm on 12/24/10
Your avatar amuses me.
MrGiggles writes...
at 12:16:11am on 12/24/10
It's okay bro, I get off days all the damn time. I feel ya pain. Hope you have a better day tomorrow! 8)
knuckles2224 writes...
at 5:47:27pm on 12/16/10
Same here, usually lags like after I fail out on a song and play it again. It's an on and off thing.
Stupid FFR
knuckles2224 writes...
at 5:44:02pm on 12/16/10
Well? That's good to hear lol.
Yeah I've gotten better.. Mainly because I have a better laptop that plays FFR smoothly :)
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