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If you really want to know, ask, I'm a friendly person.
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Progress is progress
Posted on: November 4, 2012, at 10:49:49am   [1 comment]
Starting today I will be systematically attempting to get a AAA on every song in every genre. I will start with dance, and when I get to a song I cant AAA yet, I will move to the next genre, so on and so forth.

Dance - 19/182
Dance 2 - 12/206
Funk - 0/23
Arcade - 11/150
Rock - 1/135
Classical - 4/101
Misc - 6/195
Secret - 1/68
Purchased - 1/62
Token - 0/26
Hip-Hop - 0/30
Skill - 8/57
Legacy - 8/66

Comment wall
Dinglesberry writes...
at 7:52:25am on 8/17/16
I heard thru the grapevine that Falador has the most basic b1tches of any city
danceflashrevo writes...
at 11:17:40am on 10/1/14
yo sorry for putting you where I did, I really kinda screwed you over xP
I look forward to playing against you in the tourney and stuff though :3
also wanna add me on league? I'm the worst at the game (r3cebarnett) :D
Squirtle x3 writes...
at 2:47:17pm on 10/21/13
Squirtle x3 writes...
at 12:56:17pm on 10/5/13
Oh, well that's pretty cool. I was wondering whether i should try it or not. But maybe I should.
Squirtle x3 writes...
at 12:44:22pm on 10/5/13
so not to sound like an idiot or anything, how is that game? I mean mostly everyone here plays it, I know a couple of friends that play it.
Squirtle x3 writes...
at 12:26:38pm on 10/5/13
yup, so I will start some of it later and what not. But how is your day so far?
Squirtle x3 writes...
at 12:13:00pm on 10/5/13
lol but I have till Tuesday to do it. Sooo n.n
Squirtle x3 writes...
at 12:08:23pm on 10/5/13
Oh damn, well its always good to have a day off. I'm alright, just thinking if i should play pokemon and then do homework later.
Squirtle x3 writes...
at 12:04:50pm on 10/5/13
how are you? c:
Squirtle x3 writes...
at 11:58:32am on 10/5/13
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