FFR Token #20 Awaits.. Somewhere..

Posted in Uncategorized on June 15th, 2007

Ok, now that you guys have had a taste of token 20 (evil aren’t I?), the location has been set and the race is off. It’s in a profile, that is all we know.

Have fun.

The first to PM me the location gets $25.00 in their paypal account.



350 Responses to “FFR Token #20 Awaits.. Somewhere..”

  1. 1st? i got it

  2. 1st

  3. Damn.

  4. lol first

  5. 1st

  6. 2nd

  7. Damn

  8. lol maybe not hehe

  9. damn

  10. 8

  11. damn it

  12. 11

  13. 13!!!!!!!!!


  15. woot!

  16. HAHA I found it a long time ago by accident… Not telling!!!

  17. damn it give me it

  18. EVIL!

  19. its SOOOOOO easy

  20. no i got it too but now its gone but if u look at my recent songs i played biketheif is there

  21. sounds awesome

  22. i can pm you the location, but isnt that cheating?? lmao

  23. huh?

  24. i found it and i played it once and now its gone wtf??

  25. Heh, what if it’s on an account that hasn’t been active for a really long time/at all?


  26. This is evil.


  27. i got it

  28. lol found it before the edit
    700k on it 1handed I think is good in my book :P

  29. i got it late, damn

  30. pretty good spot. I found it.

  31. My friend found it too. but then it’s like gone.

  32. lol.

  33. Ugh. 99%ed the song.

  34. wtf im going to kick some ones ass

  35. this is annoying anyone get it?

  36. IM on Adamaja456 if you have it

  37. if you look in the token list is says 7 users have found it … but before there were like 50 …. :/????

  38. k i found it but its gone now…what happend?

  39. yeah i know, played it then lost it
    Synth whats the deal?!

  40. Synth reset it to put it in the location originally planned. The few people that had it probably had the profile with the token loaded and clicked the token after he reset it.

  41. have it*

  42. synth ur evil teasing us with it =P j/k….i didnt even get a chance to play it after i found it lol

  43. this is some sort of weird trick. thing. D:

  44. He tricked you guys. Don’t you get it? He let you find the token and then moved it to a completely different area and made it so that you do not have it anymore.

  45. I just had it a couple of minutes ago…wth…O_o??

  46. im confuseddd! :(

  47. where is it

    IM me if you have it rofl

  48. i still have it. i found it before the edit and not in that profile that he said. synth, youre confusing me lol.


  50. hes paying us to find it for him


  51. You don’t still have it.

  52. synth, you are so evil. what is with you

  53. PJX Hahahah!

  54. Ranked 32nd until Synth admits he lost the location of the token and gives it out a different way.

  55. i do have it, i can still play it. maybe its cause i found it and i still havent refreshed the page. anyway, ill find it.

  56. so easy!

  57. kyle .. lol .. too bad you don’t have it :P

  58. remedy either ;)

  59. yay rank 1 WOOT

  60. Lol, its funny how mad everyone gets for a token, the hunt is on i guess, i had found it before but i never got the chance to play it. pity :P anyways, good luck to everyone ;)

  61. i had it, i found it in my own profile lol, not like its there anymore. but i can still play it cause i didnt refresh the page muahaha.

  62. Hahahaha lucky you :)

  63. ninja doesnt have it either

  64. i wonder where it could be.

  65. this is stupid

    why give a token out when the ppl themselves who give it have no idea where it is

  66. I don’t know but people are finding it, nonetheless…

  67. ok there is no way i’m going to find this token enjoy the hunt guy’s.

  68. God, I hate this token with a fiery passion of a thousand suns.

  69. anything to do with the first mp game?

    1 lightdarkness || mofiankid11 Salad for Your Tuesday 333,620 || 132,925 4/21/05

  70. My thoughts exactly Tay

  71. Nice

  72. 11th to get the token

  73. cant find it.

  74. Members: 1,234,527, Active Members: 79,954

    so chances are it’s in an inactive profile.
    i give up. :)

  75. OMG i tried but i cant *BOOM*


  76. Whoever finds the token first I’ll thumbs up you.

  77. i felt helpless trying to get other tokens today, and now my new shiny token is taken away


  78. first one to find it gets a cookie. a 25 dollar cookie.

  79. Lullaby, there’s like a 65% percent chance that it’s in an active profile. Yay.

  80. Lol 80th to post :-P

  81. oshi..

  82. all the people that have the token right now, do they even know how they found it?

  83. oh this sucks.

  84. one of the first 20 people to get it.

  85. The answer to number 82 post is No.

  86. ..where are you token..
    ….why cant i find you…
    where have you gone away.. :(

  87. xFlamenx

    all i have to say

  88. does the person whos profile its in find it in their own profile??

  89. whats a “gamercard” ??

  90. this is giving me a headache

  91. argh…again….

  92. gamercard is the area at the top of the person’s profile that has the “about me” section with their avatar in it.

  93. ok this is gonna be a long thing to find :( one million profiles and one computer, LONG TIME this may take, i appreciate some hints please! :P

  94. I . . . wish I knew.

  95. Is this the gay token?

  96. this is gonna take forever

  97. wth?

  98. smitty : very much yes.

  99. is it just me or did all the profile avatars get moved out to the left?

  100. yeah… it happened to me too..

  101. they did.

  102. yer is that a clue or something?!

  103. now it says im a junior member

  104. yes i got it :D about time

  105. nah, they just fixered it.

  106. ok now its back to normal…..wow fusion gj

  107. that would be our titles in the profiles, nice.

  108. YoU Got IT?!?!?


  109. ill take anything att this point

  110. penis?

  111. If anyone knows the token location, please pm me so i can have the token. I dont want to kill myself. :-(

  112. Alright, this is getting pretty frustrating now.

  113. not yet

  114. this isnt fair its just random :(

  115. such…….a………pain…

  116. ;)

  117. Wow…just wow. People would actually kill themselves for this token.

    Unless you know that URL those 20 people possibly remembered and is no spreading, officially finding this token will be very hard. Needle in a haystack anyone?


  118. If only the person would post, that would make it easier. :-)

  119. that wus prty gay…good song tho

  120. token Token tOken toKen tokEn tokeN TOken tOKen toKEn tokEN TokeN!!!! crazed up for TOKENS!

  121. Been waiting for the release of the song since I found it in the song stats thing and now the stupid token is impossible to find…..? I hate you all so much….

  122. man this is gonna be hard…

  123. AIM me for 5000 credits DDRfreakRDD6969

  124. i hate it when people say, oh, thatw as so easy, or what a good place to hide or something like that, when they dont even have it.

  125. INSANITY!!!!!!!

  126. It sucks to go through all of the profiles because there are over 1,000,000 people..and most of them keep updating their profs…

  127. i have it =]

  128. is there somewhere a master list of profiles?

  129. oh hell yes.

  130. gah this is so hard >.

  131. It can’t be that hard. Probably just overthinking it.

  132. yea lol your probably right.



  134. ::going insane:: I know this has to be easier than it is…or something like that :)

  135. aaargh

  136. any hint

  137. ARRRR!! Stupid token, disapered before my eyes when I got it. Nice trick Synth.

  138. GOT IT! ::does happy dance::

  139. I got it!~!!!

  140. lol 2nd person to AAA =P

  141. HELP!!!!!

  142. number 142nd or something like that…

  143. 143!

  144. oh wow
    i didnt even try looking yet and i already give up =[

  145. isnt it ironic that the person who has the token on their page is not in the list of the people who found the token?

  146. tell me……………………………………………………………………………………………….I been searching all day………………………or what seems like all day……………………….

  147. yes got it…IM me on AIM for help at liquid3arth

  148. dead last.

  149. found it yay!!!!!!!!!!

  150. number 80!!!!!!

  151. Founddd it =DDD

  152. me 2 like 4 hours ago

  153. This token is gonna make me quit soon!

  154. W00t w00t I have found thee

  155. Brilliant. A token hidden in one of over 1 million profiles. :P I think I’ll wait until there’s a better hint before I spend a lifetime searching for it.

  156. I know eh?

  157. im suprised so many have found it.
    So its either in a popular profile, it’s in more than one profile, or they’re cheating somehow.

    or the people might not have the token, i didn’t check profiles.

  158. they do i checked every one =_=

  159. who knows. I may find it 2

  160. Holy F this is some hard to find….lol.

  161. I’m going to give it a rest for a wihle, lol.

  162. I h8 this!!

  163. Still haven’t found it, of course I haven’t looked for it yet.

  164. why can’t some self-sacrificing one post the answer like before.

  165. *yawn*..

    Why is this so hard? O_o

  166. OMG OMG OMG how am i supposed to find a token in the profiles?!?!?! i will laugh if i find it a year later in my own profile… then again what are the chances of that?

  167. I found it before I went insane.

    Phew. =)

  168. maybe we have to think OUTSIDE the box??

  169. still can’t find bleh…

  170. *CRIES*

  171. i think it’s under the box…


  173. On the bright side, it’s the second least found token, with Vertex BETA vROFL being the first, and only around 120 users have found Bike Thief.

  174. What is up with you first 20 people saying “first woot” or “Yay I sent the 16th message!”I just don’t really know why you guys would care if you sent the 11th message.plz tell me!

  175. WOOT 175th message.

    Do I win a token cookie?

  176. yes!

  177. i found something in my belly button could THAT be the token O.o?

  178. maybe THATS where synthlight hid it

  179. someone aim me with clues or help on memafrosia i will offer creds

  180. To who_cares: Probably not. :)

  181. FOUND IT :D

  182. FOUND IT with my awsome token scanner i was able to located it EASLY

    IM me on AIM for hints =o

  183. something wrong is with mui profile.
    they is testing something ;.;

  184. I’m getting that test thing too.

  185. the new token is pretty easy lol i only missed 1 kinda upset over it too :(

    but its fun

  186. Byah.

  187. i’ll sell you my token scanner for ONE BAGILLION CREDITS!!!!!!!! >:B

  188. has anyone really found it?

  189. this is the strangest token i have ever tried to find

  190. wow this was so easy to find!

  191. Sweet i got it!!

  192. sooooo easy, omg!!! easiest ever

  193. aim me for help =D or give me 1000000000 credits and i’ll give you my token scanner =D


  195. yea aim me @ cvcbsaboy2 if need some 1337 infoz

  196. It’s not easy by any means, but you just have to change how you look for it :)

  197. hmmm…

  198. o rly?

    This is so bad, that I don’t even know where to start looking… O_o

  199. AIM me for help OR give me 100000000 credits and i’ll give you my token scanner =D

  200. haha. i remembered the URL so i was first to have it i just reput it in. give me 150k creds and its yours :D .

  201. well i got it but i dont know how……

  202. hahahhahahahahha loser

  203. wow. after all that i finally found it. ^.^

  204. Is anyone willing to help me with it?

  205. I HATE U!!!!!

  206. lol

  207. help

  208. this….is….hard….

  209. i begin to find some tokens but im not professional!!
    som1 tell me how to switch profiles!!!

  210. nyaww. im giving it away!
    contact me through AIM! r2d2woj

  211. W00T. finally found #20!!

  212. sweet i got it…pretty easy lol

  213. Im about to just give up hehe. Could some kind person out there give me a hint to where its at? Not the exact location, just a hint.

  214. rofl, the first fithteen posts are nice xD

  215. ill give people a link to the token for free if they want it,just post something on my wall

  216. OK, when somebody DOES PM Synth, when is he gonna announce it?

  217. my comment (#203) has a hint in it. the
    smiley (^.^) doesnt just have closed eyes, but they also are…cougharrowscough…

  218. woot, found it

  219. I FOUND IT!!!! :)

  220. Was there some method to finding it – I was able to narrow it down to a bit over 600…though it will only get harder….

  221. OMG FINALLY lol wooo got it

  222. Yay I finally got it!!! Comment #222

  223. O.o

  224. if i blurted out who has it, would i get in trouble?

  225. No, you would just get banned for 3 weeks *cough*trouble*cough*…

  226. You guys that are struggling you should use more contact clues because FFR tells over half of the profiles name… just look closely i will explain…

    the location has been set and the race is off. It’s in a profile, that is all we know.

    Have fun.

    The first to PM me the location gets $25.00 in their paypal account.

    They are trying to make it a race and a race is usually with 2 people and also a race is to see how much speed you have and thats already half of the name now which gender races more is it MRS-another name for it. so you have ****2speed

  227. btw just to let you guys know the speed is a abrivation…
    so its ****2spd

  228. ……thats gotta be bannable

  229. i had a feeling it was a riddle, but not like that. i was profile searching “a” and “a profile” and stuff like that. i happened to stumble upon it by accident.

  230. “The one who makes the page so wide,
    obtains the coin you’re trying to find.”

    i hope i dont get in trouble for that. or banned or whatever.

  231. I am Immigration Dude.

  232. cool riddle vulcan, that should be the main quote for finding the token lol

  233. well, in the other post about the token synth said

    “I have no idea if this will take 2 minutes or 2 weeks to find. But I know you guys usually leave no stone unturned and when one person finds it, the word will quickly spread. The combined search power of many users looking for the token will be pretty incredible.”

    so i dont think revealing hints will be as bad on this one because of how hard it is to find. hell, saying that basically said we could give hints and/or clues to people.

  234. lol, nice job givin it away….u may get banned tho lol…i got it cuz someone posted it on synthlights comment wall. now that its here everyone will have it. its easier now because the person whos profile it’s on found it.

  235. lol haha


  237. dude, imredxiii doesnt even have the token. o.O

  238. # TSB_[Fusion] Says:
    June 16th, 2007 at 2:51 pm

    lol haha
    # TSB_[Fusion] Says:
    June 16th, 2007 at 2:51 pm


    mood swings?

  239. gay but thx anyways

  240. Lol
    I got it.
    did you mean…?

  241. OMG, somebody delete imRedXIII’s comment and ban every part of him from this freakin’ website!!

    “Talk of how to unlock tokens within the website will be forbidden, as in ban or IP ban…”

  242. Very wierd, not sure how i got it, but I did. :D

  243. holy crap, that was a bitch to find…BUT I FINALLY GOT IT!

  244. Found it.

  245. That was one easy token

  246. well…it took a while…but i found it…not that hard of a song to fc. and i did fc it…rank 120!

  247. “captaincrunch37 Says:
    June 16th, 2007 at 4:13 pm
    That was one easy token”

    That was not easy at all. Given the fact that there were no clues, and there are 1 million + profiles, the token could have never been found. And most people found it through distribution.

  248. there was a kinda clue…. 8-)

  249. uhh wrong emote much? sorry…

  250. I’ll give anyone the token for 1,000 credits or I’ll help you without you paying me. That’s how high I’m going, the others will charge 5K which is 5,000 credits.

  251. EDIT: PM me for the help or the location.

  252. i found it

  253. stop offering credits if those ppl who dont have it yet are smart the will find it if they read

    *203* cough

  254. yes my 203. ^.^ is not just a face, but something else pointy. like —> or

  255. uh, where the rest of my comment?

  256. Haha, it’s a good thing my friend already knew where it was.

    The song: quite fun to play, easy to combo, the lyrics are surprisingly funny. The BPM is pretty gentle though, which is especially noticeable after playing the previous token song.

  257. Hey, that’s if they want it.
    I’ll give you all a hint: Its a person who hasn’t posted but has been a member between 0.40-0.50 and mostly people know that person.
    That should be good.

  258. if they cant get vulcans hint then there is a problem

  259. seriously. i still got a couple PM’s of ppl asking for help.

  260. maybe this will help. if i sing a song.
    everybody in the 202…whats the next line?
    lets see, everyone in the 202…202, 202, 202.
    i dont remember o well.

  261. throw em up?

  262. *sighs* -_-
    2 0 2.
    im making hints nere.
    i really could give less of a crap what the next line is.

  263. here*

  264. I think these hints are worthless. It seems it’s on a different random profile for everyone. The person I found it on certainly doesn’t match any of the hints, and had no comments from other people having found the token on their profile.

    My hint: I suggest you just start looking.

  265. ok alainbryden, you found it and you commented on the profile with it on it. that person commented on this page #202. my comment #203 had this on it: ^.^ it is also arrows poitning to the next person up, #202. so they make perfect sense except that my rhyme doesnt work now because that comment (202) is not freakishly long anymore. THEY DO MAKE PERFECT SENSE. you even found on the same profile i did. and everyone did. and yes people did comment on that profile, you have to look at older comments.

  266. I got via 2 posts on this wall. I’ll even tell you which one to satart at.

    Comment # 217
    Made by Vulcan55

    All you need is there.

    Btw, it is my strong opinion that, judging by their wall (where they post their own stuff), this person is very unworthy. Very noobish. Their post about it is in all caps. And they called it ‘gay’ because they didn’t know what it was nor why they had it. Maybe if they tried reading? I doubt they could read that well anyway. This kind of small mindedness makes Darwin cry. So good job, token person. You make Darwin cry. They are also blind, seeing as how they left their capslock on.
    Also, I doubt they even know who Darwin is. :-|
    My Suggestion: Burn the profile it’s on, but leave the token.

  267. *I got it via…start

    Sorry for the double post. Don’t wanna look like an idiot in my post about an idiot. :P

  268. Wow i didn’t find the token on a profile, i found mine off of Google

  269. i didnt get one miss. i got 3 goods. and that may be a clue to the token.

  270. I Founded it by helping

    still cant find it

  272. I CAN’T FIND THIS TOKEN!!!!!!! How will I get it!!!!?

  273. does nobody read my comments?

  274. “I have no idea if this will take 2 minutes or 2 weeks to find. But I know you guys usually leave no stone unturned and when one person finds it, the word will quickly spread. The combined search power of many users looking for the token will be pretty incredible.”
    quote from synthlight.

    okay, first we know that 2 is a factor. then he says people will “leave no stone unturned” so they dont MISS something and also he says that “the word will quickly spread”. Quickly, fast, speed…hmmm plus my one hundred other hints, you think you guys can get it now?

  275. 263, you will get in trouble for giving the token away.
    That is the easiest hint of all, everyone will get it from there.

  276. if you really wanna know, the urls are all similar for tokens…. you dont even need to search for them if you know the pattern of urls

  277. and that is the biggest hint of all ;)

  278. and now synth will probably change the urls of all the future tokens

  279. miss20smartzers

  280. Found it.Thanks Vulcan55.Your comment #266 was a big help.And I mean REALLY big.

  281. got it :)
    really hard, to me.

  282. My god go listen to Vulcan! Anyways THANKIES FOR THE MEGA HUGE HINT!

  283. Many thanks to vulcan 55…and Oh My God666.
    I got it!

  284. hey all you ffr fans for token 20 i know where the token 20 is ill give you a hint its in clasic page1 and its masters only so good luck tring!

    skillz masta8

  285. got it! it was right under my nose to…

  286. an anyone pm me the location?

  287. i just pmed synth the location

  288. 288, its too late, someone already did.

  289. 285, I’m pretty sure token 20 is not on the first page of classic.

  290. Wahh! I can’t find it :(

  291. who got the money? Also, fairly easy token.

  292. I know.
    Easiest of all hints.

  293. 1. Wow, Get Ready 2 Rokk really is Freezepops only good song. ._.;; And I wanted to like them so much.

    2. Get Ready 2 Rokk is a harder than Bicycle Tief, not alot harder, but significant enough to point out that Bicycle is Very Difficult and Rokk is Difficult.


  294. Ok, for those of you who can’t find it, the first 5 people who PM me for the tokens location, will get it for free.

  295. HARD!!!! :-( (to get i mean)


  297. got #20 at last

  298. No shi godnick.

  299. FOR GLORY

  300. 20# =)

  301. after reading the hints, that was easy to find

  302. evel arn’t I?


  304. DAMMIT! i got the wrong one! GRR! WHERE ARE YOU TOKEN 20!!!

  305. “water444 Says:
    June 17th, 2007 at 8:51 pm
    1. Wow, Get Ready 2 Rokk really is Freezepops only good song. ._.;; And I wanted to like them so much.

    2. Get Ready 2 Rokk is a harder than Bicycle Tief, not alot harder, but significant enough to point out that Bicycle is Very Difficult and Rokk is Difficult.”

    Wow, apparently you’ve never heard Less Talk, More Rokk. It’s on Guitar Hero II XD.

  306. *edit* Listen to it in Resonance.

  307. if you actually read my comments you would know where it is.

  308. Maybe Synth should up the prize.

    Maybe alot more people would help find it?

  309. This token is just way to easy.

  310. nice one vulcan55

  311. i finally have it

  312. atleast ppl are finally finding it now ahah

  313. Now when is he gonna announce the first PM…

  314. idk but i would like to know soon

  315. It’s funny because people have found out which profile it is.

    I wonder who was first? =o

  316. Well, I found out somehow myself. xP

  317. why would you do that? It’s already been given away. You just make it more obvious and get a ban.

  318. #319 gets a ban

  319. miss2spd

  320. jk

  321. Lol that link worked hunterdmd watch out u might get banned.

  322. wow hunterdmd…that link really works… why arent you banned yet?

  323. I’m getting Synth over here.

  324. post 87 says the name of where it is -.-

  325. zomg it was a fake… EVIL

  326. 319 got banned.

  327. Wow you guys.. You guys are idiots.. >_>

  328. got it *whoot*thanx vulcan 55

  329. Is the token still there…?

  330. where do i git the token…wut song

  331. 332 lol that was pointless

  332. this is even more pointless lol 333

  333. I don’t care if it’s completely pointless being down here! How come I can’t find any stinking tokens?!?!?!

  334. fail

  335. Wow, this token took me two months to find… I’m an idiot

  336. I love votes! Thank u Johann!!! The vote u gave is gone now.That was a vote I cant miss.

  337. srry 4 the dp. But what I wrote was a hint.

  338. That person voting my profile led me to the token!

  339. it’s amazing how many people didn’t get vulcan55′s hint… how were we supposed to guess that from synth’s clue though =/

  340. yay i found it, thanks vulcan

  341. hahaha, i finally found it

  342. it’s a bit difficult xD

  343. 1st

  344. Tell me somebody!Or I will explode!

  345. i cant find any of them!! i only found teh first 1…and tht was on accident

  346. I’m 1st :D

  347. jhg

  348. FUCK Im the 349th getting it (Im Fucking Retarded xD)

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