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i'm okay at ffr and i'm kinda shy hehe
anime, video games, stuff like that =)
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capsule is the coolest band ever <3
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dAnceguy117 writes at 9:48:20pm on 9/14/15
GammaBlaster writes at 9:32:40pm on 1/9/14
omg u logged in : ' )
GammaBlaster writes at 5:55:06am on 12/9/13
i'm okay at ffr and i'm kinda shy hehe
.Layne. writes at 1:57:31am on 2/18/13
blindreper1179 writes at 2:55:57am on 8/12/12
You'll probably never see this, but I love your can't compete part 2 simfile. I play it every time I'm on sm.
A2P writes at 3:10:11pm on 4/28/12
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAIN bby~ :* miss u
zartanium writes at 8:52:00pm on 6/20/09
i see that u like anime so here is a pic for u
SuperRose9 writes at 7:41:57pm on 4/13/09
Sorry...I'm totally random right now...what animes do you like?
DarkbearX writes at 7:27:31pm on 4/2/09
i guess mainly because he didn't do shit. But lol he gave that father eca dude a +10 valk armor with a gr and claimed it was legit. also he made a script that enabled him to whisper shit like 'buffs' and he'd get lvl 100 bless / lvl 100 EDP etc. and arrow crafting items and stuff but that was found after he was gone.
DarkbearX writes at 8:34:36pm on 3/24/09
o and one more thing ancy was fired and is gone forever if that makes any difference.